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Hello everyone. Its me again. :welcome: Im back for my very first Auto grow. Lets meet the soon to be ladies.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Girl Scout Cookies Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds by FastBuds Seeds: The Girl Scout Cookies variety is bona fide high-quality marijuana. It is without a doubt the best Californian strain of all time. Currently Girl Scout Cookies has a large number of fans throughout the United States West Coast, and is going strong in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. We have managed to recreate an auto flower that does the original GSC justice. We've selected the two most popular phenotypes of the Original Girl Scout Cookies and created an auto flower version of this spectacular plant. The result is an Indica-dominant hybrid (almost 60%), with Canadian Ruderalis and Sativa making up the difference. This plant presents a very undemanding crop, but like the art of baking cookies, take your time, Mother Nature can't produce such a deliciously minty, chocolaty product overnight!
Overall, our GSC stands out as one of the brightest and most exotic varieties in recent years, a true masterpiece! Would you like a cookie?
Its candy sweetness will please any sweet tooth. This superb flavor with earthy notes has made it the favorite smoke of all growers in every state. Actually, this variety represents the "real" OG flavor when compared to the many of the other phenotypes that are cruisin' around out there.
Girl Scout cookies is a fairly modern strain of marijuana that has become a cultural phenomenon - the hottest mistress of the California cannabis community. The buzz is a blow at both the cerebral level and body level. It is a plant for social smokers, unleashes joy and good humor, and provides an extra dose of creativity. Also, this variety has a therapeutic power that's able to relieve chronic pain, neuropathy, muscle spasms, and PTSD.
Our rendition of Girl Scout Cookies is feminized and finishes in approximately 55 to 63 days. It grows tall, with its leaves unfolding like a fan, displaying a reddish orange color. Gradually, it is covered with bright white trichomes - a marvel indeed! There's no need for great care, since the Ruderalis genes gives it stability. However, to optimize development, we recommend that your feeding schedule include extra amounts of nutrients compared to what you are generally accustomed to using. The plants will respond well with bigger bud development.
Its powerful THC content of 22% makes it quite the favorite marijuana for medicinal use. It works ideally with chronic ailments due to its very strong narcotic properties. It does have a very potent odor, so it is necessary to use carbon filters during cultivation, at least if you don't want to be discovered by the other Girl Scouts!

Sex: Feminized
Type: Mostly Indica
Grow: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering Type: Autoflowering
Flowering Time: 8 to 9 weeks
Yield: Indoor: 500 to 650g/m2 & Outdoor: 70 to 300g/plant
Height: 60 to 100cm
THC: 22%
CBD: 0.6%
Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering
Flavour: Sweet
Effect: Cerebral, body effect

Gorilla Glue Auto

Gorilla Glue Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds by FastBuds Seeds: This new strain receives its name from the trichomes that "glue up" the scissors when manicuring this baby.
Gorilla Glue is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling "glued" to the couch. Its chunky, resin-covered buds fill the room with pine and sour aromas inherited from its parent strains, Chem's Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel.
We have used a clone of these champions and, on their basis, have created our auto-hybrid sativa/indica.
This variety has a strong taste of pine, with a citric aroma which will let a nice fruity taste in your mouth. It also has chemical nuances as well as a diesel fragrance.
Gorilla Glue is one of our strongest strains and it's fully loaded with trichomes, so its effect leaves nothing to be desired: a very cheerful and pleasant high, extremely positive. As this is a mix between sativa and indica, it's perfect for those who are looking for relaxation as well as euphoric sensations and heavy feelings. The effects increase progressively, culminating in a cerebral stroke.
The cultivation of this variety is very simple, does not require special care, but if you treat her well, she will reward you with her incredible production, which is not the greatest but it is one of the best quality. It produces so much resin that you won't know where to cut first!
The most important thing is not to stress her, so she can develop her full potential. We recommend using pots up to 11to 13 gallons (40 to 50 litres) to make the most of outdoor growing. For indoors, it would be best to use bulbs of 600 to 1000 watts per m2 with the possibility to grow up to 16 plants in this space.
It develops very well both indoors, outdoors, such as "Greenhouse". And time to harvest this wonder is only 2 and half months
Most individuals show dense and resinous buds, loaded with big and sticky trichomes. In the flowering season, it gives off a pleasant aroma of sour lemon, pine and fuel.
Sex: Feminized
Type: Indica/Sativa
Grow: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering Time: 8 to 9 weeks from germination
Yield: Indoor: 400 to 600g/m2 — Outdoor: 50 to 300g/plant
Height: 60 to 100cm
THC: High
CBD: 0.8%
Genetics:?? Doesnt say.

