LA's really quick guide to tip spreading for node stacking!

Hey folks this is a simple one to say the least!

So were trying to get the most out of our gardens. So think about how to maximize every basic your using. This leads to my little trick of simply opening up the closed tip foliage of each colas site repeatedly by hand.

This process could be used at any point you want to stack nodes. Yet I use it when going vert for colas development.
I simply and gently open up the closed immature foliage that sit pointing vertically all closed up. The thinking behind this is simple. The plant will react to light hitting this young foliage, it then sends a message along the line for the plant to start generating the next node. (Were forcing early development)
This honestly works my friends and will give tighter node spacing for bigger better colas!

Just be careful not to rip a baby leaf off or get to heavy handed as heavy contact with the tip heart will slow growth!

Do it as often as you can. The more often the better results :) :)
I will try some of this tonight! Thanks LA!
Tried it and I have to say, New growth stretched up within hours.
OK so every growing tip will have the immature foliage sat pointing vertical and all closed up. This is the small parts you open up to the light as often as you can!
dude that was epic thank you so much, I completely understand now what you are saying i was just looking at these on my mother plant that i am going to flower next boom im going to open them all up,
I have been doing this of and on for over a year - after hearing about it from Light Addict. Thanks Man :thanks:

I form my middle finger and thumb into a pincers grip, usually spread 1/3" (1 cm) apart, and push the fingers down in the general area where the leaf meets the leaf stalk or close around the growth tip (apical meristem.) I do both the top full set of leaves and anything smaller that looks like leaves beside growth tip. I do this pretty much every time I check in on the girls.

In early veg, I leaf spread mostly because I like the look and strength of close nodes. I bend the leaves the slightest little bit.

In later veg, I leaf spread just the main cola(s) to help them grow shorter and allow other branches to catch up and form a flatter canopy. I am firmer in my leaf spreading, and often see the leaves bend open up to 30 more degrees. Like supercropping, they often recover from the bending within an hour, but it still seems to help.

I have not done this after flowers set.

I have recently decided that what is good for seedlings (opposite pairs of leaves) is good for clones (alternating leaves.) I am doing a one sided leaf spreading of my main stalk (leader) in veg to try to even out the canopy as I do for seedlings. It is too soon for me to form an opinion on whether it works with clones. In my opinion, seedlings are just so much more satisfying to train. In my real world, clones are what I grow because it is cheaper and easier to regrow the genetics of a girl going into the flowering room than to buy a new seed for each new plant, So I decided to try a modified leaf spreading technique with clones.
Highhh LA.....u should do a video! :volcano-smiley::volcano-smiley:
Light addict thanks for posting this tutorial, it definitely makes a huge difference. Thought I would share a pic that clearly shows the benefits of back building.
can you tell which one I did backbuilding on... Far right :) definitely a great tool to maximize appeal of your buds and increase density. Light Addict, you're the man! Thanks again for the tutorial :thanks:

KiG everyone :green_heart:cheers[/QUOTE]
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