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LA's Cannafest 2015 fun!

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Hey everyone

OK so firstly as many of you will know this was only my second visit to a cannabis expo. The first was earlier this year for Spannabis in Barcelona, (link below)
LA's Spannabis Adventure! :)

Cannafest 2015

Well me and the missus were off again on our adventures. This time Prague, where weve never been before! It's simply stunning as a city and well worthy of a visist full stop. Then add into the mix a Cannabis expo and your gonna have a great time!

Now please bare with me, as I've only Spannabis to draw against for comparisons.

Cannafest is not the same kind of vibe by any means. This is not a negative reaction in any way. Just a statement of facts that the wind of change is at a differing pace in the Czech republic than in Spain.
Cannafest is a smoke free enviroment for the most part! The security and Police made certain that the arena areas and even the outside spaces stayed as such.
There was of course plenty of toking and vaping going down though. This was mainly all kept to the VIP sections for the industry folks though. We had a bar and small kitchen preparing food, then just plenty of space to sprawl out and relax smoking drinking and networking.

The actual show itself was great, loads going on with plenty of talks debates and general work going on to push our cause in the correct manner!

The people were from every walk of life. From business people, to families. Even mothers with babies were everywhere to be seen. This is why everyone was more then happy to keep ourselves to the VIP area out of respect for the locals.
So this meant a less hectic show for all involved. The people were warm and friendly and the whole event took place without any sort of trouble!

Well I say this lol, yet there were indeed some arrests at this event. The police seemed the need to come stamp their autority on proceedings every morning. Swooping in and taking a few people each day. This is when you pass a spliff!!! If you place it on the floor or table and the next person picks it up, all is good lol :)

Anyway some pics of the general lay out etc

The venue was smaller than Spain, so a little easier to get around and find your bearings! Most of the big names in the industry were there, yet we missed some of our friends from spain who never made it over! :(

Our hotel was just a short skip up the road from the venue :)

So there were 3 main halls or structures to the site, one main huge and stunning hall with 2 lesser ones off to each side.

Now as for getting about etc it was quite easy to traverse Prague by tram or rail, so even if your not as close to the venue its a very simple city to roam around in. The show itself as said is a simple lay out with everything pretty easy to find.

Before we went we were told of the carnival type atmosphere! Well I can confirm this strange open vibe! Although families and young children were everywhere to be seen and smoking was very much restricted. The beer and Canna beer was a flowing and the music was certainly thumping!!! Then throw in the almost naked ladies walking around, all sprayed up with paint in advertising markings! There was even a booth where the public could go and disrobe , get sprayed up with a design! (almost got Mrs LA to do this but she wasnt quite tippsy enough on the day lol) :)

Have some more pics :)

Now as with most of these expos there will be the marketing side and the educational side. Here was no different. They had a list of the talks and discussions, with a lecture tent as well as a couple of big video screen stages where other educational stuff was shown for the masses , trying to inform and further our cause through facts and True representation of MMJ.

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Have some more pics :)

To round it up the show was a great success. The people were warm and friendly, weed was simply given or aquired through a little hunting. Apart from the first night we were totally supplied and very high indeed.
If your wanting a more chilled vibe thats family friendly then this is your show! Its just not as mad busy and smoke orientated as Spain. This again may be why this show is seen as one of the most important for the business side of things, with lots of deals going down!

I'll happily be going again now every year! The whole experience was a true joy. Form getting to spend time and shoot the breeze with one of the HSO owners! To blazing with Remo again and not to forget the time spent with some of the locals. I got to see some great extracts and sample them as well :)

One place not to miss if in Prague is the Cross club!!! This is a club with a few levels and is basically a work of art in itself! It also is a smoke friendly place :) We walked in and bamm! bongs and stuff everywhere! I even forgot my weed on our table as we went for a walk around. Came back and my weed was still just sat there :)

So Ive probs left out loads of info lol, so Please any questions are most welcome! Ill happily answer all :)

Anyway cheers from me and much love 420 !!!!!!!


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Cheers LA.. Looks awesome. Prague is awesome.. Hope you enjoyed plenty of the other natural, ancient (semi)herbal medicine that the Czechs do so well -- beer!! Last time I was there (late 2005), when I left I was making a sloshing sound when I walked cos of Budweiser...


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Where the hell are the pics of the painted naked ladies......:drool:

DOH!! I'm only interested in the advertising on um!!!:thumb:

You did say there was advertising, didn't you?


I'll bet Mrs. LA took these pictures, didn't she!!!


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There you go again Light. Awesome pictures and I see you had a ball. I'v just taken Cuba of my itinerary. Canibus 2016 it is. I haven't had time to catch up on what you posted so far but I know it's must read. Thanks for the brake down on the atmosphere and great vibes.


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Sorry I got here late ,, what a great read:thumb:
I loved the pic,s I loved the revue :ganjamon:I will PM you as soon as my silly face swelling goes :reading420magazine:
You just keep shinning like you are and you will become the Light an we will be the addicted :bravo:


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Great Holiday my brother from another mother! Id really love to attend one of those shows sometime! Just meeting like minded people on the same plane would be very cool! Im glad you're getting all these chances! Its exciting.....I want your sutograph righhtttt nowww!:volcano-smiley:.

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Hey CareStaker :)

Yeah it was a little more subdued compared with spain, yet a great city and friendly people! The fact a few people got arrested was a downer a bit but all in all it was a blast and I'll be at this years without doubt :)

Thanks for checking in :) this years Spannabis thread will be up in a cpl of months time and that should be nuts as a few other folks from here will be going! :)
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