3rd Grow - Time For The Light Show


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Hey Hey hello :420:

So I've had a few days enjoying the fruits of my last labour of love, and I must say that Plushberry seems to hit something special in me (mainly the sleep button which is what I need). As it's curing it's just getting better and I'm also taking a bit of a risk with a couple of the jars and not burping them. I know this is dangerous but on inspection they seem ok, I just want to see what develops and whether the smoke is even better after awhile. Anyway enough about the past and into the future we go :surf:

So as stated at the end of my last thread I decided that the whole room needed a deep clean to try and get rid of those nasty little pests that were chewing on my plants. I also decided to change the grow room around to a more suitable set up than I had originally, it was a lot of work but I feel like it was really worth it. Everything has it's place and everything is now in it. I have more room and the tents are easier to access and there is much more room for Photographs, so talking of which, here are some :)

This tent will be the one big bush tent eventually, I've decided that instead of risking all on one big bush it would be much easier for me to veg that bush while I have some others flowering, that should give it time to get itself well established in veg and give it some good growth, hopefully even more so than the last two plants that were grown. I've added the Mars Hydro 96x3 Reflectors as side lighting to complement the Mars Hydro 1600w, if I get popcorn buds from these, they will be going in the bin. This is their second chance and if they don't make it as side lighting I see no point in running them any longer. Hopefully the new diodes that are being sent out to me will fix any potential problems that they already have. I do find it funny really, as I'm looking at a lot of grows with these and the pictures of the majority are showing green LED's. Maybe those 'propagating light circles' ignore the surrounding red lights on everyone's panel, but I digress. Here is the new tent setup and it will give life one way or another:


Also for the other tent I managed to scrape the parts together so that if necessary the CFL veg light can be removed and the HPS will take over for flowering, come wintertime this tent will be in use whatever happens in the LED tent:


Well, it's all well and good having the tent and the lights but where are these seeds that will become the bush? Haha! Look what goodies we have here:


You have to love how many free seeds Herbies actually gives out when you purchase, I've used them twice and the order arrived quickly, stealthily and with bonus free seeds :)
These were the seeds that I chose in the end:


This is the way I will be working this grow. All seeds are being popped with the paper towel method, they're in between two saucers under my worktable where it's nice and dark and warm but not too warm (hard to find in our house as the temps are always around 25 degrees). Hopefully I will have the same success rate as with my last order and then three of them will be transplanted into very large pots of soil and one will go into a medium pot and then transplanted in around 3 or 4 weeks time to a large pot. This is because of the simple reason that I don't have anymore of these large pots and I have to travel to get them, so that will be awhile yet.

The soil is just normal compost and I will be PH'ing all my feeds to 6.5 and using the prewatering method that I saw explained over in a journal by B A R (full of information and well worth a good read). Basically as some nutrients are instantly available to the plants and some are not this can cause fluctuations due to the plant being sated or full from the first instantaneous nutrient uptake, which can lead to deficiencies of the other less active nutrients. Kind of like feeling full from a junk food meal that offers protein but little else in the way of nutrition and no room for that piece of fruit at the end. At least that's my take on it kind of quench the thirst then feed the plant, but it's probably much better to read it properly in that particular journal. If anyone is interested I will go and get a direct link to the article. So I will be watering with a quarter dose of water (of whatever they need at the time) to sate their thirst, then an hour later I will feed nutrients and the plant will take what it specifically needs instead of just sucking up what it can, genius :thumb:

The nutrients I will be using this time around will be the Canna Vega for veg and Canna Flores in bloom. Along with those I will be supplementing CalMag and adding CannaBoost Accelerator and PK13/14 during flower. Unfortunately due to the high cost Humboldt's Secret Tree I will not be using it on this grow, I want to see how much difference it makes without using it. A side by side would probably work better for that but I won't be doing that this time around, maybe next time should funds permit.
If anyone that has read my previous grows is wondering why I'm not using the Advanced Nutrients line that I was using on the last grow, it's simply because rather than purchasing additives (and so many of them there are!) I want to see what a baseline nutrient from a different company can do. I always thought the AN nutrients were weak as they were very watery, but although I didn't have a great yield and there didn't seem as much frostiness as the LSD grow the smoke itself is, as I stated a lot of times excellent. I have no problem with their nutes whatsoever, but a change is as good as a rest and I still have them as backup if I feel something is lacking for the next grow.

