Super Male Project

Hi, welcome to my project.

In this project im going to run some tests to see what results a super male will produce.

what is a super male?
well to put it simple its a male that turns hermie, we use hermie females to produce femenised seeds.

a while back i read about super males as i had a male that turned hermie, well 2 in fact but at the time i had not been growing long so killed them off before reading about them, now below is the info i can remember reading about super males.

1, a super male is a male that turns hermie, the resulting seeds will have a high % of female, (it did not say if the pollen from the super male was used on another plant or if the pollen from a male was used on the female pistils on the super male, so this will be on part of the project.

2, super males when crossed with other plants is suppose to produce a plant that has very high thc and cbn levels, again it does not say if the super male pollen was used on a female plant or if the pollen from a regular male was used on the female pistils on the super male.

so thats basically the story behind this journal, ill be growing a male or 2 and letting them go into flower, then ill be using what ever stress method i can to make it go hermie, then ill use the pollen from the super male on a female plant, ill also be using the pollen from a regular male on the super male. ill also self polenate and see if thats the way it produces the high thc and cbn results,

i know most growers will not know anything about this or possible think im full of crap, but ive had 2 males that have gone hermie on me in the past but thought nothing of it until i done some research online, now i just need to get a male to turn hermie.
Sounds really interesting DP, I'm anxious to see if it works, if so i might be trying it after I move, and get a bigger space with separate veg room. Do you grow your males separate from your females, or do you just stay on top of the pollen? Seems to me the females would catch pollen from the nearby males if in the same room.
cant promise anything great happening as its untested waters at the minute, but ill get some pics up of the first male ill be using tomorrow, ill be using a gdp cheese male first as i got one producing pollen at the minute, so once i got the pollen ill try some heavy stress and light shock and see if that will go hermie, ill do the same with any other males i get and see what results i get and how many turn hermie.

then i can experiment with them and see what actually happens, i guess until someone tries we dont have any proof at all of what works and what dont, so its going to be a big learning curve and will certainly be interesting to see the end results.
welcome to the test lab, ill get some pics of the 1st male to be tested on posted in an hour or so, he will be my first test subject.

he dont know it but once i collected his pollen he will be poorly treated, well turtured in fact, but its all in the name of science so im sure the masses wont mind.
welcome canabinerd,
cant guarantee anything amazing but until i try we wont know anything, its all old info im going off with no actual proof provided such as thc levels or cbn levels, the info just said a hermie male is a super male and produces mainly fem seeds, the seeds then produce plants with very high thc and or cbn levels.

thats about as much info as i can get, it dont say if the pollen from the super male was used or if pollen from a regular male was put on the hermie super male, or even if it was just self pollinated, so got some experimenting to do but first step i need to get a male to hermie, just wished i had done it when i had a natural hermie male, but maybe if i used a natural hermie then maybe the seeds it produces would be also prone to hermie,

so ill put my lab coat on and start to torture this male as soon as ive collected pollen from it, if shouting dont work then ill have to go in heavy handed, poison with nutes then starve of nutes, light shock as well, im going to throw everything i can at him before i even think of the chemical option,

i know their was a chemical mentioned that forced a male to grow female parts so ill see if i can find that again and worse case ill give that a try, that should guarantee a male hermie
No experiment comes with guaranteed results. But I've never seen a male hermie, and if you can manage to get one to, I want to see. I know Subcool has always preached that selecting males with strong genetics is more important than your selection of females when it comes to breeding. It would be a nice way to replenish your seedstock and use otherwise wasted males if it worked well.
ill be trying it with a few males, the males i use for pollen ill then force them hermie, i just wished i had run tests with the 2 hermie males i had but at the time i knew nothing about it so they ended up in the bin.

