blue treacle auto

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    5 Strain Auto Grow

    Hello Following on from my first grow of 2 blue treacle auto in a cupboard with cfl, results were not great, about 1 and half oz from the pair. I am upgrading my kit and moving to the attic. I have 1 seed of blue treacle auto, 1 bubble kush auto and 2 critical auto. I have ordered a 120cm...
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    Please help - Possible herm? Picture

    Dear community, First time grower. This is blue treacle auto, hydro. Just one plant. Photo sideways, sorry! Many buds are nearing harvest stage with nice trichs. However the larger buds worry me, as they have leaves that don't resemble the expected fan shape. What is happening in this...
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    First Grow - Blue Treacle Auto - Mars Hydro 130W LED - Coco

    Hi all this is my first grow. Strain> Currently just 1× blue treacle auto Light> 300w 130w real consumption mars hydro led Medium> 75% canna professional coco 25% perlite (approximately) Nutrients> biobizz Grow space> 80×80×160cm tent Well this is a little later than planned but im...