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  1. S

    Kicked out of the house

    My grow tent has been kicked out of the spare room so now think of putting it in the garage but a summer is here it get hot in the at the moment I have a 1.2m1.2m 2m tent with a 600w cool tube when it was in side keep the temp nice was easy what should I do would going to a LED be the way I...
  2. H1gherD1mensionz

    LED For 30x30x70cm Tent

    Hi guys, noob here preparing my first grow. I have a 30x30x70cm tent in my cuboard and I'm wondering if a 600 watt LED consuming 276 watts is suitable for growing 1 auto in this small space. I chose this light because it just about fits in the space and meets my budget. Thanks.
  3. J

    Journal #1: The Frost Factory

    Howdy everyone. I am going to be doing a run from clone this time around. My goals for this grow are as follow: Select clones from my flowering plants and when selected, grow those clone out, re-clone and do an entire grow with selected clones. I will list current strains in flower, upload my...
  4. Rainbow Jones w7d1

    Rainbow Jones w7d1

    Starting to get some amazing colors
  5. VetSmoke85

    Vetsmoke Goes Perpetual With Bonsai Mothers, Clones & DIY Builds

    Hi All! Got a lot of new stuff coming up so I thought I would start a fresh journal to document my new setup, plans and progression in one consolidated thread which will stay ongoing for the foreseeable. You may want to grab a brew, spark up a smoke and get comfy as this is quite a long intro...
  6. 8 plants flower

    8 plants flower

    300 watt Mars Hydro TSL2000
  7. Third day flower

    Third day flower

    Jack herer/GSC, Grandaddy purp
  8. LLsBestGo

    LL'sBestGo's: Variety Pro-Mix HP LED Grow

    Welcome one, welcome all! Here's my second grow on :420: grow area 2'8"x2'8" Lighting 2 x 110 actual watt, 1000 watt equivalent Soil Nutrients Bug control Diatomaceous earth Neem Oil
  9. MeatGrinderOG

    Meats CBD Auto Cheese Organic Soil 24/7 Light Experiment/Beginner

    So were 6 days into my beginner grow ive got one hydro and one soil grow under my belt hydro went good soil a flop last time, advice is welcome but remember im experimenting and learning as i go. At this point she is in a clear cup inside a solo cup 3/4 full of coco loco and 1/4 kind soil at the...
  10. Closet grow flowering

    Closet grow flowering

    8 plants, 6 strains under Mars Hydro TSL2000
  11. 4 plants vegging

    4 plants vegging

    Jack Here/GSC, Grandaddy purp under 630 watt Philizon LED
  12. Animal cookies motherplant

    Animal cookies motherplant

    Motherplant and clone propigation tray under two Mars Eco 110 watt
  13. Kushberry Alien flower

    Kushberry Alien flower

    300 watt mars hydro closet grow
  14. Grandaddy Purp and Jack Herer/GSC in veg

    Grandaddy Purp and Jack Herer/GSC in veg

    630 watt philzon led
  15. S

    First Indoor Grow! Need some help please!

    Hi guys its my first time posting here. I have done a few outdoor plants over the past 3 summers and felt it was time to try an indoor grow. I'm growing (2x Purple Punch, 2x Mac1, 2x Lemon Sorbet, 2x Kush Cake)using LED they are currently 4 weeks from seed. They did very well the first 2 weeks...
  16. SauronBlue

    Ready to quit growing due to low quality & smell

    I've been growing on and off for about 5 of the last 10 years. I've mostly done soil, but I've been switching to coco lately, to try to get out of my rut. I started with 600w MH/HPS combo for veg/flower in a tent. Back then, I had little invested, and my environment was really hot, rh wasn't...
  17. derek910

    Derek910 5 Strain Soil Grow

    Grow Day 21 I am going to run 5 different strains and I’m going to run 4 of them in my 4x8 and 1 in a 3x3. The 4 going in the 4x8 will be Bubba's Gift, Star Doggie, Cinderella 99, and Honeysuckle. In the 3x3 will be Pineapple Chunk. The 4x8 has 2 425W Timbergrowlights 4VS, 2 tower fans on both...
  18. series3farred250xl.jpg


    i purchased part of the sun apparently. Bright
  19. Mars Hydro 300 watt closet grow

    Mars Hydro 300 watt closet grow

    8 plants, Grandaddy Purp, Strawberry Banana, Kushberry Alien, Bubba Kush and GSC/Jack Herrer
  20. Jack Herrer/GSC, Grandaddy Purp Vegg

    Jack Herrer/GSC, Grandaddy Purp Vegg

    4 plants in get under 630 watt Philizon led
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