its just the name super male gets me intereted, clearly their was some testing done many years ago but ive not seen any clear proof of reults, so it might end badly or produce poor plants, or it might produce some very nice strains with high thc and or cbn levels,
its been rattling around in my head for a couple of years now, so i think its time to give it a try and see what results i can get. im pretty sure that if we all grew males more often then we would find many male hermies just like we do with females, its just we dont grow males unless we want pollen and then its just one or 2 plants,
the method i know works to produce high thc andcbn strains is to use chemicals and force a plant to grow as a polyploid, you can do this by soaking the seeds in a chemical thats produced from a certain plants roots, most seeds will die but the ones that grow usually turn into polyploids and when crossed with a regular fem it produces a high thc or cbn strain.

strains such as G13 are suppose to of been produced using a polyploid as a parent, its basically a genetically modified strain, so look at the G13 name, if you take the 13 and match that with the 13th letter of the alphabet then you get M, so G13 = GM = genetically modified. so G13 is more than likely a strain produced from a clone of a polyploid or produced by treating the seeds with a chemical then crossing the resulting plants with a regular plant produces high thc levels and or cbn levels,

their are also a few other strains that are possibly produced this way,

it is suppose to be possible to induce polyploid in a plant by very high stress, one method is heavy defol so remove every single leaf on the plant and let it grow, do this a few times and its suppose to stress it enough to turn it into a polyploid plant, a polyploid plant produces monster sized buds, mainly just 1 huge monster bud so its something i will try at some point in the future, i did try the high defol method a few times and their is pics in my journal of a plant i stripped naked a while back but never got a polyploid.

theirs also other forms like triploid and diploid if i got that right,
a sign of a polyploid plant is leaves that are shaped like a ducks foot, these are usually strains grown from polyploid crosses or strains grown from treated seeds

im sure the chemical used is cochline or something along them lines, its made by crushing up the roots of a certain plant, its highly toxic though so not something to do lightly or without using protection to handle the chemical used, it might not be cochline but i got that name in my head from somewhere, but it could be the chemical used to force a male to turn hermie, id have to look into it to make 100% sure im naming the correct product.

so this super male project is suppose to produce similar results and produce high thc and or cbn levels, either its a method that breeders use but dont mention so they can keep it secret and away from other breeders, or its a method thats not used and not proven to work, i think if it was a method that was tested and proven not to work then their would be plenty of info saying it dont work and wont produce great results,

so on that basis im hoping its either a trade secret for some of the stronger strains or its a method thats not been fully testes, so ill be testing the super male theory and will document the results,

the polyploid experiment is for another day and something i will be doing, its something i researched ages ago and had discussed it in a couple of journals a while back,
below is the 1st male ill be using for the super male project,




ive got 2 males growing and the one ive started stressing and the other im collecting pollen from first, this one in the pic above is the one getting stressed, its been ripped outs its pot, planted in a much smaller pot thats way to small for it, its getting random hours of light.

ive found in the past with female plants then when i left then in pots way to small for them then they went hermie, so ive tried that first, its been in the small pot over a week now, i lost a few leaves due to the root mass getting drastically reduced but its now stable and producing more male flowers, im not sure if i can see pistils on it but i might be able to, its just a tad to early to tell if its got pistils or if its just got stressed male flowers forming

the male im collecting pollen from is the same strain as the above and this will remain in a big pot and ill try light shock and nute shock and see which methods produces a male hermie first, i know the small pot method works with females as i had 2 female clones go hermie due to them staying in veg to long in pots that was way to small,
Sounds really interesting DP, I'm anxious to see if it works, if so i might be trying it after I move, and get a bigger space with separate veg room. Do you grow your males separate from your females, or do you just stay on top of the pollen? Seems to me the females would catch pollen from the nearby males if in the same room.
Hi Dank:ciao:
I am new to the growing the male plants thing too, (as well as growing in general LOL) but I do know that you want to keep male plants well away from your female plants. When that pollen starts floating around it can go everywhere. :)
I have mine in a totally closed separate room from the girls....40 feet away. LOL
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