My first flower


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These plants where given to me beginning of may. The guys who gave them to me kept saying just to flip into flower then. But due to being stubborn and trying to figure out what to do I decided to wait and beg for another month.
Today is day 29 of flower. Hoping someone can say they look great of if they need help


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It helps but not 100% necessary, for now just keep doing what you are doing. Save the money you would spend on a meter and get a gift for your friends come harvest time, it looks like they set you up nicely.

Here’s a thread to look at if you ever think something may be wrong. Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial
Whatever it is you are doing keep doing it, like I said that little bit of nutrient burn on the tips of a few leaves is what a lot of people shoot for, maximizing your plant’s potential without overdoing it.

I wish I had friends like yours to set me up with a plant I just need to flip. Next you’re going to tell me they roll your joints and light them for you too!
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