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  1. T

    TJ's SuperSoil Apple Blossom Organic Grow Journal - 2021

    Strain: Apple Blossom from Humboldt Seed Company Effect: Hybrid (50% Indica 50% Sativa) | Average THC 26-30% Still setting up indoor grow; plan to start within 2 weeks 2/3 Dr. Earth Pot of Gold potting soil on top & 1/3 Super Soil mix from Fox Farms on bottom 5 gallon Air-Pots 2 plants 600 W LED...
  2. M

    Moss1310 SinMint Cookies Indoor Twilight Spider MCOB Soil Grow Journal- 2017

    Hello Everyone, Starting a small indoor grow of Sin City Seeds' SinMint Cookies. It's only my second indoor grow, so any tips will be greatly appreciated! I germinated 5 feminized seeds and all of them popped on March 15th. I'm going to use a small 2 x 4 tent, so will probably end up using...
  3. I

    ItsNatural's SolarEclipse Organic Auto Grow

    Hello everyone. Its me again. :welcome: Im back for my very first Auto grow. Lets meet the soon to be ladies. Girl Scout Cookies Auto Girl Scout Cookies Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds by FastBuds Seeds: The Girl Scout Cookies...
  4. howsjosh

    Howsjosh's First Grow

    So I guess I start off with the setup I have: 3 96x5w mars hydro reflector led lights 1 40"x 40"x 80"(3'4"x 3'4"x 6'8") tent 1 6" inline duct fan and fan speed controller 1 tilt fan I might want to get an oscilating fan also... 2 2 outlet timers 1 Acurite thermometer 1 pair led grow sun...
  5. T

    Can I predict how much of each Earth Juice per tree for the full season?

    I'm growing in 100-gallon bags, using a rich loamy compost. I'd like to budget for the season, and buy what I'll need in bulk. I'm planning on using EJ plus azomite and maybe a few other things... Is there a place or a method to help me predict my total costs & needs? Also, any advice on EJ is...
  6. I

    ItsNatural's 1st Grow - Mars LED 192x5 Reflector - Mars 3x3x6 Tent

    Equipment: Mars Hydro LED 192 reflector series with 5w chip INFO Power Consumption:120V: 410W±5%, 240V: 397W±5% Coverage Area:4' x 4' (122cm x 122cm)...
  7. T

    Help with organic coco pH

    How long has this problem been going on? 4 days What system are you running? (DWC? Ebb flow? Aero? Water Farm? Flood Tables? and so on...) hand watered dna mills coco coir with cork mixed with 10% worm castings, dolomite lime, and azomite in 5 gal smart pots. What STRAIN are you growing...
  8. P

    Parasyte's First Grow Thread - Mars Hydro 300W LED - 300W CFL.

    Hello all! First post-long time lurker. Ill be posting my first grow log.. I have done several grows before with the same setup. This time I will be growing: Strain: 6 Different bag seeds (for fun, why not) Lights: 300w Mars Hydro reflector series and 300w CFL 2700 color for flower...
  9. uhewekguilw

    GB80 Goes Organic

    Let me start off by saying I am going to grow "Bottle Organic". I will be using Earth Juice Grow, Catalyst, and some worm castings for the time bieng. I am new to this, so please chime in if you see me doing something wrong or questionable :thumb: This is my first soil grow in years and I've...
  10. S

    SoCalGrower's -Soil -XXX OG Clones -SFV OG Clones -Dank Club Seed - Grow Journal 2015

    Hello everyone, welcome to my first grow and my first grow journal! My grow is a medicinal cannabis grow, legal in the state of California, with the proper doctors recommendation. I've researched equipment, grow logs, Amazon recommendations for over two years to get as much information as...
  11. NLnovice

    NLnovice's Northern Lights - Soil - CFL - Cabinet Grow 2012

    NLnovice's Northern Lights,Soil,CFL,Cabinet Grow 2012 Northern Lights Feminized Indica 75%+Sativa 25% Flower-1st day of flower Indoor Soil 70% Roots Organics+15% Fox Farm Ocean Forrest+15% Perilite 3 gallon pot (12" diameter) CFL bulbs Veg-4x26 watt 6500k Flower-4x42 watt+6x26...
  12. N

    2nd Closet Grow!

    What strain is it? bagseed Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? unknown Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 11 days Indoor or outdoor? indoor Soil or Hydro? soil If soil... what is in your mix? organic soil If soil... What size pot? 6 inch pot Size...
  13. Icemud

    1st Medical Grow, 3 Strains in 2x4 Hydrohut

    First off I would like to say thank you to all the growers who have shared there information, research and secrets on this page. I truly have learned an incredible amount of information from your site and look forward to learning even more. With that said, this is my first post, as well as my...
  14. D

    Earth Juice

    Looking for any advice on earth juice nutrients Anyone know anything about earth juce ? earth juice vs fox farm? HELP!:
  15. RaoulDuke

    RaoulDuke's Practice Run - 400W+Soil+BagSeed

    Hello Everyone, This is my first indoor grow. My only experience is tossing some beans in the ground, pouring some shit on them and staring at dirt. Since I can't share this with anyone 'real' I've decided to share it with thousands of virtual folks! I've been lurking these forums quite a bit...
  16. V

    Lets Emulate! 5 Vanilla Kush Fem Seed VHO/MH/HPS Organic Soil Adventure! 50 Pics

    Welcome to a learning and Picture Journal! I hope you enjoy this as much as I have! Please Be Respectful, Follow Site Guidelines, and share what ever you can! This community is a perfect way to share information from all types of backgrounds and experiences. I hope sharing this will Help...
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