White Widow - First Ever Grow Attempt


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Hey all, been a lurker here a while read lots of threads etc finally thought I should contribute something!

So here is my first grow ever!

Growing for my mum mostly to help ease her pain, im going to use some crop to make some e juice to help me sleep :)

So my setup is fairly simple currently using 1 35 watt cfl in one side of my ikea wardrobe.
As promised some pictures of the little baby :)
My Cab
Added another 23 watt CFL also was a bit cold in there and was given some radiator reflectors so put that in there seems to be helping!
Yeah about photos. ......I'm not sure on how lol your gurl lQQking good. I'm nine days in from putting em in my medium and we have second set leaves out,not counting nursery leafs.:) :)
Update time:

According to an app i use we are at day 25 from putting the seed on some damp paper, got some more photos now to :) the last lot were from 4 days ago.

So little widow is getting bushier and staying short yay and also got some growth coming at the nodes, is this usual this early???? Ive no idea.

Got the 5th set of leaves coming through as well, not sure if im going to top it or fim it but will do some lst when it goes in the final pot, anyways heres something we can all enjoy, the pictures!

This last picture shows the blurry node growth

Is that a good thing this early?
Any growth is a good thing I would think,unless is balls lol. Looks good to this indoor rookie :) how old now? Any nutes? If I could read.I would know the age.........I got it lol
Ive given some nutes at 1/16th strength but not much ive got it in a spray bottle so just spray the top of the soil/vermiculite mix. I grow chillies as well and they use 1/4 strength so warterd down the left over from them.

Yea that little one is 25 days old is smarting to get the larger pot ready for it, maybe transplant it when it get to 9 or 10 sets of leafs. Ive been looking at airpots as well seen some cheap so might order some for the next grow not sure on the reported benefits though...
I see. Yeah I'm going into 3 gal plastic, then going to 7gal smart pot for flower. Gunna keep best one for mother in 15 gal. She will give birth to perpetual growth then this spring set her free outdoors and watch her become a monster bitch lol.
ive no idea what size pots ive got tbh. All i know is my big pot is 30cm high with a diameter of 24.5cm the dont list how many gal and this is from a well known chainstore......
So gave little widow her first set of 1/4 strength nutes this morning. Shes looking good still today no wilting, no yellowing, no nothing.
Yay she seems to like it :)

I did notice though that roots are starting to show through the bottom of the current pot which was a surprise as its a fairly big pot for a little plant! Best start preparing the bigger pot early...... I i get the feeling she gonna grow big :D

Not sure if i can post links here but happy to remove it but was wondering what people thought of coco as a growing medium as ive found this Coco Potz 10.5L seems good value to me
thanks old grower, gonna get more pics soon when theres new thing to take pics of! :)
Just going on to 5th set of true leaves and the internode growth shocked me a bit when i seen it, i thought it would be far to early for that
How we doin welsh? I'll have another pic for ya sunday possibly when my girls are 2 wks. Post em one my journal. Can't wait to see yours
Awesome start, man... I'm still a rookie, too.. However, my first grow was unfortunately a male...

Started up some more and they've already sprouted.

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