1. M

    Mikedin's 2022 FC-E8000 Run!

    Hello all, just joined but have lurked for some time, current run is using a @Mars Hydro FC-E8000 Light’s side bars have been cut in half as to run a 8’x2’ light down one side of the tent to allow access to all plants equally down a walkway on one side, did a lot of lighting research and talked...
  2. Krissi Carbone

    What's Crack-A-Lacking - With Super Silver Crack Photos & A Deelite Auto: A Mars Hydro SP3000 Grow Using Prescription Blend & Dynomyco

    Time has come yet again for another journal friends! This time, new seeds from a new bank, a new tent, a new light, and a partridge in a pear tree. We will be running 2 Super Silver Crack photoperiods alongside 1 Deelite autoflower under the @Mars Hydro SP3000. They will be housed in a brandy...
  3. M

    My plant won't flower

    Hi all, I am a first time grower and decided to grow some Juniors Jello seeds from thug pug genetics. I vegetated for about 5 weeks after germination on an 18:6 light schedule. I then switched to flowering about 4 weeks ago and began a 12:12 light cycle. (I am using a Vivosun 1000 (100W) light...
  4. Midwestcc420

    M.C.C. Blueberry Kush & Tropicana Cookies - Living Soil - 2022 Grow Journal

    So it's a little late to just be starting a grow journal. But I just recently discovered 420magazine, and I want to get a head start on my 50 posts. So that I can get in and cast my vote with the rest of the community. So this is my current grow. I'm currently in the 4th week of flower. I have 3...
  5. Roy Growin

    Chunky Skunk Clone SOG

    Autos in the tent flowering big time, plus a couple of incidental Cosmic Bomb which I had left over, 2-3 weeks old I have accumulated some freebies over the year, all photo-period seeds since I grew mostly autos last year One of particular interest is a Freedom of Seeds Chunky Skunk: Tends to...
  6. Q


    Hello! :lot-o-toke::Namaste::4: Long time smoker, on and off again grower. It is not legal where I am yet, and I use it for recreational use and to make edibles. Looking forward to connecting and learning more about cannabis.
  7. AC-infinity 36x36x70-Tent.jpg

    AC-infinity 36x36x70-Tent.jpg

    AC-infinity tent. Very well made and durable. I am very Impressed.
  8. F

    Problem with my plant

    So I am doing a dwc grow. I am into 3rd week of flowering. One plants began stretching real fast all 4 plants are different. Can someone tell me if this a problem I should worry about. The leaves on this plant stand straight up and looking real different than rest of other plants. I have never...
  9. BobHasBurgers

    GDP First Time Grower

    First time grower attempting to finish first plant ever! A few details that may help others assess my current first grow. Originally had 2 plants in this tent but discovered the gifted Revolver seed was an Auto and moved to separate tent. This left me with the scrogged one plant currently in...
  10. M

    Stipules only

    Hi, I’m growing in hydro for the first time and switched to 12/12 10 days ago. I am not seeing any pistils or anything determining the sex. What do you see?
  11. R

    Soil and nutrients

    I am ready to order the grow room and supplies. But I have a question because I am a bit confused. The dirt! (I was raised in New Jersey so it is dirt! Not soil!) I looked at grow kits from “A Pot for Pot” and four-five gallon pots would run close to $300. These are, according to their website...
  12. D

    Light repair/upgrade?

    Picked up a used Exlenvce exe 1200 tw grow light. Partially functioning when acquired. The veg was very light but bloom function seemed fairly good working. Pulled it apart, cleaned it up, hooked it back up and now the bloom function pulses no change from veg option. Noticed some diodes burned...
  13. 9F013581-059F-4B71-83EE-E4D455E05C3B.jpeg


    First led project also cereal milk auto, very excited for this strain.
  14. 66F4E991-CE75-476D-A37C-E3F3D48A73CA.jpeg


    My current project the rare cereal milk auto strain, fox farm ocean forest soil, no nutes for first three weeks this is day nine.
  15. F5DC532E-D7B1-4C4E-8CB6-DE9C52EE49FD.png


  16. T

    Bees on my plants

    Hi all! I have been watching baby bees grow up having a ball on my plants that are already flowering…. Will this hurt my plants or keep them from growing or will it help my plants to make them stronger and bigger? Thank you so much in advance. They don’t bother me even if I’m super close they...
  17. jlh8787

    Completed Critical Mass & LSD: 6/1/21

    Hello, First grow journal here but going to try it out. Medical grower. Major upgrades to my room are currently in the works. Little back Ground. Grown outdoor 7 seasons. I started my indoor journey last year with a 5 by 5 tent, 600w hps. DWC set up with full fox farm nutes. Cal mag and hydro...
  18. ChronicTrees

    ChronicTrees 2021 Outdoor Grow: Random Strains

    I’m currently growing about 10 plants, all outdoor, and random strains. A few that come to mind are OG x Haze, nl1 x chronic x g13, cantaloupe Haze, Deep purple, and Big bud x Sour Diesel. Some girls have sprouted already, some are still waiting to sprout. They were planted about 2 weeks ago...
  19. D

    Will these branches grow enough before flower begins?

    Hello growers. I have a few girls which I intend to grow under a Sea of Green style, however 2 of them I popped the seeds a few days earlier and one turned out to be a stretchy phenotype so I topped it, a few days ago, to allow some of the smallest ones to catch up and prevent it from...
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