1. Kongfuzi

    Kongfuzi Grows Some Autos: A First Time Grower Goes All In

    Hey y’all, long time reader, first time grower. Indoor inside a tent using the best I could afford because honestly weed gets expensive and 200 a week could be going to other things tbh. Let’s go over the setup: 6x4x7 HLG tent with HLG550 V2 light @ 3000k - (1) 6 inch Infinity Cloudline T6...
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    Blue dream @[291740:@InTheShed] nug shot
  3. jodyhighrollr

    Been growing for a year now

    Hey everybody. My alias is on here is Jodyhighrollr but my name is Shane. I live in Maine where it is legal medically and for recreational use. I started in a small a year ago 3x4x6.5' tent and quickly realized it wasn't big enough and bought a 10x10x7' tent. I started with LED am on my third...
  4. jodyhighrollr

    Jodyhighrollr's Cluster Bomb 2018

    Hey everybody. Thanks for viewing my post. I just want to fill you in with some of my experience so far. I have successfully harvested two grows so far and have learned a decent amount along the way. I started with all LEDS with my first grow. Jodyhighrollr - Soil - Kali & The Chocolate Factory...
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    Blue dream washed getting ready to be hung lol
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    Blue dream shot @[291740:@InTheShed] this plant makes my mouth water I’m not even kidding it sends me to a place of tranquility I swear it . I could take that and put it into a car air freshener I swear .
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    More bud porn lol
  8. aceknight

    Soil Conditioning Kit

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    More bud sites on TTB @[296555:@Derbybud] she grew today on me lol
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    Here was a shot taken last night Trailer trash betty
  11. PurpleGunRack

    Cookie Theater: Only For The Deranged

    :welcome: Welcome to my new journal :welcome: :48: :yummy: This time I'll be doing a phenohunt on 3 Cookie strains :yummy: The strains are: Crystal Cookies - In House Genetics - Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Animal Cookies Sunset Sherbet - Phenofinder - Girl Scout Cookies x Pink...
  12. niighaag

    Beginner Grower: New Active User On Forum

    Hello y'all! First off I want to say that this seems like a great forum, and i've been viewing it for alot of time without registrated. Here's a little introduction of my life, sit back and enjoy the show. To begin with I've always had a sweet tooth for growing (all kinds of stuff) , ever...
  13. Ommp indoor

    Ommp indoor

    My indoor
  14. Ommp


    My outdoor
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    Okay worm casting my check
  17. amending my LOS

    amending my LOS

    Alfalfa meal, kelp meal, neem meal, dried horsetail ferns, mycos, rock dust (glacial rock till, volcanic basalt dust, powdered clay, azomite, oyster shell flower) and some bat guano. Placed on the bottom of only 1 of 2 bins.