British Bulldog Meets Rottweiler - Getting Orgasmic With Organic


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Hello :420: it's been awhile since I last made a journal. After my last journals I decided to take a little break from journaling my grows as I wanted to get a grow or two under my belt so that I could be a little more confident in what I am writing. So here I am, more confident in knowledge, but we will still have mistakes along the way. I say this as even now a couple of my plants are suffering from a Nitrogen deficiency, the difference being is that now I know exactly what the problem is and I can also rectify the situation :)

So the title is slightly misleading, as I don't really regard myself as a British Bulldog, or maybe the softer side of one lol but the title seemed too good to miss out on, let's not let a white lie get in the way of a good story eh?

Onto business:

What strain is it? - A mixture of strains which are currently 2x Incredible Bulk (1 is a reveg from my last harvest), 2x Think Big Autos (these will be in the veg tent throughout their life span). 1x Critical, 1x Bubba's Gift, 1x Lemon Skunk, 1x Milk Strawberry Skunk and 1x Paradise Delahaze. I will be adding another couple of plants during the journal, just as soon as I remember to pick up some trays for the smaller airpots that I have recently acquired.

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mainly Indicas as they are my preference but I have a few Sativa dominant strains in there too (Paradise Delahaze, 2x Think Big and the Lemon Skunk to a slightly lesser degree (60/40 in favour of Sativa). The Milk Strawberry Skunk is a straight 50/50 hybrid.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? All are in veg stage at the moment although I plan to change that soon. I'll be putting the Incredible Bulks into flower very soon and maybe another one or two of a reader's choice if they would like to see how one particular strain grows.

If in Veg... For how long? 4 of the plants have been in veg for around 6 weeks and 4 were planted recently on the 29th April.

If in Flower stage... For how long? N/A - Coming soon

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor

Soil or Hydro? All in soil (as organic as possible)

If soil... what is in your mix? I use Canna Terra Pro with additional supplements from either my compost bins, my worm farm and a myriad of other additives such as Calcified Seaweed, Fish Blood and Bone, Bonemeal, Bat Guano and Chicken Manure etc etc.

If soil... What size pot? 8 are in 20 litre Airpots and I have 4x 10 litre Airpots waiting for trays.

Size of light? In the veg tent I have three 300w LED's and a 300w backup which I may use when the Autos go into flower. Now for the best bit though. In my flowering tent I will be testing out a new LED light manufactured in Canada, there is another grower on this site that is currently testing these lights out, I'm the first in the UK to have these and I am hoping to do them justice. They are each rated at 65 (yes you read that right) watts per light. I have four of them and also a generic 800w LED in the middle which will be off for now but I will use it if I feel the plants are not getting enough light from the four. I was advised that I should be using five in my 4x4 flowering tent, unfortunately this was after I had made my purchase and I will wait before I buy any more as the shipping is expensive, I doubt it will be worth buying just the one for now. Still I'm looking forward to seeing how they produce versus other LED's that I have used in the past and they will save on electricity. I have retired my 1600w LED for the moment as I have no room for it.

Is it aircooled? the tents are in series with a 5" intake fan leading into the veg tent, a 5" booster fan extracting from the veg tent into the flowering tent and a 6" exhaust fan exhausting out from the flower tent and out of the house.

Temp of Room/cab? Temps in the tents are a steady 85F but have risen to 85.5 before today, the lowest temp is around 76F

RH of Room/cab? Relative Humidity fluctuates between 30% and 60%

PH of media or res? I will not be using PH this grow as the organic soil should do all the buffering for me

Any Pests ? No pests but I am prepared for a breakout if one should occur

How often are you watering? Currently I'm watering around every three days although one of the bigger plants is a little greedy and is supping up every two days

Type and strength of ferts used? For nutrients I am using a mixture of Plant Magic Oldtimer's Grow, BioBizz Fishmix, Humboldt's Secret Golden Tree, Epsom Salts and Black Treacle in veg.
In flower I will be using Plant Magic Oldtimer's Bloom, Humboldt's Secret Golden Tree, Epsom Salts, Black Treacle and some compost teas mixed with earthworm castings.

Since my last grow I have had a complete redesign of my grow area as after a discussion with a helpful and friendly person who has experience in this area I realised that I was creating a wall of hot air and that this was affecting my temps. A simple floor fan has fixed all that but whilst I was thinking about it I realised that I could squeeze a bigger veg tent in there if I moved everything around. So it was hammers and drills all round and a lot of mistakes were made. I should really stick to the 'measure twice, cut once' line of thinking but as I'm erratic and scatty it didn't even cross my mind. But still after a little trial and error the room is now functional and I can happily sit here typing this at my PC while the grow just 'happens' and does what it does behind me.

