Northern Lights Auto Grow Journal

northen lights my favourite , though never growen the auto , this will be interesting, take care & peace to all :peace:
Hi @ThirdUncle - glad to have you along for the ride
Yes, definitely a classic, but I've only ever grown the original photo and it was a bit lanky for my liking
Will be aiming to keep these 2' - 3' by pinching out at third node and lst if necessary
hey roy shes looking goood :slide: :peace:
Cheers - They are doing OK; potted them up today but they are still under the nursery lamp while I try and finish the Chocolate Skunk in the tent to make some space

Considering putting the other tent up too because this time of year I am also sprouting cauliflower, courgette, spring onions, beetroot, carrots, parsnips, sweet peas, marigold [for companion planting], fine beans, pak choi, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, chives, freesia, cosmos plus the other stuff I've forgotten, for the allotment
At the moment every window sill has a seed tray on it lol
o.m.g your"ve got a lot going there bro. , never a dull moment at your place then , that chocolate skunk sounds nice , never heard it , does it realy have a choco. aroma ? :peace:
Certainly does, yes - and you can see from the journo it was 65 days seed to harvest, ideal for a winter grow
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