Green Crack Auto

Green Crack Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by FastBuds Seeds: Green Crack is like energy drink flavored Mango, a variety of marijuana that will offer you adrenaline energy of pure cannabis. This strain has a composition of 75% sativa mainly Afghani phenotypes. The rest of his lineage comes from two genetic lines of sativa type descendants of Skunk # 1. It is a strong, vigorous, very productive and, like all our products, very easy to grow hybrid. Autoflowering and feminized, suitable for indoor and outdoor, in conclusion; a safe bet. Those who have tried it say that it is simply spectacular, given its combination of the 3 most important factors for a variety of marijuana: Good performance, an easy growth, and energy buzz and exquisite fruity flavor. We are very proud of this variety that now to be introduced in the European market, which already enjoys a strong following in the US market, especially in California. It grows to medium-large size, with a minimum height of 1.20cm. It has leaves with a typical sativa sweet green. You will be surprised of its great internodal distance. Be careful with their growth because this plant aims high. Beware of neighbours! It flowers in just 55 days and has a very good production, almost 600g per plant. Its buds are denser than the average of the sativas. In flowering season is literally covered with resin and are completely white. The flavors that follow are ideal for lovers of fruits. Acids, citrus and earthy with an exotic touch, and aftertaste handle. Green Crack gives you lots of energy. Has 18% THC and low CBD, so it is ideal for patients who are treating fatigue, stress and depression medication. Recommended for use during the day with its powerful fruity spicy and sweet scent of mango, this variety is perfect for medicinal use throughout the day. Help problems of patients with chronic fatigue and high levels of stress and depression cases. It is also indicated for severe cases of Crohn's disease since it reduces nausea and regulates appetite. Maybe it's for their aromas and terpenes that give off a feeling of wellbeing and enhance the vigor and energy to take on more illusion. Few strains can match the energy and concentration that produces this sativa. A cerebral level is an elixir for neurons; invigorating effect, and an adrenaline that keeps you going all day.
Sex: Feminised
Type: Mostly Indica
Grow: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Yield: 500 to 650g/m2 — Outdoor: 70 to 300g/plant
Height: 60 to 90cm
Genetics: Green Crack x Ruderalis

Northern Lights Auto

Not sure who this is by. It was a freebie a few years ago with some other seeds. The pack just said Northern Lights Auto. Soooooo IDK. But Glad it popped.

Cheese Candy Auto
This also was a freebie years back. But it hasnt popped yet. Im still hoping it will. But here are the details for it just in case it does.

Cheese Candy Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Delicious Seeds: The development of this strain started with the creation of automatic versions of original Cheese and our Caramelo. The result is a very fast flowering auto strain with marked indica and sativa characteristics. Cheese Candy Auto is a medium-sized/tall plant that is compact and robust. The breeder recommends germinating in the final pot with a spongy substrate and good drainage. Thrives in 7 litre pots indoors, producing one main bud surrounded by other smaller ones on the lower branches and, as a result, making best use of the amount of light used. A bigger pot outdoors will produce a better-branched and taller plant. With enough sunlight and good soil the branches should become laden with large, dense buds. Surprisingly quick bearing in mind the size and quantity of flowers it will quickly start to produce a large quantity of floral-smelling resin. As they dry, the buds develop more notably acidic notes like liquorice or peppery spices. The effect is totally indica; markedly physical with only slight cerebral stimulation. Very effective in treating muscular pain, insomnia or anxiety an excellent strain for medicinal usage for patients requiring high CBD levels
Sex: Feminized
Type: Indica/Sativa
Grow: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering Time: 45 days
Outdoor Harvest: 40 to 45 days
THC: 17%
Yield: 450 to 500g/m2 / Outdoor: 70 to 80g/plant
Genetics: Cheese Auto x Caramelo Auto

I took and soaked them in water for 24 hrs. Then put in wet paper towel for 24 hrs. I put the paper towels in sandwich baggies. Today I opened and all had popped but the Cheese Candy. I put planted them in some cups I prepared last night that I had already watered. So now I am just waiting. Hoping they all make it above ground. Here are some pictures.