Here are a few pictures of the grow area part of my room set aside for my hobby:

The shelves for my nutrients and tools. The top shelf is all organic and the bottom shelf is all for chemical grows. I'm not keen on growing chemically but I was really impressed with the AN nutrient line when I used it and I just can't seem to part with it. I may have to use it on an upcoming grow just so that I feel it hasn't gone to waste:


Moving around we have the veg tent, this is a 4' x 8' tent which I have to say was a bargain price. I honestly can say that I could not have asked for a better quality tent. It's well made, sturdy and has holes in all the right places. I am a happy man and probably spoiled when it comes to my hobby :)


Moving further along we have my 4' x 4' flowering tent with the Rottweiler series LED's on show. I must add that I didn't correct the white balance on any of these photographs as I wanted to show the true ambience so to speak. Unlike the majority of LED's I have seen these throw out a bright white light:


apologies for the photograph being sideways but I can never fix this issues when uploading here.

Moving around again we have my bud testing area, a microscope for checking trichomes which also has an adapter so that I can take some surreal close up pictures with my camera, see my other journals if you are interested in photomicrography, but I will be putting some up in this journal in around eight to ten weeks time (that feels so far away!) when the flowering plants are getting close to the end of their cycle. There is also a mini studio for taking macro photographs of plants, leaves and buds etc and of course the essential in my grow room, a stereo for the music that I'm sure my plants love. If they have the taste of a man in his 40's lol, Pink Floyd, Clubbed Out anyone? :rofl:


A couple of photographs also showing the tents in series and how they are connected:



OK that's the grow area sorted, now let's have a look at these plants.

Here is the Think Big 1 at the front left of the tent:


The Think Big 2 second from the left at the front of the tent:


The Royal Queen Seeds Critical is the second from the right at the front of the tent:


The Bubba's Gift at the far right at the front of the tent:


The Incredible Bulk at the far right at the back of the tent. As you can see she is suffering from a Nitrogen Deficiency, I'm being rather conservative with their feeds but I will be increasing the amount of Nitrogen given to her along with the Milk Strawberry Skunk:


The Milk Strawberry Skunk is the second from the right at the back of the tent. The same applies to her as to the Incredible Bulk in regards to feeding. She is also what I consider the 'runt' of the litter, she has been very small, compact and bushy since she was grown. Funnily enough I have done no topping, fimming etc yet she seems to have grown as though she has. At one point it really looked as if three plants were growing but she is definitely one plant only:


The second from the left at the back of the tent is a pot that has two plants in. I no longer use the paper towel method to grow my plants, they are planted directly into soil and they either grow or die the natural way. I planted the Lemon Skunk and she didn't come up for over a week so I planted a Paradise Delahaze, within a couple of days they had both sprouted and I didn't want to separate them and cause them any unnecessary stress so I let nature take it's course. I've seen multiple plants in one pot here in the past and they seem to thrive well enough and this seems to be the case here. In fact they are thriving and showing no signs of deficiencies whatsoever, they're probably the two healthiest plants in there:


Finally we have the revegged Incredible Bulk from my last harvest sat in the far left pot at the back of the tent. I've never done a (successful) reveg before today although I have tried. I'm not too sure how long I need to leave a plant in a reveg state before putting it into flower but she will be going in the other tent along with the other IB very shortly. If anyone has any input on the matter please feel free to share your opinion:


That's basically the lot for now. As with any of my grow journals please feel free to discuss whatever you wish and add any constructive criticism as you desire. I will state categorically that this is by no means a sponsored grow, it's purely my hobby and I grow for my own medicine, it's definitely not an expert or commercial grow by a long shot. There will be mistakes made, many mistakes at that, but as I've come to know (and love of course) these plants I'm confident that there will be some form of harvest.

For those of you who joined in with my previous grow which I had to close early due to work being done on the house you may remember a poor sickly specimen of LSD which died and revived continuously over a period of six months or so. Well apart from one sickly branch at the end I managed to get a harvest from her (thanks to those that helped, you know who you are). This is what her buds looked liked, there may be something to be said for bagging them up in a black bin bag for three days with only a few minutes of fresh air and light each day before flowering ;)


May your buds be bountiful. Peace everyone :Namaste:
Nice little intro you have here. Mind if I tag along? You have quite the space and looks like it'll do wonders for ya. :passitleft:

Hey nismo you are more than welcome to share my journey and thank you for coming. You were quick off the mark there and as first in you get the choice of seats and first pass of the smoke :) :passitleft:
Yeah baby, my man Kriaze finally has another journal.

