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Day 70 Flower 35

Many pics. to come but I will start with news of a major change to my set-up. I went to my hydro shop to buy some compost tea and ended up leaving with a 150 watt hps. My apologies to my fellow cfl growers, I hope you will continue to follow this grow. I believe I will be getting a lot more light to all the buds on my girl. The hps gives out 16,000 lumen. My grow area is only 3 square feet and this hps was meant for 4 square feet so I think it will be a major upgrade from my multi-cfl light bar. I installed the light 4 days ago and can already see the affects. The bulb is not perfectly centered so the buds have begun to bend towards the light. As for heat the hps is the same as my 10 cfl light set-up. Basically the temp. at the top of the buds(base of the main cola) is between 5 and 6 degrees hotter than the temp. in my room that the grow closet is in. Exactly what temps. I got with my cfl's. Wish I had made the change weeks ago but will try not to dwell on the negative.

As for my girl.... You will see in the pics that I still have a lot of pale and yellowing leaves. On the bright side, there are lots of orange hairs. The plant has stayed steady at around 26 inches tall and the buds are fattening up pretty quickly. I gave her some tea a couple days ago and will return to nutes for the rest of the way.

A couple questions for all of you.... The seed provider lists flower time as 8-14 weeks. As I enter week 6 what should I do with the ratios of nutes? What weeks do the buds swell the most therefore give them a proper dose of bloom and grow? Do these questions make sense... please help if you get what I am asking.
Re: NLnovice's Northern Lights,Soil,CFL,Cabinet Grow 2012

Day 70 Flower 35





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nice switch to your new setup. Alot of people who grow with cfl do it mainly for cost purposes and if you have the means to have a nice setup it's really worth it to invest. I will still be watching your grow and im glad you can see what a difference it makes. From the looks of it you are going to have a great yield when you harvest. nice fat buds :bravo:
hps is the way to go i think, cfls do work and thats a fact and can produce great buds, i only switched to hps as i was using around 400watts with the cfls so i switched to a 400watt dual spectrum hps, so im not using any more power but getting 55,000 lumins now, temps are an issue and cant have grow door closed for to long, im using glr method so the door is closed for the 1 hour of light during the 12 hour dark period and the temps are ok for that, but as outside temps are getting higher im having trouble keeping temps down with the door closed, but im using built in brick drying cupboard and it does have a vent at the top that i blocked off in case it stinks the others flats/apartments out, i could really do with some sort of venting system to keep things cooler, so im thinking of using the vent to get air in the grow room if i fitted a bathroom fan into the vent and fitted it backwards so it was bringing clean cool air in then i should be ok, but for now i have the door slightly open and that keeps temps in check, as my lights are on during the day time i dont have problems, so for now im doing ok,

do you know how many lumins your getting with your hps, mines 400 watt and 55,000 lumins, i just wondered how yours compared to mine, would say 2 x 150 watt hps give me as many lumins as my 400watt, it would mean i could use less power but if the lumins where around the same then id probably sell my 400 and buy 2 x 150 watts, it would fill my room better and spread the light more, but it all depends on the lumins,
real beasty setup bro, super jealous. been reading on the progress of your plants and man there amazing!
by the way, i've never grown before.. im only new, im here to soak up as much info if you dont mind?
(wishin my thumb will get that green in the future)
Hi Novice.. Thats what im hopin my lil Northern X will start out like!! She's X Widow im pretty sure and has only just spread her first pair of individual leaves, but coming along well. Just transplanted to her final pot, 35 litre. She's under my 400w MH atm, and i use my hi output cfl's for a few hours instead of just MH all day, tryin to preserve my equipment n save few $'s hopefuly?? At day 28 i shall compare sum veg pics to see how they differ, just as matter of interest. Mines a soil grow and i may do sum LST this tym to see if i can yield more than 8oz nice dried tops this way.. Great job bra, Goodluk and Happy Harvesting;)
donpaulp the hps is 150 watt and 16,000 lumens. Not quite the power you were hoping for but I will say I was surprised at the lack of heat. I am able to keep the lamp 4-5 inches from the plant and most likely could go closer but I don't want to risk it. My grow closet temps with the hps are the same as when I had 10-12 cfls.

Welcome Filo420 thanks for the kind words. I am new to this as well. This is only my second attempt. Please soak up as much info as you can. I would suggest checking the journals of some of the posters on this journal. They are far more experienced and are incredibly helpful if I have had any questions or problems. The members of this site are awesome.

Thanks Smokemupm8 and good luck to you as well with your NLxWidow
been reading up on a lot of journals,
more on the 1st time grower scene..(feels like i can relate since
i havent done it before) I live
in a small country town and access to supplies
is hard, only one Nursery in town.. sorry about my
bad grammar, English is my 2nd language..
thanks for the info on the light, i have to have mine about 1.3ft away from the plants as it gets really high if its any lower, so i wonder how many actual lumins i am getting at plant level, i need a light meter to check this,
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