The seeds I have chosen are:

2x Dr Krippling's Incredible Bulk, 1 will go from 4-6 week veg into bloom and 1 will remain in veg until the other seeds have flowered. This will become the one big bush that I want to try and grow hopefully.

I've also got one LSD for the grow, I love this strain and I believe that this time around I will do it justice. I will do my best for sure, and this time I'm dangerous because I'm armed with a little knowledge :)

Finally I have 1 Paradise Nebula (free seed) which I have thrown into the mix just so that I have three plants ready to harvest in time for Christmas. Fingers crossed and the Gods permitting of course ;)

All are mainly Indica, although the Nebula is 50/50 so I'm interested to see how this affects my mood and state of mind. I much prefer the couch lock and stoned effect than the cerebral high, although that is usually due to the anxiety that is brought on by that particular effect. I also read that sniffing Black Pepper releases a terpine (Penine) and counteracts that effect, call me silly and a believer in Snake Oil but that is something that I just can't miss trying (I used it with the Plushberry I'm smoking now and I feel very relaxed), hey even if it's a placebo effect it seems to work for me, and it's a good study undertaken by the British Journal of Pharmacology, very interesting to say the least. Also ingesting Mangoes is supposed to release a terpine called Myrcene which achieves the same result but takes an hour to kick into effect, I'll stick with a whiff of black pepper or a nice dose on my mash lol.

Other than the above there's not really a lot that I can add right now. I'll be using the same 18/6 down to 12/12 routine as in the last grows and I'll probably have shitloads of unexpected problems that would never occur to me, for sure it won't be a mistake I have made earlier though :) All the best everyone and I'll be back to update later :thumb:
WOW! You fellas are quick off the draw lol. Great to see you here :thumb:

I'd love to share the internet version of this with you all:


It's not massive but it's effect is special :thumb:

That nug looks :yummy:

Pass the dutchie.

That nugs looks amazing man and im subb's as well :nomo: i will be watching
Hey arellanobrian, hey B A R, great to see you guys over here :thumb:

That nug got trimmed down perfectly last night before I slept GB, too late for any pics now though, it was some really tight trimming :blunt::yummy:
Hey Medfarmer. Hey Mono. Great to have you guys along :thumb:

The seeds had taproots yesterday but I didn't' take any pictures due to being unsure as to whether the light from my flash would cause them damage. So it was straight into the plant pots with them. I'll put pictures up in a short while when I can get to the PC. Now it's just time to let nature take it's course and soon we will have some baby ladies on the way :)
OK so just a quick picture of some plantpots lol. Nothing exciting I know but it will come in handy for future reference in case I ever lose those little marker tabs :)


So the small pot on the right is Dr Krippling's Incredible Bulk, this will be transplanted into a bigger pot and moved to the other tent (under the CFL) when the rest of the plants are switched over to flower.
The far right pot at the back is the same strain, this will stay under LED from start to finish along with the other two plants.
The big black pot at the front held almost 100 litres of soil along with 10 litres of perlite alone, I need another of these :) In there at the moment is the LSD seed. I will be hoping to clone this plant.
The far left pot at the back is the Paradise Nebula. I have another seed of this so if it is a smoke that I enjoy and that works for me I will take clones from the next seed once it grows.

That's it as far as updates go for awhile. It's just a matter of waiting now and letting them run their course. For the first time in years I walked into the house and it felt cold today, could be me worrying that it's not warm enough for the seeds but I went and turned up the heating in here and put a little heater in front of the tent to bring it's temperatures up quickly in the meantime. I'll update again when these babies sprout, until then I'll send some good karma to you all and wish you the best. :thumb:
I had one plant in this the last grow and it did collapse on itself at one point. I'm armed with plastic coated bamboo this time, it will be ok as a one pot grow after the first three finish, see how big a bush I can get :)
I had one plant in this the last grow and it did collapse on itself at one point. I'm armed with plastic coated bamboo this time, it will be ok as a one pot grow after the first three finish, see how big a bush I can get :)

Wow, that some strong weed, LSD
THC Level: Very High 22%+

Indoor height is 50 - 60 cm , not a big plant.
(just watched some scrog vids and saw growspace filled up)

Will follow progress and goodluck with the big bush :cheer:
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