Blimey Mr Amazin, you were quick off the mark too. Thanks for coming over :passitleft: Let's cause a little mischief in the garden again and see what we can make these plants do. :high-five:
Hey mate. Just subbing in and I'll say a proper hello.... ummmmm... soon! :passitleft:

Hey Weaselcracker thanks for coming over, relax, make yourself comfy and say hello whenever you like. I know kind of how you feel, when the time doesn't seem right for words. Much like a guitar hitting a discordant note because one isn't in the right frame of mind for playing it at the time. No worries here with that, there'll probably be a few silences from myself if the feeling passes over me ;) In the meantime I'm sending some cosmic smoke particles your way :passitleft:

Good morning Kriaze, thanks for the invite :)

I see you have made some changes since your last grow:high-five: and always need to have Pink Floyd in the mix, well done :thumb:

Hey Robert thanks for coming over, yes indeed there have been a few changes since my last recorded grows, both in the layout and my knowledge of these wonderful plants. Now you will find all my mistakes will be made in a much more confident manner and the mess will be confidently left out on show for everyone to see :) Seconded on the Pink Floyd, I do believe my plants enjoy it too...that or they love my singing :passitleft:
Also I better throw out here that to everyone that wasn't invited here by pm it isn't a snub or anything like that, it's just that Robert and another I invited are not so active with journals currently and a pm is the easiest way for me to know they will receive a notification. I don't know why that spring to mind but as it did I thought I would point it out all the same. Everyone in here is welcome and encouraged to input anything they like at any given time, there is no caste/class system or preferential treatment in here, only a common love :passitleft:
Hello :420: it's time for a short update. After feeding the plants a high strength dose of Grow feed plus some Secret Golden Tree and Epsom Salts a couple of nights ago I have decided that I will put some plants into flower, namely the Incredible Bulk, the Paradise Delahaze and the Milk Strawberry Skunk. These seem the most mature plants and have already shown their presex pistils although I would have preferred the Incredible Bulk to have thicker branches...but I just couldn't wait as the lights are overdue testing :)

Hopefully with a couple more high strength feeds the branches should fatten up a little and be able to hold their buds once into flower 'proper', the two plants in the one pot on the other hand are well healthy and strong, they should be able to carry their own bud weights easily enough.

Here are some pictures of the plants while they were in the veg tent:

Bubba's Gift is stocky and hasn't had much stretch but I'm not worried about that at all:


This is the Incredible Bulk that I have now moved into the flowering tent, note the spindly branches:


Here is the Critical, she's looking mighty fine so far:


The Lemon Skunk is the same as ever, short, stocky and still quite small, I need to take care not to over water her too much as she doesn't drink up as much as the others:


The Think Big 2 is shying away from the light, I raised it a couple of inches tonight but she'll get over it and soon be reaching for the roof again:


Here are the 2 plants in 1 pot, the Paradise Delahaze and the Milk Strawberry Skunk. This is just before I moved them into the flowering tent:


Here is the Think Big 1, again she is also shying away from the light but I have no worries about her picking up soon enough either. They both better had though as they're Autos and I will be sacrificing yield by affecting their growth at any stage of their life:


Here is the Incredible Bulk that is revegging. She's looking a little poorly at the moment due to a lack of CalMag and also Nitrogen, hopefully remedied in some measure by the high strength feed given a couple of nights ago:


For the finale we have the plants in the flowering tent, tadaa!


I'm loving the colour of these lights as it's easy to take photographs of them without messing about, makes for a much quicker workflow from camera to website :) Let's see how they do, if I feel they are not fully up to par without the 5th light I will add the generic 800w LED to boost growth.

I hope everyone is well and as ever I will wish that your buds be bountiful. All the best :thumb:
As a quick addendum I have also just sprayed the Incredible Bulk that is in the flower tent on one of her branches with Colloidal Silver to see if I can get some pollen from her (with a soon to be male branch). I've separated the branch from the rest with some garden wire, here's to keeping my fingers crossed! ;)

I also dropped another Lemon Skunk into a 10 litre airpot, she should be up and about in three or four days :)
I've just tried the LSD that's been curing and although it's not so frosty all I can say is...WOW! It's feeling is immense. It gives an uplifting feeling (merrily bopping away to Jamiroquai) while my body is all out of pain. For taste I would say it tastes, good lol. It has a nice little flavour that I can't describe atm, but I'll try after another ;)
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