Tutankharmon - 400HPS - Soil Coco Mix - Grow

Hey everyone welcome to my first Grow journal.
I welcome all visitors and input. Whether I listen is another matter lol.
I hope to show my techniques for LST and plant training, the lott. Hope it can aid someone in the future.

Im trying the pyramid seeds Tutankharmon. One girl only, heres my set up.

Soil cocco mix + vermiculite and large gravel layer at bottom.
8 mixed Cfls for veg
400 hps for flower.
20 gal pot
Garden wire for LST
Plagron nutes: terra grow and bloom. Green sensation. Pk13-14. Sugar royal. And molasses ( blackstrap)
I use lemon juice to lower PH.
Fridge jug water purifier.
I have ph meter and ppm truncheon

Heres a few pics, to start with enjoy.

Where to grow I havent decided yet as she just in veg at mo. Could use my normal alcove in my kitchen or closet or even my friends tent. Ill work that bit out soon.

Ps pic ten shows me taking out lowest branch with tweezers.
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Ok let me explain some of what Ive done in above pics. Bending and tucking the fan leafs in and tying it back. This in my mind doesn't hurt her much but promotes better growth for the branches that they shadowed. I want these branches big strong and surpassing the foliage as soon as possible.
The photo where im spreading the very top heart of her open is again me just trying to promote the structure I want. I believe by doing this regularly the new growth will get increased light and in turn lower node spacing.
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Right lets get up to date. Today is the day for topping my girl, I've let her get to 7 nodes high and growing. Remember i always remove first 2 levels of branch when she's really young. I try to minimize any stress by heading her right at the very young heart, meaning i'm only taking a tiny bit off her. Its fiddly but worth it.
Here she is ready for topping.

She is almost 3 weeks here
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I noticed your girl has Indica type leaves. Look @ mine. Very Sativa-ish. Be neat to see how different they become.
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Yeah I noticed the same from the difference of the leaves, cant wait to see how they both go. when was ur girl born? My girl 16th August.
Yep, definitely different phenos. Interesting.
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Cheers PlanetaryHerb it was plant of month though, I don't want spimp coming after me lol. I'm gonna try to get even more from this girl. She's supposed to be one of the strongest strains about. Also a big yeilder and quick flower time so should be awesome. Welcome on board.

Yes, I realized this once it was too late to edit :oops:, my bad. Sorry spimp, just typing faster than I was thinking. Anyway, you know what I meant haha. I'm excited to see how you do your thing here, already the bending of the leaves instead of removing them is something I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! :thumb:

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Hey WaknBak88. Thanks for joining my first journal. I can't believe how everybody on here seems so interested in my thoughts, it blows my mind and I feel humbled. The amazing and costly set ups I see in America stun me, so to even be on the raydar as it were?!?!@!?
Awesome site and people, only happy to share anything I can to aid others on here.
Hope you enjoy!

Big first real training day later. sculpting her to my will.
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