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northern lights

  1. aliennnz

    Northern Lights: Second Auto Growing

    So this is the new auto Northern Lights, (i do have another one with one month but i did transplant her and somethings happened) but shes growing good. Buit this time im putting this one in a bigpot already, it is 40cm in diameter and 30 cm deep. I think its ok for what i want! Will give her...
  2. Got my northern lights seeds

    Got my northern lights seeds

    Northern lights auto from growers choice
  3. NL


    Day 38
  4. NL


  5. Bluesunshine

    Bluesunshine's Northern Lights In Soil Jan 2020

    So it was almost midnight on the 31st of December and somehow the planets had not aligned in the last few months to spur me into starting some seeds and a whole new year was about to begin. I had to start the new year off afresh and get some seeds going. Anyway the moment was almost upon me so...
  6. Corinne420

    New Strain: Northern Lights x Death Bubba: Northern Death

    :welcome: I hope all is well with everyone out there in the 420 community. So I’ve done some searching on good ole google and I haven’t been able to find a hybrid of Northern Lights crossed with Death Bubba. I’ve come across comparisons between the strains but I haven’t come across a hybrid with...
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  13. stoneotter

    Otterfarm Flooded! NextLight Mega Responsible!

    :love: Welcome :love: Secure Your Shades There's A New Light in Otterville! And I Couldn't Be Happier To Show You All! You know things are good when you can think back and say, what days have been better than this one, and birth of children come to mind. Today's one. My Nextlight Mega came...
  14. NL Clones

    NL Clones

    2 weeks after flip
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