And they will be grown under my new Solar Eclipse 450 with UVB bulb. Here are the stats on it.

The SolarECLIPSE SE450+UVB is one of Amare's latest LED panels, featuring enhanced White-Light technology, and six powerful High-Intensity COB light-emitters housed in a patented reflector array with removable secondary optics.

The Amare SolarECLIPSE SE450 LED grow light contains CREE CXB3070 chips and CREE XP-C2/XPE2 supplemental diodes.

Amare featured the first and only hybrid COB/monochrome enhanced white spectrum. Using 5 watt diodes, Amare fills in and boosts the superior spectrum more than typical blurple (red/blue based) spectrum with an exceptional CRI of 93, the highest for any commercial lighting, even surpassing the excellent CMH/LEC. What this means is that Amare covers the entire 380-740 PAR spectrum, including UV/IR with a 50%+ spectrum efficiency vs. ~20% for the typical blurple spectrum. The result is explosive growth and flowering results demonstrated by many documented grows on various canna-forums.

The SE450 also offers dual operating modes for Grow and Bloom. A UVB bulb extends down the center of the light and is used to increase resin production in medical plants.

Perfect for vegging a 4.5' x 4.5' or flowering a 4' x 4' area, the SolarECLIPSE SE450 will surpass the light saturation point of cannabis (1500umol/sec/m2 ) and natural noon sunlight (2000umol/sec/m2).


Model/SKU: SolarECLIPSE SE450/se450uvb

Power output: 450 watts

HID equivalent: ~800 watts


6 x CREE CXB3070 Chip On Board (COB) LEDs
60 x 5 watt supplemental CREE XP-G2/XP-E2 LEDs (10 per module)
Spectrum: Enhanced white light. White 3000K COBs with 6500K white, blue, IR (infrared) and UV-A/B. 93 CRI.


No lenses installed: 1207umol @ 24", 770umol @ 36", 546umol @ 48"
Lenses installed: 2118umol @ 24", 1523umol @ 36", 974umol @ 48"
Lens angle: 90 degrees

Coverage area:

Veg: 4.5' x 4.5' @ 36" above canopy
Flower: 4' x 4' @ 24" above canopy
Thermal management: 4 x premium high-CFM ball-bearing fans, Proprietary copper-core heat-sinks

Daisy chain: No

Dimensions: 21.65"x 21.65"x 3.15"

Operating temperature: Avoid extreme ambient heat

Operating/input voltage: 85v-265v AC; 4.45A @ 110v, 2.23A @ 220v; 50Hz-60Hz

Output voltage: UL standard output voltage - less than 76v DC

Product weight: 33.0 lbs

Recommended height above canopy: 20"-32"; Amare does not recommend to place the COB panel less than 28" above the canopy with lenses installed. The special lenses are designed for high-bay applications that need a minimum of ~32" to maximize the coverage and intensity within the recommended footprint

Additional details: Aluminum housing with brilliant gloss-white powder coat

Product includes: Fixture and cord; Heavy-duty ratchet hangers and adjustable H-brackets to attach the panels together..Those Ratchets Hangars are the good ones that you would buy. Not the cheap metal ones. Also comes with 2 other things that go from one hole on the light to another. So you only need 2 hangars. But you lose height doing that so I use 4 hangars instead.

Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 years

It was shipped discretely. In a plain cardboard box. My only problem as far as the shipping goes. Is that I paid $70 for shipping. Not sure why. I would think spending that kind of money would get you free shipping. But I was fine with that. Until..... I seen that they paid $23 shipping. At least thats what the paper said. And seeing how I had to go to the PO to get it. I believe it. So that was a little shady. BUT im gonna shake that off and look ahead. Here are some pictures of my beautiful new toy.


