1. Jungle Joseph

    Jungle Joe Goes Off The Rails With Canuk Seeds

    Hi there 420 friends, welcome to my new journal where I go off the rails with Canuk Seeds. It's a Trainwreck... you won't be able to look away. Thanks to our wonderful sponsor @Canuk Seeds , I've been given the opportunity to grow some Feminized Trainwreck photoperiod seeds. A little about...
  2. 20231026_061839.jpg


    Durban Poison - Day 18 of Flower.
  3. 20231026_061843.jpg


    Durban Poison - Day 18 of Flower.
  4. 20231026_061855.jpg


    Durban Poison - Day 18 of Flower.
  5. 20231026_061906.jpg


    Durban Poison - Day 18 of Flower.
  6. 20231026_061933.jpg


    Durban Poison - Day 18 of Flower.
  7. 20231022_142830.jpg


    Durban Poison Day 14
  8. 20231014_074702[1].jpg


    week 9 blue whale aquaponics
  9. Johnny Waterfall

    Blue Whale Auto Fem Barrel-Ponics Grow Journal

    this is a DIY sustsainable aquaponics grow, using recycle reduce and reuse prinicples as guidlines. Start Date Aug 8th 2023, harvest estimated date October 22-31 2023. Strain Blue Whale autoflower feminized origin unknown seeds a gift from a friendly. indoor aquaponics (barrel-ponics )...
  10. Scarred4life

    Scarred4life's Budget Grow

    Hi folks, after reading through lots of these threads, I've found lots that show how to get great results with lots of brands of additives and amendments. Many that say things without addressing why the expected results will occur. Over the years, and far too many failures, I've developed an...
  11. Gelato auto 1 roots

    Gelato auto 1 roots

    Roots growing through the bag towards the res are being air pruned
  12. Plant Dad

    My Lung Room

    I grow organically indoors. I'm currently on my sixth grow indoors. I currently use two 2x4 tents and use SP 3000 Mars hydro lights. I'm currently using 7 gallon pots. I reuse my soil. I plan to drop pics and I'm open to discussion about the best hobby ever. This is Daisy. Bruce Banner #3 Day...
  13. Keffka

    Keffka's Recycling, KOS Blue Thai, Herbies Seeds Apple Betty, Runtz Punch

    I am initiating this journal since this grow will encompass the initial setup of my LOS system. This will be a living soil setup that is continuously recycled. The beginning recipe will be really simple since it will be coming fresh out of the bag. Once the grow is complete I will cover the...
  14. lootznbootz

    Breaking New Ground Lootz' 2x4 NoTil LOS Bed ViparSpectra XS1500 Pro

    :ganjamon::bongrip:Hello & Welcome :bong::ganjamon: To what I expect to be a banger of a grow and journal! This is the SAME journal as before only now were officially Sponsored by @ViparSpectra This grow was already very exciting and now thanks to Vipar, there's even more to be excited about...
  15. lootznbootz

    Breaking New Ground! Lootz' 2x4 No-Til LOS Bed Round 1

    :ganjamon::bongrip:Hello & Welcome :bong::ganjamon: To what I expect to be a banger of a grow and journal! I want to start by saying I have the worst luck on any forum when it comes to starting a journal! Last journal and now this one I typed out an amazing start to a journal only to save it...
  16. Gee64

    Gee's Organics - Cloning for SIPS/Swick

    If you are using sub-irrigated planters, whether its a SIP, a SWICK, or any other bottom watering style, this is how I clone into a bottom watering atmosphere for minimal recovery time and maximum growth. I use living organic soil but this may work for synthetics too. FEB 1 - DAY 1 Here is our...
  17. Gee64

    The Gee Spot - You Finally Found It

    Hi I'm Gee and I'm an Organaholic. I'm glad you finally found The Gee Spot😎 This will be a perpetual room for all to talk, brag, debate, and be proud of your plants in, with the quest for new and better knowledge. So if you got it flaunt it, past or present. I will likely post grows in...
  18. Thomas M

    Some past flowers part one

    Here is a series of flowers I’ve grown over the last few years. Will post more once I migrate photos for another device. Hope you all enjoy. Just a few. Have thousands more. Once I get around to it I will post some more. Hope you all enjoy.
  19. Keffka

    Keffkas Coast Of Maine Line, TLO/LOS Style, Bagseed, Indoor Grow

    Welcome to the newcomers and welcome back to the returning folks! I’m going to be launching a second grow with the same bagseed I sourced for my first grow that turned out excellent after a major intervention. All of the hardware will be the same, the area will be expanded, and the style will be...
  20. StoneOtter

    Brand Spankin New ViparSpectra KS5000 Grows Herbies Seeds Collection In LOS

    WELCOME! WELCOME ! WELCOME! TO SEE ONE OF THE NEWEST LIGHTS FROM VIPRASPECTRA LIGHT MY LIFE AS WE GROW SOME SWEET WEED! I'm happy to tell you all that there's a new light in town! A well done ViparSpectra KS5000! What a beauty! First I want to give thanks to ViparSpectra for picking me to show...
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