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    My current project the rare cereal milk auto strain, fox farm ocean forest soil, no nutes for first three weeks this is day nine.
  2. H1gherD1mensionz

    H1gherD1mensionz 3rd Grow: The Level Up! Amnesia Haze & Zkittles OG Autos

    Setting - Wardrobe in bedroom Tent - 60x40x120 cm Light - ViparSpectra XS1000 Light cycle - 18/6 Extraction - 24/7: 4" AC Infinity Cloudline S4 Filter - 4" 100x200mm carbon filter Intake - Passive (negative pressure) Air Circulation - AC Infinity 120mm PC fan, 150mm Desk Fan, 2 x 80mm PC fans...
  3. Gdiddydank

    LED with Mean Well Driver

    Simply put I want to use the Mean Well series HVG series drivers to power Fluence’s Spydr series fixtures (example: Mean Well HVGC-650W Driver with a Fluence Spydr 2P) Firstly, are they compatible? Secondly, can I pull it off with a pretty basic knowledge of LED/wiring and a soldering gun...
  4. C

    Advise needed for light purchase

    Hello everyone. I am currently growing in a 150cmx150cmx200cm grow tent (5x5 feet) using 2 Vipraspector reflector 900 lights that has served me well for the last couple of years, but i am planning on upgrading the lights in a month or so, and despite spending countless hours trying to figure...
  5. odinsmaster

    Odin’s On His High Horse Again

    All right guys I’m going to try to make this journal perpetual. I just cut clones last night, alien og, platinum kush breath, garlicane, and sugarcane. I will run 6 and 6 and have not made my final decision yet. I’ll post pics of each and you guys and gals can help me decide what to run. I run...
  6. L

    Need help sizing up my DIY grow cabinet

    Friends, next month's it's going to be 2 years that I'm here amongst you. I read a lot, learned a lot and finally I have space so will get to have my own grow going. Extremely excited but now that it's crunch time also feeling bit lost! Long story short, I need your guidance and help planning a...
  7. Slammy Pajama

    420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Slammy Pajama

    :cheer: AND SO IT BEGINS!! :cheer: Ol' Slammy Pajammy was quite thrilled to see a little FedEx package awaiting our arrival home today!! The fantastic folks down at @Weed Seeds Express did everything in their power to make sure these seeds made it down to me here in Australia, even through...
  8. Gigglebutt420

    Review: Parfactworks Par1200

    My girls absolutely Love this led! I initially got it for my clone station but decided to see what it could do in my tent with some autos and they Love it! This light has done Far better than its competitors that i have tried before. All in all, i give this beast a 10 out of 10! Love this light!
  9. Runtz

    Cherry Gar See-Ya Feminised Ethos 1st Ever Grow

    Hello everyone This isn't going to be too wordy but I've recently fallen in love with horticulture and thought why not keep a diary of my first grow, nothing too fancy I'm just starting with 1 small plant mixed in with some ACTUAL Vegetables! (Pear Drop Cherry Tomatoes & Sweet Peppers) I...
  10. LLsBestGo

    LL's Indoor Soil LED Grow Journal

    Tent: Mars Hydro 2' x 2' Light: Atreum Hydra 1000 Nutrients: General Organics Fans: Clip fan, 190 cfm inline fan w/ controller Currently Sprouting: Home Bred OG #7 x Frost Boss Just waiting on the 4 seeds on the left to sprout & I'll be putting them in the prepared soil in the...
  11. AdkSmoker

    Supplemental lighting question?

    Hey Everybody! I live in the northeast and was curious of others thoughts about my adding an L.E.D. grow light to my greenhouse to supplement light in the off-hours, (morning or evening) to reach a target of a 18/6 light schedule? I'm sure that others have done something similar, but I haven't...
  12. Curiousnoob

    Curious' Down Under Strawberry Jones Cookie Grow Adventure For April 21

    Been a while since these hands have been dirty, and this blue blood's eager to get growing! So if your passing by stop in and say G'day, pull up a chair, a cold stubbie and a sausage sanga and tell me what I'm doing wrong and how I can do it better! Updates will be at least weekly and all...
  13. Indoor closet grow with Mars hydro

    Indoor closet grow with Mars hydro

    6 Sour Tangie plants and some succulents
  14. Sour Tangie under Mars Hydro TSL 2000

    Sour Tangie under Mars Hydro TSL 2000

    Dimmed light for picture
  15. Philizon 630 indoor

    Philizon 630 indoor

    Mars Hydro tent with 3 feminized grandaddy purp, Jacky girl and kush berry alien
  16. Under view of Philizon 630 watt cob

    Under view of Philizon 630 watt cob

    Under view of Philizon 630 watt cob on full power
  17. Mars Hydro TSL2000

    Mars Hydro TSL2000

    Under view of the Mars TSL 2000 in full power
  18. H1gherD1mensionz

    H1gherD1mensionz 2nd Microgrow: Gelato Auto

    30 x 30 x 70 cm grow tent 95W dimmable full spectrum+IR LED board 18/6 light cycle Passive intake Arctic P-12 static pressure PC fan exhausting through a 200mm carbon filter AC Infinity 120mm PC fan for air circulation 2 80mm PC fans to create upward draft 500ml ultrasonic humidifier 5ltr fabric...
  19. Veg closit

    Veg closit

    Sour tangie and super chernobyl
  20. OfficialWEEGrow

    WEEGrow Gallery

    Using one WG-1000
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