1. ReeceyNG9

    Help! Fungus Gnats in flowering period!

    Hi guys. I have 3 dinafem amnesia haze autoflowers growing. They germinated on the 7th of feb and have been under a 20/4 light cycle since then. I’ve transplanted twice to bigger pots I have led light strips that I used to vegetate and flower my plants. I’m in the last 2/3 weeks of...
  2. B

    Brads 1:1 CBD Auto Haze Indoor Soil Grow 2021: First Indoor Grow

    -Indoor grow -Soil : Promix HP -Feed Indo ( see photo) . Started very diluted feed at end of week 1 -LED light 1000w First two weeks at 36inch height, At week 2 lowered to 30 inch - Strain: Autoflower Fem 1:1 Sativa dominant CBD haze XXL. 8 percent THC to 8 percent CBD - Humidity was a struggle...
  3. A very windblown mystery purple

    A very windblown mystery purple

    This image is all about the wind!. Grown from Purple Haze bag seed. My friend grew some in winter that went purple, so this is an experimental summer purple. The wind has been gusting and tearing through the garden for the last two days. I am growing this outdoors in a bag of ready mixed soil.
  4. S

    Sherm’s Auto Amnesia Haze & Auto Diesel Organic Mars Hydro Grow

    Hello everyone! I got my seeds yesterday & I am looking to get started here with my girst grow & journal! I have been creeping around the forums here for over 10 years now... Unfortunately I rarely logged in or contributed, but all that is changing tonight. I have had the amazing opportunity of...
  5. Dbdub

    My first flower

    These plants where given to me beginning of may. The guys who gave them to me kept saying just to flip into flower then. But due to being stubborn and trying to figure out what to do I decided to wait and beg for another month. Today is day 29 of flower. Hoping someone can say they look great of...
  6. 8F61681F-A7D2-4FBE-A3D6-658C2A230DF2.jpeg


    4-22-20 Bandaid Haze Mom
  7. F7821218-F160-441B-811A-0CE7FCC52A2D.jpeg


    4-22-20 Bandaid Haze Mom
  8. 735EA714-3E55-4B3A-92C3-DACD08B0FE25.jpeg


    BH7 Clones #2-#7 4-15-20
  9. 79EAADC2-523C-4DDB-82E2-F5C28F628B23.jpeg


    BH7 Clone #1 4-15-20
  10. 3450143E-73CC-4157-A269-A78E9AB046F7.jpeg


    BH7 mom 4-15-20
  11. 313AD460-4965-4A32-9AEF-FD181D69BF38.jpeg


    BH7 mom 4-15-20
  12. hazeluv69

    Run off colour issue & a leaf problem during flush before harvest! Guidance please!

    First grow, coco coir, haze cuttings, final flush before harvest , day 5 of flush, expecting to flush for 7-9 days in total. my problems are that I was expecting to see yellow leaves by this time as i was sure it would occur due to the flush, where the plant uses the store nutrients in the...
  13. 7DF97560-FC38-4538-A3A3-76748314E6A6.jpeg


    Bandaid Haze#7 clones #2-#7 4-10-20
  14. A237C45C-3150-4E10-9998-7F503C2705A6.jpeg


    Bandaid Haze #7 mom 4-10-7
  15. 4FB320BF-BE7D-4124-B6CB-43BE8CD09354.jpeg


    Bandaid Haze #7 mom 4-10-20
  16. 76F4767E-B4DB-4DD0-BE06-154BA80E153D.jpeg


    Bandaid Haze #7 Clone #1
  17. 7E5FEA3C-9818-4FD3-BAB6-8F683EE35845.jpeg


    Bandaid Haze 7 #2-#7
  18. 01A55323-8E59-4968-8EA8-32D52EC9E712.jpeg


    Bandaid Haze 7 #1
  19. 62C41625-B30D-4B8A-BFB2-3F93E864C5BB.jpeg


    Bandaid Haze Mom 4-7-20
  20. 1C1CAB64-C6C2-4C10-9D0B-7F79B8E1FCA1.jpeg


    Bandaid Haze Mom 4-7-20
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