Imtoasted's Journey Of Perpetual Bliss

Hello everyone, imtoasted here with another fun and educational grow!! First off we have some good genetics hopefully.. dr krippling incredible bulk and barneys farm vanilla kush. Excited to see if i can get the same yield with two plants as with the three plants i am finishing up now. Going with the same techniques as last time, topping and lst. I will try to refine my method and get them to not grow as tall this time. Because i only have a 2x4x5 tent so not much head room there. I have two 300w leds, not going to mention the different brands cause honestly im tired of talking about these cheap lights they serve their purpose well. One is good for veg and one is good for flower so i have one of each. Hopefully once this second grow is over i can save up for a new, better light. Maybe around $300 so another cheapo led just a better one lol very pleased with the 170 i spent on the two lights i have now they grew me some great buds.

Ok so with all that out of the way i dont have them in that tent yet so! Lol right now the babies are in a little veg box i made.. there are two 17w t12 fluorescent grow lights with 7800k bulbs, a 10w t5 fluorescent light with a 4100k bulb and a regular 13w clf bulb in a table lamp. I have a 8" oscillating fan blowing on them most of the time the lights are on.. i shut it on and off manually with the lamp so they get turned off and on around 7-8am and 11pm. The other three lights are on a timer that turns on at 6am and off at midnight. Right now they are in tiny pots filling those out before i transplant them into either their final pots or secondary pots. Soil mix is fox farms ocean forest and happy frog with perlite and a little epsom salt and jobes organic fast start fertalizer.

Im giving them their first feeding today of 300ml tap water bubbled 36 hours with 0.1ml mammoth-p, 0.1ml fox farms grow big, 0.2ml nitrogen derived calmag, 0.5ml pure blend tea organic-based compost solution and a drop of superthrive to help with root development. Should have added that earlier in the week but didnt think about it. The jobes stuff is good for the roots so im not worried about it much they are growing at a good rate now. But they are showing signs of ph being off or something.. a few holes in a leaf on the vk and the ib has some spots on a leaf as well. Will keep a close eye on it the jobes stuff might be too much for them and these nutes will just add to that. Almost forgot to mention the ib has the white tag and the vk has the pink tab.



The first week i let the pots dry out and i didnt account for the vk being in a slightly smaller pot so she got a little too dry and it stunted her growth. Shes bouncing back though hopefully they like the feeding i gave them.. wonder what they will look like sunday night! Had a mishap with the water and added too much ph down.. so i had to dump it and get more water from the jug i have bubbling for my ladies in flower tomorrow. Added more in the jug since i am flushing them they need the extra water. I fed them at 6.3 ph. The lower ph is good for them early on i think and you raise it slowly as they grow.. up to 6.8 ph in flower. Didnt ph my water for the first three months of my first grow and all new growth was always light green or yellowish due to them getting no iron from the ph being too high. Very thin branches and stalks too until i fixed the issue. These ladies look a lot healthier so far.. i was just giving my first ladies straight tap water too and the ph of that is around 7.5-8 lol ive come so far! .
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