Heres what come with it.


And all that will be inside a 4x4 Gorilla Grow Shorty. With the extension, It is 5.9 tall.


I bought it from Amazon. It was suppose to come in a discrete box. BUT INSTEAD...I get THIS!!


My Post lady had to have seen it. FUCK YOU AMAZON!! Now I gotta privately freak out 4 or 5 times a day when I remember the post lady, and everyone else that handled my package seen what it was. Hopefully she doesnt really know what a grow tent is. anyway. The tent itself I am very happy with. It was pricey. But worth it I hope. Feels Very heavy duty. Unlike my Mars Hydro Tent that started coming apart after a couple weeks. The doors are a little pain in the ass cuz you have to actually zip it together. No biggie. But not as easy as my other. It came in a nice heavy duty bag. Here is some pictures


Timers and fan controller


Ok. Well, I think that about covers it. Ill update when they break ground.
I checked on my cups this morning. To make sure everything is alright and I didnt forget anything. I only had 1 heater going. I figured it would be enough. Especially seeing how my light is on during the coldest part of the night/morning. But I only have the LEDs on. So I guess that doesnt put out alot of heat. Because when I checked my temps. It is currently 75F, but got down to 45F. So I dont know if they will break ground now or not. Im thinking there is a good chance that the low temp killed the little seedlings. I hope not. Iv never let the temp get that low. Especially not when Im germinating. What do you all think? Do you think they will be ok? I guess only time will tell.
ok, in retrospect. The 45F could have been from anytime in the last 24 hrs. LOL 24 hrs ago I didnt have a heater on out there and hadnt planted the seeds yet. :) I think Ima be ok. I think that temp was before I did everything. Ill find out in a few hrs as my monitor only keeps track of hi and low for 24 hrs.
I'm here for the fun! Nice setp, they will be loving the UVB light. :cool: Is it 10.0? Like a desert type of bulb. Lovely! :drool:
ok, in retrospect. The 45F could have been from anytime in the last 24 hrs. LOL 24 hrs ago I didnt have a heater on out there and hadnt planted the seeds yet. :) I think Ima be ok. I think that temp was before I did everything. Ill find out in a few hrs as my monitor only keeps track of hi and low for 24 hrs.

That freak out moment before you realize oh yeah that could have been 24 hours ago... Can't wait to see how this grow goes...

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I'm here for the fun! Nice setp, they will be loving the UVB light. :cool: Is it 10.0? Like a desert type of bulb. Lovely! :drool:

Yes...Yes it is.


Well Im pretty disappointed right now. I dont think the Gorilla Glue or the Green Crack are gonna break ground. I believe they stalled out in the soil for some reason. Not sure why. Hasnt happened to me in a while. Must of been the temps. Im still holding out a little hope. But I think if they havent broke ground by now they arent going to. They had already popped their shell before they were put in ground. So they should have broke ground within 48 hrs. The Cheese Candy didnt pop at all. So that one isnt on me. But the other 2....well.......Damn.I guess I should have ordered a couple extra just in case. Not sure 2 is gonna give me what I need. But it cant hurt. :) I still have a little shatter to get me thru rough times if I run out. I think Im more butt hurt over not getting to try out the 2 strains that didnt break ground. I was really looking forward to them. I dont think it would do me any good to reorder them. By the time they got here and I got them ready, it would prolly put them flowering in June, early July. In the heat. Which I am avoiding. Besides. Im not gonna pay 30 something dollars to ship 2 beans. Nor can I really even afford it. That would put the bill at about 55 or 60 dollars for 2 seeds. I cant do that. And I just ordered and received my next lot of beans. So it will be a while before I order them again. I have enough seeds tucked away to last me for couple years at least. I of course wont wait that long to order some more. LOL Im guessing as soon as Build my money back up after this big hit, I will order some more. And if this Auto grow, (even tho it seems there will only be 2) turns out great. I may have to order a bunch of Autos. But for now. I will just have to grow what breaks ground. And then get ready for my next "actual" grow. With Chemdawg, Sour D, Super Skunk, And either Critical Kush or another Fruit Punch. ( My favorite strain so far) As for now, Im just waiting. My RH is awful. Down in the 20s. Here is a couple of pics of whats going on.

