1. DSC_1073 copy.jpg

    DSC_1073 copy.jpg

  2. Purpsmagurps

    White Cookies Scrog 600W CXB + P600 - CoCo DTW W/Jacks 321

    Hello again. Going for gold this run. 6X white cookies coco scrog with 3 gallon plain coco OR 5 gallons with 30% perlite. I will be running Jack's 3-2-1 method with Jack's mix of soluble traces, Root enhance, caps bennies, Calcium Chloride, and MKP for a booster. The room is 6x9 and I will...
  3. 4-7-2018-2.jpeg


    Day 27
  4. 4-7-2018-1.jpeg


    Day 27
  5. Chem OG Autoflower

    Chem OG Autoflower

    Grown under a Kind K3 l600w LED. Promix HP General Hydroponics Element XXX
  6. DSC_0489.JPG


    Seedsman lemon auto feminised
  7. IMG_20180302_013647.jpg


    Blueberry hashplant
  8. PHOTO_20180403_195740_fx.jpg


    Killer skunk,53 days
  9. D

    Derek910 Soil Honeysuckle 2018

    Strain - Honeysuckle, It’s a hybrid but mostly Indica. Can’t find a lot of info on this Medium - FoxFarm Ocean Forest, Happy Frog, and perlite mix Pot - 5 Gallon fabric pot Nutrients - FoxFarm Trio (Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom) Also with Open Sesame, Beastie Bloom, and Cha Ching. Will...
  10. Best Of Both Worlds- Kind LED and Optic LED

    Best Of Both Worlds- Kind LED and Optic LED

  11. Kind K3 L600w

    Kind K3 L600w

  12. Door85.jpg


    Tent's full
  13. F8A84295-8A23-4E90-A038-6028131BBD77.jpeg


    Curly and moe and 2 zips of shake good shake
  14. CREE Cob LED Grow.jpg

    CREE Cob LED Grow.jpg

    COB LED Grow Light - Replaces 200W HID 100 Watt Chip (AW: 65 Watts) I'm wondering whether it would be better to get one for each individual plant instead of one big light for everyone. Upfront cost would be more expensive but contemplating whether or not it would be better as there isn't really...
  15. CharlieG

    Charlie's Canna Terra Professional Candy Cane Auto 2018 First Time Grower

    What strain is it? Candy cane auto Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 60% Indica 30% sativa 10% ruderalis Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 27 days If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in...
  16. Bearbunny

    Flower & Bloom Switches? How do they work?

    I have a Meizhi 450w hood, and it has 2 switches on it, common from middle grade LED lights it seems, but what I have an Issue with is the Vague and unclear USE of said switches. Now Here is what SOME of the sites say, Use only the VEG for seedling and grow cycle and then switch on just the...
  17. medmanmike

    MedmanMike Celebrating 10th High-Brix Grow - With Major Room & Equipment Upgrades

    Welcome to my grow journal! This is my first journal and though I've been growing (the second time around) for the past five years, I've never posted a journal, so we'll see how this goes. LOL! For some background, I'm a medical patient in a midwest state and currently have four patients I...
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    OGC week five flowering
  19. BF487580-08E7-41D6-B6F5-E681BB2459E7.jpeg


    Week five OGC flower
  20. F95D895B-8B45-47F7-8F34-8A41E1D494FE.jpeg


    OGC emerald triangle