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  1. Boptang


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    With the LED light on. Many Colas
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    Cola action
  4. Why Doe

    Waited too long to harvest?

    Okay so she is an auto blueberry not even 2 months old. I was kinda waiting to check the trichomes based off age and how the plant looked. Since some of the colas are barley even fat, the pistils are still shooting straight out, and the leaves are still healthy green i figured I got plenty of...
  5. Why Doe

    Few weeks into flower - How is she doing?

    I've learned a lot from you guys and I really appreciate that, I'm almost done with my very first grow. This blueberry autoflower will be 2 months old next week. Couple questions; I notice the top leaves on one of the colas is starting to get a light green, is that because she's nearing the...
  6. cbgb

    Drying - What am I doing wrong?

    yello 420 folks ....... have not been on here in a while . hope everyone had a nice holiday season !!!!! question , cfl indoor grow ...... i have really come to a point after about 8 grows that the plants are beautiful , disease free , lush green large fan leaves and some really killer nugs...
  7. Billyberu

    My Masterpiece

    50 days and 14 colas
  8. P

    Is it possible a plant can have to colas without topping it?

    My plant has had two colas from the seedling. I have never topped the plant. I have never seen a plant grow with 2 colas right off the start. The strain is an ak47. Is this usual for the plant to have 2.
  9. S

    Holy spider mites! I think

    Yikes..I chopped this a week ahead of schedule because of these mites again.. A diatomaceous earth bombing ensued... This is half of one of five main colas.. I always wondered how she gave me 5 on my fim
  10. CookieMan

    Purple Chem Grown Indoors By Cookie Man

    Hi fam, After my successful go with The Cali Connection's femanized Girl Scout Cookies, I decided I wanted to go with something purple. I ended up with about 200 grams of Girl Scout Cookies, a low yielding strain, with my 400 watt setup. Due to heat issues and poor airflow, I had to turn the...
  11. B

    Northern Lights & Harlequin First Grow Attempt

    Hello everyone first time posting and first time growing here. Also attempting it in my closet. I started the grow 60 days ago and this is where "she" is. (not sure on sex yet) I split the main cola into 4 by topping the plant twice. It seems like it only wants to grow 1-2 colas. After my...
  12. O

    Do I have balls?

    Do I have Balls on 1 of my plants? I see white hairs coming out but it looks abnormal! Also, this plant just keeps stretching compared to my other that's started stacking nice colas. Blueberry autos under 400 watt mars 2. OG79
  13. M

    Optimal Number Of Colas For Indoor WW Plant?

    So I am growing some WW plants and am trying out mainlining. Here is what I have so far. They have all been topped twice at this point leaving 4 current colas per plant. When the training and veg is done they will go into a roughly 3x3 tent with about 4 feet of...
  14. T

    Overhead lattice

    I am looking for a source to buy the 6 inch netting to suspend over the grow to support the colas
  15. Light Addict

    LA's really quick guide to tip spreading for node stacking!

    Hey folks this is a simple one to say the least! So were trying to get the most out of our gardens. So think about how to maximize every basic your using. This leads to my little trick of simply opening up the closed tip foliage of each colas site repeatedly by hand. This process could...
  16. S

    Starting a new AF seed - Top or LST or possibly both?

    Hi all, To date I have grown 1 plant, one atm is flowering, and another just got planted... With my first 2 I just let them grow. Tall and lanky but successfully with not much bud. For this new 3rd one I wanna try/do something different... and for that I ask your assistance. I have...
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