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  1. GL5033

    8 FastBuds strains

    Did anyone grew those strains outdoor ? Russian Auto Skunk Auto Critical Auto Fastberry Auto Green Crack Auto Grapefruit Auto White Widow Auto Jack Herer Auto Northern Lights Auto
  2. GL5033

    Second Outdoor grow

    Seeds: I really dont know i live in a temperate climate, if you could recommend me fast seeds from SEED to harvest Less than 80days would be awsome. Nuts: Biobizz outdoor starter pack Soil: biobizz all-mix What i should else get for outdoor if you have any recommendations for me that would be...
  3. B

    First time grower

    So I have white widow autoflower and It started sprouting on then7th of September so its about 5 or 6 weeks old the top leaves around top of plant droop just a little is the plant healthy for being only 6 weeks old imguessing
  4. R

    Purple Haze grow attempt first timer LED & HPS

    First time grow in a wardrobe haha I have: 250w duel spec hps 600w led 2x fans Biobizz all mix Grow Bloom Fish mix Not phing as I've been told biobizz does it for you My plants were planted on 26th Aug this photo was taken today what do you thi k
  5. CheckThoseTrichs

    PC LED DWC Grow

    Hey guys! First post here and am starting this grow off with a different idea, using an old PC case to grow. Being a long time user I have discovered CBD strains over the years which led me to getting a prescription for it to help with anxiety symptoms. Growing was something I decided to pick up...
  6. L


    Hey guys I just want to say that 85% of peeps think they know how to grow and personally elevate themselves as master growers, just know they are not, and they are not.
  7. johnnystackz

    Johnnystackz's Second Grow: Dosipunch, Wet Betty, Molten Lava, White Linen, 3 Bears OG, Indoor 2020

    Welcome to Johnnystackz Second Grow! Welcome again everyone! So I have sprouted about 10 babies with 3 not germinating to well so here are 7 successful sprouts that I'm going to try to stay consistent with and make sure there is a good sight of daylight from the start. As of right now I have...

    Ethos Cherry Gar See Ya: Grow Journal 2020

    Hello everyone! I'm Rodger Ball and this is My Grow Journal, 2020. THE STRAIN CHERRY GAR-SEE-YA R1 Black Cherry Soda x Cherry Maduro x Mandarin Sunset • Total Cannabinoids: 25% • Flowering Time: Indoor: 8-9 Weeks Outdoor: Early/mid Season • Terpene Spectrum: Cherry, citrus, smoky, earthy...
  9. johnnystackz

    Johnnystackz's Dark Star & LSD Indoor Grow Journal, 2020

    Hello All & Welcome! Wanted to restart my journal & follow guidelines So continuing on from my Post (First Grow - Feedback requested). I have ran into a few bums in the road but Dark Star had a beautiful bounce back after transplant. But unfortunate to say LSD has gotten re attacked by spider...
  10. Chrisx510

    Chrisx510’s Happy Father’s Day Grow: Sweet Zombie & Extras

    So now that I’ve got a whole whopping 1 grow under my belt. Kinda seen where I was lacking on my first grow trying to learn from my mistakes. Growing in a 6 by 4 grow area I made in my garage with reflective insulation board. Put together, what I would say, is a pretty darn good soil for my...
  11. J

    How much longer would you wait to harvest?

    Hi all, First time grower, growing 2 AK-47 plants and they are getting close to harvest (one more than the other). Was looking at my plant with a 60x loupe, seeing almost all milky trichomes and just today have seen my first couple of amber trichomes! From what I have read, harvesting with a...
  12. S

    Help Please!

    hello i would like you to tell me what is this white mark (mold maybe?) and if so how can i get it out? (the plant is 23 days old and is pineapple express auto)
  13. GL5033

    Outdoor & indoor seeds for a newbie: what do you recommend

    Indoor - max 9weeks,height<120cm,sticky buds Outdoor - max 10weeks,height<150cm,sticky buds,autoflowering What seeds do u recommend?
  14. johnnystackz

    First Grow: Feedback Request

    Attempting my first grow with 2 babie, I will probably add a bigger teen in a week when the tent gets in. I wanted to get some input as one is 2 weeks younger and a little weaker but both seem healthy right now so I'm excited to bring in a few more once these start to veg a little more. I have...
  15. GL5033

    Advanced Nutrients: Outdoor & Indoor

    I will be using Advanced Nutrients, can someone tell me what i should buy for Outdoor & indoor? i care about quality and heavy yields. take care
  16. GL5033

    White Widow Auto: Black Diamond Seeds

    12/12 light/dark, is the light good? and when its going to be ready???
  17. Mad Miss Mary8 - Haze Auto

    Mad Miss Mary8 - Haze Auto

    6 inches of solid sticky goodness.....BAHAHAHA! Sorry!
  18. Mad Miss Mary7 - Haze Auto

    Mad Miss Mary7 - Haze Auto

    Happy with stem. Roots went crazy like that at week 3 filled the pot (3 gallon pot).
  19. Mad Miss Mary6 - Haze Auto

    Mad Miss Mary6 - Haze Auto

    Birdseye 2 days after last pic.
  20. Mad Miss Mary5 - Haze Auto

    Mad Miss Mary5 - Haze Auto

    Birdseye closeup...frosty goodness!
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