ok so....."sad face" Gorilla Glue and Green Crack never broke ground. Girl Scout Cookies broke ground, as you can see by the pics. She is the one with the helmet on. She pretty much stayed at where she is at. I took the shell off her but she never progressed any further. Northern lights is up and starting to grow its first set of "true" leafs. It feels like freaking armature hour out there. Im very self critical and hard on myself even when things are going ok. So this is just ALKGHOWIHEGIQA;lfhg;oirgh'apirhg'aorkhg] 0iaergy[ohrgo'gg kjgapivgpirgvpa9fugg[9ugviudgviUGDV[9UGDVIgdiuG[UG[iv;iugvp97gfiugw9gw9p7tg9iuwdgv9pw7dgviu9gdv9p7gwd9vgw9dgv9pwudgviugdvig9gw9vg9gvpgvigsd;kjvb;oh[0HEFKLWIG'WDH................."clears throat".............I apologize for my little outburst... that, that is over. Lets try and leave that in the past and move on to the future.

So, even though I cant afford it, I went ahead and repurchased the Gorilla Glue, Green Crack, And Girl Scout Cookies. I added up everything I had , and then added 2zzs for the NL and Im not going to make it until next "real" harvest without a full Auto grow. Plus My mind isnt very good at letting things go. Which has even gotten me in trouble on this site. "thanks MARS" So I couldnt just accept this defeat. So before I even knew what was going on I was already buying more seeds and charging it to my CC. I worry a little bit though cuz im not "real" sure what happened. The only thing I can think of is the temps. Im thinking it got cold or maybe the dirt was cold and it just killed them on the spot. But that really doesnt explain the one that popped up and died with its helmet on. I even took it off but it never opened up. I cant afford for it to happen again. Hell I couldnt really afford for it to happen this time. But twice would not only put me in a spot where I cant buy more,,,and prolly wouldnt have time before the heat sets in anyway, But would KILL my confedence for sure. Its hurting pretty bad right now as it is.

So other than that I have a few pics I need to upload, but now just waiting on the NL to grow and my seeds to come in.
That's unfortunate, but at least you got some girls growing. I've been using rockwool cubes and I got 100% success with those. You might wanna get bigger pots for them to utilize their potential. Good luck! :thumb: :love: :Namaste:
you think I need 5 gallon pots? I just bought another round of 3 gallon fab pots im still waiting to come in. I wasnt sure. I thought I might need to go bigger but kept reading after 3 it was just a waste. Again,,,Iv never grown autos so idk. I know usually the more soil the bigger the plant.
you think I need 5 gallon pots? I just bought another round of 3 gallon fab pots im still waiting to come in. I wasnt sure. I thought I might need to go bigger but kept reading after 3 it was just a waste. Again,,,Iv never grown autos so idk. I know usually the more soil the bigger the plant.

Well, more roots= more fruits. Depending on your space and physical strength. You can try to compare the autos with different pot sizes.
So the Northern Light Is still alive but moving kinda slow. Not sure why. And the Girl Scout Cookie that stopped before opening its leafs. Well, I had a feeling that the skin from the shell was left on. So I messed around and was right. I pulled it off. Which explains why it wasnt progressing. I figured it was already dead. I went ahead and spit it open, Spreading the 2 yellowed leafs. Only to find that there was a small green patch that looked to be the beginning of her true leafs. That was Monday night. It hasnt progressed much from that. But the green spot has gotten a little bigger. I know that even if she lives. Her being an auto. She is more than likely going to be one of those 1 bud plants you see when someone messed up. least its something. It would be unacceptable if they all were like that. Somewhat of a waste of light and power. But seeing how she was suppose to be dead. And I have backup on the way. Im happy with whatever she wants to give me. Its lights out right now so I dont want to mess with them. But I will try and take some pictures tonight. So everyone can see the Miracle Baby. :) Here are some pics from a day or so ago.

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