I Do CDN Clones - So Said The Lighthouse Keeper


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Good day friends ;)
My shipment of clones from WeedMD came in this morning.
2x Ghost Train Haze
2x White Shark
1x Critical Mass

The clones arrived in a completely different container than the ones from ThcBiomed. The clones themselves were not nearly as rooted either, but should be good. One of the Ghost Train Haze and The Critical Mass have burnt or yellowing leave tips and edges.
They were transplanted into 3 gal smart pots with Pro-Mix HP that had been watered with 1 ml per liter each of 3-1-3 Grow, Terpinator and Cannazym.
Running just veg lighting at about 200 true watts LED at 26" for now and will adjust as necessary. Will throw full spectrum at them once they settle in.

Welcome to this journal, and feel free to participate with comments, questions or suggestions :thumb:


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This is what came in the shipment ;)





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Hi mike. and welcome to my journal. :welcome:
I am actually the first clone customer with this new Licensed Provider, so, expectedly, they are having some growing pains. The customer service people are very patient and helpful, but we did have some hoops to jump through in order to get this going. I am keeping in touch with WeedMD.
I did lower the light to 16" after discussions with their Clone department.
I hope you find this grow as interesting as I think it will be :high-five:


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hi Snarly
the clones actually have roots ? i cant see roots in photo.
Yes, the roots are in the plugs. These were purchased from a Licensed Distributor, and shipped overnight. They were cut 16 days before shipped. :)


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Good morning friends ;)
One hour after lights on this morning, all the ladies except for maybe one Ghost Train Haze were looking for the light :)
I'm not giving up on the GTH though, it's still early.
I'm running veg only light spectrum for now at 16" from canopy. Once they get accustomed to their new home and light, I will give them full spectrum.
The customer service at WeedMD have gone out of their way to make things right. I did mention to them the burnt leaf tips and edges. I'm sure the girls will recover though ;)
So here are the pics at the start of Day 2:

Day 2 Veg

Looking for the light ;)




Ghost Train Haze trying hard


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So excited for a new journey!
Thanks vesp. This is going to be interesting. WeedMD, the LP that produced these clones is apparently aiming at the most cost effective way to provide clones for medical patients with home grow permits. I would consider them to be the "No Frills" version of providers, as far as packaging goes. But hand in hand with that, the cost for 5 clones was about 1/3 the cost of 3 clones from ThcBiomed.
Should be a fun ride :)


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Hi Snarly. Getting in on the ground floor for this one. It's always fun and interesting here
Welcome Old Fart. :) Pull up a seat. I'll be passing out some chocolate chip canna-cookies for the house warming :yummy:



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subbed im still high from this mornings cookie snarley give those girls a couple days they'll perk up under your care this is going to be fun watching from the start!

have a good one!
Thanks sticky ;) Those cookies were pretty good, eh? :yummy:
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