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Let me start off by saying I am going to grow "Bottle Organic". I will be using Earth Juice Grow, Catalyst, and some worm castings for the time bieng. I am new to this, so please chime in if you see me doing something wrong or questionable :thumb:

This is my first soil grow in years and I've only done it once.
My soil is actually a hybrid of Fox Farms Ocean Forrest and Botanicare ReadyGro Aeration formula (coco). I mixed it at 3 quarts F.F.O.F. to 2 quarts B.R.G. it was nice and fluffy after it was all mixed. I was a little hesitant to use the FFOF by itself as I'm new with soil, so a gradual change is going to be how I do it. Maybe I will try a full soil grow after I complete this one.. who knows.

I wanted to start growing "organic" because eventually I will move most my plants outdoors and just be keeping the seedling/mothers indoors. Also wanting to find out if the taste is any better and if I can yield about the same as with synthetic nutrients. However, I figured I'd get a little education in organics now and see how it goes. If I feel it's easier, might be seeing more of these from me....

I will be keeping an eye on my ph as well as adjusting it if necessary.

I am starting this plant under cfl 23 watts, and moving it into my 2x2 tent with 80 true watt LED when my other plant comes down.

No pests as of now. Anytime I use F.F. products, I put a hot shot in with the plant so it kills anything that might be crawling or flying in or around it. I know, not really organic way to kill pests... please just bear with me... I'm trying:)

After a month or two more of veg, I will move it into my other tent under a 400 watt HPS. Unless for some miracle I decide to try the LED again... unlikely but could happen.

This was a long intro, and I have no pics right now, so I will end this first post and my next will be of the strain I am growing and the details of it. Thanks for checking this journal out and I hope you will enjoy what I'm trying to do.

Please feel free to comment, bullshit, tell jokes or give me advice on this thread! The more the merrier! Thanks again!
Copy and paste from origin:welcome:

As you will see I am also transitioning to high cbd plants. This one seemed like a winner!


Strain:-Lucy (Luca Brasi x LA Confidential)

Recommended experience level:Beginner to intermediate

Female:-Luca Brasi (Corleone OG x Pre-98 Bubba Kush)

About the mother:


The Luca Brasi has perhaps the highest quality buds found in any high CBD strain. Most high CBD strains are very low in THC, and the nuggets look closer to what you’d find in a bag a schwag than in a connoisseur’s medicine cabinet, but not the Luca. She regularly tests at 15-18% THC and 8-12% CBD, and has beautiful trichome covered nuggets galore. The smoke is sweet and earthy, and has very strong anti-inflammatory effect. A true medicinal strain.

Yield: low

250-500g/ 1000W

Flowering time:

49-56 days

Growth stature:- Short

Very short internodal spacing and dinner plate sized fan leaves. Be sure to remove the uppermost fan leaves to let light penetrate the canopy. She does best in a single stalk Sea of Green style, but versatile enough to handle topping if you can be patient during the vegetative stage and allow it to get a bit larger.

Nugget type and density:

Dense golf ball sized nuggets

Unique strain traits and oddities of mother:

High CBD levels along with high THC levels3/2 THC to CBD ratioBiggest fan leaves you’ll find on any strain

Why we chose her:

Medicinal value was the main reason we chose the Luca Brasi to pair with the LA Confidential. While you’re not going to pulling down monstrous bumper crops of the Lucy, that was never the intent. We are pairing 2 of the most proven medicinal strains known to mankind, and making a high CBD strain of the finest quality available to the public.

Traits to look for in ideal phenotype:

Desired traits from mother

High CBD levelsShort flowering periodHigh resin productionHigh potencyDisease resistanceStability, consistency, and repeatabilityHighest medicinal value

Desired traits from pollen donor (LA Confidential)

Manageable heightTight dense budsShort flowering periodHigh resin productionHigh potencyDisease resistanceStability, consistency, and repeatabilityHigh medicinal value

Undesirable traits potentially inherited from parents

Lower than average yield (Luca Brasi)Slow vegetative growth (Luca Brasi)Lower than average yield (LA Confidential)Slow vegetative growth (LA Confidential)
Count me in brother. Got my pencil and paper ready to take notes and gather me some more knowledge. Thanks
Interesting strain choice.

Goodluck with the soil grow and let the lady shine again. :thumb:

Subbed :high-five:


Like the idea of using different lights in several stages.

From TCL/CFL to LED to HPS

If do think that when replace led to hps in last weeks flower could result in more yield.
Here is my Lucy Strain. I have topped her once and taken two clones from her. Going to root the clones and put one in flower to see what she provides me with. The other clone is going to a good home:thumb: Thanks for tagging along!


In case you are wondering, the container below has green onion bulbs in it. Growing them back out to use again.
SUBBED!! Very very nice!! I'll finally get to watch one of your grows from just about the start.

I believe I need to get me some of LUCY. She sounds perfect for my Ankylosing Spondylitis. The inflammation in all my joints especially my hips and neck seems like they would definitely benefit from Lucy. How old is she in that pic and where did you get the seeds if you don't mind me asking? Might have to gets some seeds and try her 12/12 from seed in a 2ltr bubbler. Can't wait to see how this beauty turns out, plus the smoke report.

LLLater, Lick :high-five:
Welcome Lick, glad you made it:)
She's about 45 days old. Extremely slow grower. Got her at a dispensary in Denver. Forgot which one. There is a strain called blue blood that sounds like the same qualities as far as thc to cbd. Might be easier for you to get your hands on it. Check herbies, I think it's from medican?

I appreciate it!! I'll check the sponsored seed bank and see what I can come up with. They both sound perfect for my disability.
Wish I could help you with your organic grow but I've only grown 3 times with a roommate back in 88-91 when we were young and had no know how but managed. I really hope I get a few more experienced growers in my method to help me along with these bubblers. The members who I got the idea from are no longer around.

Keep it true green, Lick :thanks:
Picture time. Lucy is growing pretty good. Switched to 24 on so I can try and reveg my blue dream and UK cheese. Hopefully it works. Anyway, she has grown about an inch and put on some girth.


Kinda burned out with journaling my grows. I much more enjoy watching all the other grows. If there are any issues with this grow I will let you know. If you have questions, please ask and I will try to answer. Ill update once every week or two if everything goes good. Thanks!
Hey I'm just dropping in from Valhalla where I live in perpetual happiness with all the beer, weed and fine buxom wenches that you can think of. It was a long ride down and we had to party with some inter dimensional nasties but with the help of my father (a DemiGod who shall remain unnamed) we managed to push them back to the boundaries of the galaxy and here I landed, just in time for your journal.

Ok that's my BS part out of the way and I'm now automatically subbed up due to some photons automatically doing all the work for me when I write this post (ok maybe not all the BS). Subbed and looking forward to your grow. Good luck and all the best :thumb:
Will your Mars Reflector LED be making a debut here soon?
The Lucy is actually getting 24 hours of light under it now. I have some plants in there trying to re-veg so I can keep the pheno going. I am thinking of putting the Lucy in the big tent (after I clean it) under the mars 2 900 on the gas lantern schedule 12 on, 5 1/2 off, 1 on, 5 1/2 off. I always want to try new techniques and this one will save me some cheddar when it's time to pay the power bills. I'll get some pics up soon. She's really taken off under 24 hours of light. Might be what she needs to actually grow. The others I've done have been really slow under 18/6 or 16/8 schedule. I have a couple plants to cull in my other tent before I can move things around. I'll keep you all updated as things happen.
:thanks: everyone! Glad to have you all here.
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