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    Okay worm casting my check
  3. V

    Vapin's Outdoor Grow Journal 3

    Although this is my 3rd journal, this is my FIRST time growing OUTDOORS, so any tips are always appreciated. I am here to share, and learn. Journal Update: Day 1. Construction (no plants yet) Strains and percentages: No plants yet, but I have seen Bubba Kush, and Girlscout Cookies do very...
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  5. Besmirched1

    Besmirched1's Dirt 4th Gen White Rhino x Durban Poison Outdoor 2018

    G'day from FNQ (far North Queensland), Firstly let me elaborate a little on where I am at. I started with a White Rhino fem and Durban Poison male and have crossed and re-crossed for 4 generations. So I have achieved 2 distinct phenotypes with 4 main traits. I have a red stem WR with strong...
  6. Mondstern

    Mondstern Perpetual

    Hi everyone, it has been awhile and now my grow environment has changed from semi outdoor to fully indoor. Also just setup a mini grow tent for veg and mother so that my main grow tent can be used for flowering exclusively. So now I am gonna run perpetual with following seeds in the pipeline...
  7. Itsagas69

    Benefits of azomite, glacial rock dust etc & their properties

    I have Just been having a nose to find alternative to azomite And come across this useful information of all sorts of mineral's and the pros and cons.Pros and cons of different rock dust's
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    Buffalato #1
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    Buffalato #1
  10. choozenOne

    New one from grape-vine country

    Hi growers ! Hi everybody ! I'm new here, bot not in growing ;-) Well my goal is one day to make a protocol with the best results to help some diseases like epilepsy. It's not so easy to help, so i decided to do something, to do anything in cannabis growing if it's possible by an organic way...
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    Professor Chaos (TGA/HNW) - last pic before chop. Grown outdoor under the sun, fully organic and mineralised soil and plant derived soil food.
  12. C

    How to grow no till style in 65-100 gallon Smart Pots

    OK first things first I've had about 3 years of indoor growing experience using coco coir and Botanicare nutrients. I build my own DIY cob lights and I have to say I'm a very good at what I do indoors. But I'm not very experienced with outdoor or organic growing and that has to change. I'm...
  13. GodOfPot

    Garden Of Eden

    Welcome All...To The Garden Of Eden! Introduction First of all, I want to give a shout out to 2 members here.....Brightlight & Bobbrown! These 2 members have spent an incredible amount of time answering questions I've had over the past 5+ months...when I started my first grow last...
  14. D

    New Vancouver Organic Grow

    Hello everyone. Thanks to all the OG's here, you have helped many people. I'm starting my first grow and I would like to log it and show my progress here. I'm a fungus guy, I'm used to growing mushrooms but this is my first time growing Cannabis. If you see anything I could be doing better...
  15. conradino23

    Conradino23 Keeps On Keeping On Outdoor & Indoor Using LOS/High Brix Methods

    Welcome my friends! I've finally decided to start a perpetual journal, which might go on forever or till I drop dead, cause I'm tired of creating a new one every year. It's gonna feature LOS and High Brix methods of growing outdoor/indoor with multiple strains along the way! There are...
  16. Kundal1n1

    Kundal1n1's - Soil - NorthernLight AutoFem

    Hey there everyone, it's been a while. I thought I'd post another journal, the last one was a lot of fun! :) This grow is as follows; One seed, one pot. Northern Light Auto Feminized from Nirvana Seeds Soil, DIY growtent, DIY growlight with CFL bulbs. Growing organic with an organic...
  17. ilikemsticky

    Sticky's Almost Perpetual Grow

    total organic!
  18. J

    Super Soil & Organic Liquids?

    I've been growing for several years, mostly outdoor (starting indoor), using a variety of different soils/super soils/nutrients. This season I've decided to do a small indoor grow from start to finish. I created super soil a few months ago to use as my medium, with Roots Organic Original as my...
  19. Jackalope

    Prove it!

    People learn a lot from Open and Honest conversation. First off I have nothing against organic. My problem is that because people are going more organic all of a sudden everything that is not organic is Bad. Miracle Grow has a worse reputation then Trump. Their soil while not perfect can grow...
  20. Blazinjones

    Blaze Showcases The GROWant G5 OSRAM G400 Grow Light

    Ok folks Blaze here back at it again. This time i will be doing some autos done hydro style with a dwc bucket. This journal will be dedicated to my sponsor GroWant. They have sent me this amazing light the G5 G400 model. From seeing how the smaller one does in sweetsues garden i can only expect...