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  1. I

    Vendetta's Indoor Super Soil GG#4, Animal Cookies, Wedding Cake

    Soil: I used LC's mix found on ICMag LC's Soiless Mix #2: 6 parts Pro Fox Farm Ocean Forest 2 parts perlite 2 parts earthworm castings Powdered dolomite lime @ 1 cup per cubic foot of the soiless mix. Blood meal at 1/2 cup per cubic foot of soil mix Bone meal at 1 cup per cubic foot of soil...
  2. elunex

    Unusual Mobile Chlorosis & Crisping

    Got some girls in week 3 of flower now showing dangerous signs of a mobile issue. It's starting with the lower branches first and moving upwards. Here's some information prior to the occurrence: June 18: Plants are all healthy, no signs of any issues - last feed on the 17th with BioBizz...
  3. DonkeyDick

    DD 1st Indoor Grow

    Hi all and welcome everyone. My bagseed Isabelles languished for far too long before I stumbled on to 420 Mag. I’m hoping with this thread to thank some of the folk who helped me without even knowing and maybe I can help someone too. I learned an awful lot from other people’s mistakes and I’m...
  4. TriangleCheese

    Trianglecheese's Organic Perpetual Ride

    Greetings :cough: I have been harvesting perpetually for a while and decided to start a perpetual journal like some of our fellow growers here do. I just harvested my small Blue Cheese plant yesterday. Grow turned out nice. If anybody is interested, you guys can check BC from the link in my...
  5. DET—PDX

    Critical+ 2.0: Organic, Co2, Timber COBs

    Back again, transferred schools and moved out of Oregon, hence the hiatus. Anyway this is Dinafem’s critical + 2.0. Some brief tid bits about the set up: 5x5 Tent, 600w Timber RedWood COB LED 3000k for veg, adding 2 150w 1700k COB’s from Timber Grow lights in late veg thru flower. Evaporative...
  6. O

    Perpetual Harvest

    So I have a 1k gavita de in my flower room and I'm vegging under 2 corncob 200w equivalent led i have 1 mother plant of gg#4... 2 weeks ago i took 16 clones and they just rooted...now normally I grow in 8 to 9 five gallon buckets in a 4x4 space (not a tent) ....but now i want to go with smaller...
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    Seems like a great price ?
  8. 61FALCON

    Falcon's Lots Of 1st's Grow Diary

    1st time growing in over 20 years, 1st time in a tent, 1st time using led, 1st DWC, 1st time quad lining. Hi, all thought I would do a journal as I am sure I will need some help. I have already had some help from some members starting quad lining. So this is what I am working with: GARDEN STYLE...
  9. Schnitzelmann

    1st Grow, From The Other Side Of The Pond, Soil, Organic, 32”x32”, LED, 7x LSD

    My fellow growers, it's a great pleasure to be part of this awesome growing community! :yummy: The American Society is ahead of us in so many matters. I'm a bit late for the party, but I'm creating this journal for anyone who's interested. My native language is not English so please keep that in...
  10. Hugedallasfan

    2nd week of flowering

    This is two weeks of flowering for my girl. She is a blueberry auto growing in coco with all organic food. I think she’s looks very promising. What’s your thoughts guys as I’m a rookie first time grower
  11. RETRIX

    Something Wicked

  12. Coloradokid19

    CK’s Hibrix Adventures

    What’s up all, with it being 2019 and having had my garden 100% hibrix for a while now I figured it was time for a new journal. I have a bunch of exciting things going on this year as far as pheno hunting goes so I hope you all enjoy the cultivars I’ve chosen to hunt! Right now in flower I have...
  13. 20190404_180911.jpg


    Sideview of the Unknown strain, under LST. Stil cannot sex, almost 7 weeks in.
  14. Swagymcfly88

    Swagymcfly's White Widow Auto Journal

    Hello to all I'm starting my first journal so all tip and pointers are more then welcome:p #of plants: 1 Breeder: crop king seeds Strain: white widow auto Indica/sativa: 60% indica 30% sativa 10% ruderalis Medium: 1/3 super soil and 2/3 promix Veg/flower: veg week 3 Lighting: 2000watt led...
  15. J Obadiah

    Let's Talk Fungus Gnats

    What to do about Fungus Gnats... J Obadiah Whether indoors or outdoors, we have all most likely encountered pests, rodents, or insects. Good & bad, these insects can be a blessing or a curse in your garden. Of all the insects which impact a healthy Cannabis plant, the Fungus Gnat is among the...
  16. T

    Asking about photo

    Can i put Photo seed in final container? How to take care with final pot from start? Can tempareture always 25 c or 77 f with Veg stage and Flower Stage?
  17. Kilbarrack

    White Widow & The Church Day 36 Flowering

    Hi All! Just thought I'd post an update on my first grow. I gave all the main buds a little squeeze for the first time this morning & they are already really solid. I added 1ml of Bloombastic in 4 liters of water yesterday along with their other food. Im hoping for good things! I bought the...
  18. smokiezebra

    Smokie Zebra's Organic Mixed Grow

    Hey everyone! Welcome to my first journal here. I do hope you'll stick around! Since we can have legally 4 plants per household, I decided it's time to jump back in. My last grow was a large no till container, but unfortunately I don't have the space for that kind of fun this time. I'll be...
  19. Mag7

    Mag7s Iconic Holiday Forever High Brix

    Well now, here we are again Brixxers. It’s been quite some time since I’ve created a journal. My last journal can be found and we’ll do some comparisons. The challenge was set a while back for me by me to get this kit working it’s magic spectacularly. In this journal I’ll be catching you up on...
  20. higherthehigh

    RQS USA Premium Seeds Run 8+ Strains

    Hello and welcome to my new grow journal. I was planning on having a year off after my O.G. Kush journal but the power of growing has got me tightly grasped still. I wont be growing on a big scale how i have in my last runs just 2 small tents, 1 veg & 1 flower Strains: Sweet Zkittles - Sweet...
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