SHRuuM's 1st Grow Journal Of NL - TW & EM

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OK I know I'm way behind on the journal, but the rains and floods have put me behind. I transplanted the 3 Sativa's I bred outside and in their new home, which greatly increased the room the girls need to start flowering. So with 1 Early Miss going rogue male on me, and 1 Northern Light dying in the early stages, that leaves 4 left to do their thing, 2 Train Wrecks, 1 Early Miss, and 1 Northern Light left to carry the Crop King banner.
Today they were transplanted into their new homes. My mix per pot [which I should have done from the get go] is river bottom soil, with all the nutrients from centuries of flooding, 2 hand fulls of Perlite, and my secret ingredient, Polymers. 2 TSPS of Polymers expanded out to 4 cups of water holding goodness. I used the Canna "normal" flowering mixture with 5ml of Golden Tree with a 6.43 PH level. I used the mixture to soak and expand out the Perlite. After a light coating of soil, I spread Polymers lightly across the bottom, added another light coating of soil, then transplanted the pots. I would then fill the pot 1/3 with soil then put another ring of Polymers around the edge of the pot, then fill the rest with the soil mixture. After all that I put 1 cup of solution around the edge slowly to settle everything down, then back to the room.

Its a little hard to see since the Perlite is almost clear, but if you look close you'll see the nute holding rascals

This is Perlite....

And this is what 2 Teaspoons of Perlite looks like after adding fluids. Although I had already used a cup and a half, 4 cups of nutes the roots will get when they want it
Day 18 of flowering and a few things have changed both in the grow room, now a grow tent, and a new light, a Mars Reflector 144. The old grow closet will eventually be converted into a seed starter after a few improvements to the temperature control. The tent and light were just fired up, and even though there is still more work to be done, like setting up the CO2, electrics and exhaust, I just couldn't wait to get things going. The girls are into light bondage right now with no ill effects. They were fed today with Canna "normal" flowering formula, to a PH level of 6.5 and I added a teaspoon of lime to the top of each pot for a slow leeching into the soil over the next few feedings.
Sweet new light shruum, your going to like that low heat creating LED. Good choice on the 144 looks like it fits perfectly in that tent... Is it 2'x4'? those little ladies are getting spoiled now :high-five:

KiG :green_heart:cheers

Yeppers it is a 2'x4'. I would like to have gone bigger but space around here is a big problem. Gotta go with what I've got.
Big mistake happened yesterday. While setting up an exhaust fan, the darn thing slipped and fell directly on the NL splitting her in two! After cussin' and fussin' I gained my wits about me, took her out of her bondage, grabbed some painter's tape and wrapped her back up. After some heavy trimming, and more cussin' at my stupidity, I checked on her this morning and all seems to be fine. God looks after fools and drunks, and I don't drink so you know what category I'm in.:loopy:
Uh oh...poop just happened. Good work on the quick acting tape job. It's best to remain calm, and not scare the whole neighbourhood with your cussing. Lol.. I once sent my dog running for the corner of the back yard with my shouting and cussing about my cfls falling on and burnt my Maria. I was so livid with myself for being so careless. Poor dog thought I was going to kill him.

I'll say a prayer for her, let's hope she is a fighter. She seems to be standing straight and the leaves aren't drooping... So far :thumb: on the emergency grafting.

KiG :green_heart:cheers
Day 25 of flowering and things are looking up. The NL survived my blunder although I won't be able to put her in bondage like the other girls for fear of splitting again. I've started feeding every 3 days since that's what the pots called for. The girls are eating well. The formula is the same, Canna in flowering and normal feed. The soil PH is a little high at 7.0 so I lowered the PH formula to 6.25 and will decrease to 6.0 on the next feeding and so on until the soil PH levels out. The tent has stabilized the temps to 78 degrees plus or minus 1 degree and the humidity is a constant 50%. Considering the mistakes made and the high temps they had to endure for 2 months the girls are doing surprisingly well, although yield will be considerately lower than I planned. The old closet is being converted into a seedling nursery which I'll post up with all the improvements made at a later date.
Keep up the good work and you'll have your girls in bondage in no time. Also the one that split, she may growing into a shape that needs molding, you never know. I am hopeful for you. :surf:

Yeah I'm going to give that girl the weekend then start bending her over.:laugh:
Today I started on Phase I of the seedling's room upgrade with a turbo fan and duct work.

I took some card board and made a small plenum so the air would come directly from the outside room A/C. Then I attached a 4" flex duct work to the front for air flow direction.

Then I installed it to the vent facing the outside of the room. This was an old passive air vent that could not supply enough cool air to keep the grow room from heating up. I'll also install [not shown] a piece of black plastic to the inside to keep light from exiting the room.
Day 30 of flowering and the girls got a change in their diet and a trim. The formula of Canna flower is the same but Cal-Mag and Silicone was added to their feed. I also lowered the PH on this watering to 6.25 since the PH was getting up around 7 in the pots. For such little girls they trimmed off quite a bit. I also tightened up their cuffs a little as well.:rofl: Now that they are in their new home they are improving quite well.

This is the Early Miss and she's loving the bondage:cheesygrinsmiley:

This is the Train Wreck sisters. Quite a difference in growth on these two

Here's the Northern Lights that split in two recently. She's just been put into light bondage and seems to be doing OK
This is the 36th day of flowering and the girls are doing fine. I fed them a "normal" formula of Canna and added PK as well as CalMag. The ph was adjusted to 6.30 since the soil is hovering around 7. I also did a little pollinating on the Early Miss from the EM that went male on me in the early stages of growth. Over the last 3 weeks I've collected pollen and stashed it in a paper bag. I removed the EM from the tent as not to contaminate the other plants, then very carefully and slowly, placed the bag over buds on one stem and tied it tightly with a twist tie.

Over the next hour I would thump the bag to induce pollination, and after that, I wet down the bag thoroughly so no pollen would escape when the bag was opened and removed. This method has served me quite well over the years when seeds were needed.

After a short time I spritzed the girl waited another 30 minutes then placed her back with the others. The Train Wrecks are starting to get some nice crystals on them.


And the Northern Light has recovered from my thrashing and is taking the bondage quite nicely.

Now all the girls are safely back home growing and waiting on their next feed.
HOORAY I finally got the old grow room transformed into a seedling nursery/chemical storage. The metal rack was completed a couple of days ago and when the Sun Blaze 2 bulb florescent came in and mounted up I was pleased as heck to get this finished. While in the cups they will be on a Hydro Farm heating pad set at 74 degrees. The only addition will be a 4 bulb Sun Blaze that will be mounted overhead when the seedlings in the cups will be transplanted into their 2nd home for a couple of weeks before moving to the tent. I want to give a "Tip of the Halto Hat" to Snidrajsed who gave me inspiration to build this seedling nursery, thanks Snid.:thanks:
The nursery will be fired up in a couple of weeks with a new set of CKS seeds, stay tooned folks.

and the nursery/chemical storage, which wifey is pleased to get out of her pantry.:circle-of-love:

Woohoo! I'm so excited for you. Snid is such an inspirational guy, he really has a movement going doesn't he. Have an amazing time with your seedling nursery. Now we'll get more reports from you too! :goodjob:

Yeppers I hope Snid sees this. Thanks for the kind words, in the mean time, I'm gonna buzz over to your journal and see what you're up to.:surf:
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