Aurora Indica - Indoor CFL Grow #1


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Hey everyone, welcome to my Aurora grow journal!

This is my first growing season, but this isnt my first grow attempt, still mid grow on 4 plants.

I recently bought 10 non-feminized Aurora seeds from Nirvana(they kindly gave me 10 freebies as well). It took about two weeks to get here.


I havent seen many journals on this strain, so i hope this one provides some good knowledge and entertainment for you amazing humans :thumb:

The strain: Aurora Indica

100% indica

Planted 2 of them on 4/3, some germinating

Indoor grow, home made grow box

Peat/soil mix for seed starting

G&B Potting Soil for veg and flower: Peat moss, bark, earthworm castings, perlite, chicken manure, kelp meal

18/6 on a light timer. -light/dark cycle

Using (3) 100W 5000K daylight CFL, and (1) 150W 2700K soft white CFL (equivalent to 450W & 7450 lumes)

Soil pH 7.3 and decreasing

Run-off pH 7.5 and decreasing

76F-80F degrees inside the grow box

~45% humidity before spray/watering

~55%-65% humidity after

Theyre on a self watering seed start mat, i spray the top soil twice daily.

I'll keep you updated
Much love to all of you, and i hope you stay for the journey!
Re: Aurora Indica | Indoor CFL Grow #1


Its literally opening the cotyledons as im typing this.
Im watching small fibers being ripped and pulled apart. its a slow and interesting process, but ive been looking at it for about an hour.... Haha

The stem looks quite strong and thick. Shes gonna be a bad bitch when shes matured. (Hopefully a she)
Re: Aurora Indica | Indoor CFL Grow #1

Good quality pics man. Looks good and well monitored. Ive never heard of the strain but interested to see what comes. Hopefully you get a bunch of girls. The stem does look damn healthy. Congrats on the new babies!!

Thanks dude, im using my ipod to take the pics, so im surprised how well they turned out o_O

its gonna be a good time, thanks for watching
Re: Aurora Indica | Indoor CFL Grow #1

Thanks bro just get them light closer that way you plant don't stretch for light it might seem pretty bright to the human eyes but them little baby need all the light they can get they need that light penetration:high-five:
I googled som info about the strain to save you all some time:)
Heres a copy and pasted excerpt from a random info site:
"Aurora Indica’s leaves are dark and impressively wide and its smell is dense and spicy, leading gardeners to anticipate the cosmic indica experience its name suggests. The buds are thick and greasy to the touch, with a deep Afghani flavor that is more apparent when grown in soil. A great stone before bed, this heavy buzz comes on quick and can be quite sedative...This strain has medicinal potential for treating hyperactivity and insomnia."
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