1. db003

    Db003 Prism Lighting Science 315W CMH - Top Shelf Elite In Super Soil - 2x4 Grow Tent

    hello everyone its me db003 back at it again with another auto grow I will be growing some autos this time I will be growing 4 autos in my tent all of them are from the same breeder they are from top shelf elite and as with all my auto grows I will be using a 18/6 lighting schedule I...
  2. Grandpa Tokin

    Grandpa Gets Oily! Everclear Extracts For Shatter Or Oil!

    Hello everyone! Grandpa’s making some killer oils and I want to share the process I go through. The goal with this particular batch is to get the best I can from the material I’m using. I’m in search of trichome heads and as little green (Chlorophyll) as possible. We want the Everclear to do...
  3. 420

    Mobile App: Photo Uploading Issue & Website Upgrades

    As many of you are aware, the photo uploads from our mobile app stopped working about a week ago. This was an unauthorized act from the developer, without any notice whatsoever and surely, without our consent. The only option they have given us for now is to use attachments, which not only are a...
  4. Morglie

    Unable to upload photos from mobile app

    I'm having problems uploading pictures in the app on Android. It will try for a couple of seconds and then it gives me a failed upload and the app will suggest that perhaps I don't have the authorization to post pictures. Please help.
  5. K.puff&stuff

    Suggested lighting for a 10x10 grow tent

    Hi guys i have a question for anyone that has experience with large grow tents. I need suggestion on lighting for a 10x10 grow tent i have 8 lights I got from China 850 watts eq to 1000 watts HID i'm only pulling 450 watts from the wall so i'm possitive the lights are not what they claim them to...
  6. Skullman420

    Preparing your LECA/Expanded clay pellets/Hydroton before using it as a growing media

    I will start this thread with stating I have not yet found a really good way of dealing with hundreds of liters of LECA/expanded clay pellets/Hydroton (mostly same shit - different wrapping, some differences I will explain later but only minor - From here on I will refer to this media as LECA...
  7. N

    Medical Marijuana after hours with a safety sensitive job - Worried about disclosure

    I use marijuana for anxiety/depression/ptsd. I never use on the job or before work. I typically need it in the evening as I wind down and am alone with my thoughts. It helps me clear the mind and gets me to sleep. With antidepressants I needed sleeping pills and lost my sex drive...
  8. Mariano Gomes

    How many grows does a 1 liter bundle of nutrients last?

    Since I will be ordering all my nutrients from another country and shipping may last up to 3 months. Let's say I have a 4 x 4 with the latest cob lighting or quantum boards. And I am growing with 2 autopots. How many grows will a one liter bundle of base nutrients plus additives like cal mag...
  9. Teddy Edwards

    420 Magazine Seeking Volunteers For Gallery & Grow Forum Moderation

    Would you like to become part of our Team? 420 Magazine is looking for a couple of passionate and dedicated members who would like to become part of our dynamic and dedicated team. We are in the business of bringing the message of Cannabis and Hemp awareness to the World, and you could be a...
  10. Jackalope

    250 Watt CFL

    I have a 250 watt CFL grow light. I'm thinking of doing a Auto grow with it. I know its not a lot of light. How will it work? Any input would be appreciated
  11. S

    New and needing advice asap

    Hello all! I'm doing a basement grow, keeping it around 3-4 females in flowering as I have my clones in veg. So this is my first time ever doing clones and its not working how I jad thought. I was thinking total disaster, nothing will survive, waste of time. But I cut 6 clones, 20 days...
  12. G

    The Goldylox Zone - Autofeeding Hempy Perpetual In A Purpose Built Grow Room

    Greeting everyone! Welcome to my newest Journal. This will be my 2nd grow and the 1st of many grows in my newly designed and built grow room. I am still working on getting everything finished but it hasn't deterred me from getting things up and running. I partitioned off a 9x9 area in the room...
  13. K.puff&stuff

    The size of the pots

    Hi guys I wanted to ask. I my clones are in a 1 gallon pot there nice and tall strong clones I decided to add them in a 5 gallon pot. Will they be ok and grow nice big or will I have to change them into a 10 gallon pot in the future and so on. I thought if I add them in a 5 gallon pot they will...
  14. Coloradokid19

    Coco & Hibrix In 2018!

    Well since its 2018 now I feel like its time to start a new journal. I've been growing in Doc Buds Hibrix kit for a year now and finally feeling my groove! I have to say I'm excited for what this year has to offer! Lets talk about my set up real quick for anyone new joining along... In the...
  15. W

    First post but hope to become a bit more regular - 2 plants - 1 pot - Limited space?

    As stated, I have limited space. I'm in a 36"x36" square tent. I'm planning on my next flower run having 15 plants vegged for 6 weeks. I have a choice of using #1 pots (I think will be too small for a 6 week veg) or 9, 3 gal square pot that will fill the entire footprint of the tent perfectly...
  16. Fabito

    First Grow - 2x Autos Feminised

    Hello. Never growed before so maybe i will give you some info about everything. So before i will start grow my fullseasonal i just decided to create a place for it. While im doing it i just start germinate 2 Auto's just to see how it is. Now i know they are harder to grow but i will try ;) Im...
  17. R

    Mpn blood cancer

    Hi. I really need help. I have jak2 et of borderline malignant blood cancer. I'm trying to fight this mutation in my bone marrow that now will not stop making blood. I did chemo pill 4 years ago, stabl8zed my count and was goid for 4 years. I been trying oil but counts seem to...
  18. Jackalope

    22 and counting

    Tahoe Og is selfed dried F*#King incredible. Early on this plant showed good traits. Other then all Tahoe being pretty strong I did know for sure how strong this one would be. Mostly it was more practice at selfing plants so when I really have to do it I knew what I was doing. Won't be needing...
  19. Mariano Gomes

    Stealth harvesting techniques searched on 5 forums and haven't seen a topic on this!

    So I have read on the forums during the times of harvest is when the plant would smell the most. But I haven't found exact instructions on how to keep stealth during harvest. I live with one other person in the house who I am keeping this from. Buying all the essentials like carbon filter and...
  20. jgd green

    Another newbie

    high from Canada, i expect there will be more and more of us canuks checking out these sites as July 1 comes around. will probably do more reading than posting for the first while. can only say i am not too seasoned but i am not brand new either.
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