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    Bandaid Haze #7 4-3-20
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    Bandaid Haze #7 4-2-20
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    Bandaid Haze #7 4-2-20
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    Bandaid Haze #7 4-2-20
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    Bandaid Haze#7 3-28-20
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    Bandaid Haze #7 3-28-20
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    Bandaid Haze #7 3-28-20
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    BH7a 3-27-20
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    BH7a 3-27-20
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    Bandaid Haze 3-24-20
  11. H

    Burnt brown leaf tips?

    Growing haze clones - approximately 8 weeks old - Currently just started flower a day ago have got some pics attached my leafs are getting brown tips , on the old growth and new growth! Growing in coco , 600w led, high 40- mid 50 humidity , 25-28 degrees Celsius with lights on, feeding using the...
  12. H

    How to use canna boost & pk13/14? Coco grow

    Hi I’m growing in coco 12 litre fabric pots, 600w LED, I have just come out of veg , feeding 2-5ml-3ml canna a and b per 10l , 7ml rhizo and 1ml calmag ! I know it sounds crazy that I mix that less in 10l but it’s been working and my leaves are looking good and I’ve just induced the flowering...
  13. H

    Problem with my leaves in veg: Auto Haze clones

    So I’ve just started my grow with clones about 2 weeks ago and they are looking pretty healthy in size so far but I am getting problems with the leaves as you can see in the pictures - I was thinking maybe a nutrient problem ? I started with 4ml of canna a & b then changed to 7ml per like a 7l...
  14. Ultra-Lemon-Haze-Auto.png


    A great example of the Guy Fieri Phase.
  15. 20180516_170109.jpg


    Super lemon haze under mars 2 400
  16. 9D91C3B2-77A9-401C-A5A2-293AEDCEA9B1.jpeg


    Total haul off 1 Ultra Lemon Haze Auto.
  17. RAIN MAN

    3 Skunk #1 Autos Feminized & Sunset Sherbert Regular Female Plants

    My sunset sherbert plant is already about 4 weeks into growing from seed, I just planted 3 Skunk #1, Auto, feminized, outdoors. I'm trying to get a least a quarter pound off each plant. The Sunset Sherbert smells real strong and has been doing good outside since I spotted it growing outside. I...
  18. Mosspb

    4x4, First DWC, Bubbleponics, Charlotte's Web Clones

    Light: 1000w MH/HPS (First time growing with this, and a bit nervous about the heat, and power bill lol) Ballast: Adjustable from 600w-1000w MH and HPS Shade: Cooling tube Tent: 4x4 pop up Filter: 6' Carbon Filter Water Pump: Aquatop NP-80 Aquarium Submersible Pump Air Pump: 4 outlet pump (I...
  19. 20181115_143916.jpg


    Amazing Haze
  20. 20181111_101209.jpg


    Amazing Haze Ready to Drop :)
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