LA's Auto Training!

Well folks its auto training time!

Hey my family:love:, this is a little thread where I go back to my roots.
Basically for any who don't know, I ran auto only, for a few years before finding 420 and switching to photo plants.
So now I'm going back, not with the same kit! This may be an issue to be fare.. Its a case of wanting some good distance between nodes at first with autos. This lets you bend and tuck things out the way whilst still really young. Before I ran CFL and then HPS. Now it will be LED all the way. (unless its not working and ill switch back to CFL for first phase then flower with LED!)

So I'll be sharing my old tried and tested method of training autos. This got me some nice numbers in the past and is pretty simple. Its actually very much like my Tutt style.
Then the idea of fluxing an auto is fun in my mind so I'll be trying it out for sure! :):cheer:

So what the details are :)

Soil being the medium! (My own reused 10th gen soil with added Guano and GreatWhite!)
Pots, are cloth and will stay as such. Ill upsize when required shortly.
Lighting, BM GOD or BM strips, or both!:high-five:

Strains at the moment. (more to come)

Humboldt; Blue Dream Auto, Dedoverde Haze Auto, OG Kush Auto.

Now they've only just come up apart from the slightly older BD auto. She has another day maybe 2 and then she gets topped on a micro scale.
Then you will notice I'm already opening the immature foliage up frequently, to promote the next node to form! :)

So with new tech and years since Ive ran autos it should be a little learning curve for sure! So If it all comes to nothing, then hey at least we will know lol.

So yup its early on and as you will see this is how I tackle them, for setting up training! :):420:
re: LA's Auto Training!

re: LA's Auto Training!

Sweet!!! Im growing my first auto nl x bb and it will also be my first outdoor plant. I need me some auto training knowledge :)
re: LA's Auto Training!

Good luck with the autos LA. I'm sure this will be great. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
I could use some auto fine tuning knowledge myself. Never cared for the lil boogers, but they're getting better.
re: LA's Auto Training!

Right on, M8!! Peeeeeerfect, timing!! ;) :cheer::cheer::cheer:
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