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  1. N

    Fairly New - Need Advice

    So I'm just beginning my first grow and have everything coming in at the moment. 27"x27"x64" inch Grow tent, 600w LED light, using FoxFarm organic soil, and I have two seeds that are Germinating at the moment as well. I have been looking through the forums and have seen a lot of people speaking...
  2. Stunned

    Mail Call Today

    Got a nice upgrade for my grow today. A big Thank you to Kurt. Order was placed on Jan 4th late in the day and I picked it up today the 12th. It was very well pack and secured well in the box, which was nondescript as to contents. This will be going into a 3X3 tent with 2 plants...
  3. N

    What's the problem with this plant? Can't figure it out

    So I've had this problem on last grow and it's seems to be back. Tingrine-o-matic, week 5, fox farms soil, Humboldt country nutes and recharge but very limited. Was using well water but have switched to distilled and came up in ph from 6-6.5 to 7. Neem at 3 weeks one time. Humidity 40-50%, temp...
  4. P

    Thoughts about using H202?

    I started a grow from clone about 5 weeks ago...just a single plant. 18hours light using HPS (1000w) a day. Hydroton media I've been using FoxFarm Nutrients and they've worked well for me...or at least well enough. I usually use Silica as well during the vegetative stage. I've read good...
  5. M

    Indoor Multi Strain Sea Of Green

    To begin with I hope everyone everywhere is having a peaceful evening and your gardens healthy. I began an indoor grow about 6 to 7 weeks ago. As I have been busting my butt I havent had time to make a journal but am going to try now. Ive been growing outdoors since I was a child and finally...
  6. Ron Strider

    New Zealand: Hemp Potential Growing In Hawke's Bay

    On a 5ha block of land just north of Otane, Kanapu Hemp Foods Ltd's newest crop of hemp seedlings are starting to pop their heads above ground after being planted seven days ago. The latest addition, grown from a seed variety from France, adds to 10ha already planted and is the next step in...
  7. F

    How is my raw well water for no till?

    My water tests; CaCo3: 7 Mn: .3 Fe: .2 TDS: 110 pH: 7.5 I'm assuming these measurements are grains per gallon, but it doesn't say on my test ='/
  8. K.puff&stuff

    I'm Going To Start My Grow Journal

    Today date 10 27 2017 Hello all well i decided to do a journal from seeds to veg and of to flower and I hope you all will fallow me through this process and help with issue that are forth coming. I got all my equipment coming in light from china 10x10 grow tent fluorescent flower power lights...
  9. L

    Hey everyone - Just joined a few days ago - Sorry for delayed intro

    Hello all, I just joined the forums a few days ago but I have been visiting and reading threads here for a few years picking up tips and tricks. Well, currently I am on my 4th grow. Closet/tent hydro running the cotton candy Kush. check out my new grow journal, link in my signature...
  10. Cola Monster

    Cola Monster's Prop. 215 Legal Greenhouse Grow - 2017

    What's up my fellow herb lovers!:Love: I just wanted to make a short journal documenting the flowering cycle of this years greenhouse grow and we'll pick up in weeks 4-5 of flowering. The strains I'm growing this year include 3 pheno types of Jilly Bean plus my OG Kush x Grand Daddy Purple...
  11. Ron Strider

    IL: Kane State's Attorney Fights Legalization Of Marijuana

    Kane County State's Attorney Joe McMahon has come out strongly against the legalization of marijuana in Illinois, saying that any new tax revenues that may be gained aren't "worth our children's futures." McMahon made clear in a letter to 15 lawmakers who represent the county that he...
  12. Akornpatch

    Honey! I'm home!

    Hi my 420 peeps! I'm baaaack! I trust (and see) you've all been well! Most of you anyways. Ha. See you around! Peace and love.
  13. T

    Root rot?

    HI All this is a bag seed i am testing my first hydro DWC grow on. I tried to delay the growth because my lights was arriving so late. The plant is 3 weeks old. I fed it some nutes last week for the first time, experienced some burn.. Then decided to flush, used distilled water with no...
  14. TheDarkTriad

    Electric question

    So i have a 1000w LED light its 220 or well 240 in actuality but lets call it 220. I do not have a dedicated free 220 line. So is a adapter a bad idea? well it lower my actual power draw in turn lower my out put? I dont know that much about the electrical side of things, thats next on my list of...
  15. D

    Mega Clean - Dilution & DOT Testing

    I am writing out this post for people to have insight on my particular experience and as well to gain insight from others. Let's begin by saying I failed my pre-employment (unsupervised test) and now I am subject to a SAP program with a return to duty test (supervised) by DOT regulations...
  16. Dwight Monk

    Node spacing and sex

    Doesn't help that I can't see all that well anymore, getting old sucks ;) . One on the left I can see pistils even though not in Flower yet, one on right I can't tell sex at all. As both same strain (well same package from place I got them anyway :19:. So is that one a male or does that not...
  17. C

    Introducing Myself

    I have been an avid smoker since i was 13 i am now 55 and have an interest in growing.I bought some skunk feminized seeds and all came up great,well 48 of 50 but most died after about 3 days any help would be appreciated.
  18. O

    Perfect sun?

    You may label your powerful expensive lights "Perfect Sun" but I'll take San Diego's version any day. I take it outdoors and enjoy it as much .(today a predicted 75 and sunny for example, as my kush ladies apparently do as well. We will keep company again today as the Solstice charges at us. If...
  19. S

    Strain suggestions

    Hi I am new in this forum and this is my first thread. I have searched a lot about strains which grows well in hotter climate but in the end its all confusing and not well detailed. I live in pakistan, we have warm climate here. The place where i am starting to grow is hilly area and...
  20. M

    Comfrey tea?

    hey folks! been organic gardening for 20+ years using comfrey almost exclusively for ferts. but never tried a organic grow for weed with it. anyone use comfrey for their grow? if so at what ratios? this stuff grows some huge tomatoes so should grow great weed! i have 12 plants in my yard to make...
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