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3 nirvana seeds aurora indica. About sixth week of veg. Under 250w super hps and cfls for supplemental light. The they are rooted in fox farm ocean forest and are feed with advanced nutes. Ph perfect .this is not my first grow but it is my first scrog and would appreciate any advise you guys have for me.
I like this set-up-subbed

ph perfect in soil?? ive used the stuff for water,it ALWAYS stayed at 5.7-5.8 never more or less,how are you raising the ph levels for soil??6.3-6.5 range??

I would start trimming the undergrowth.any way you can put the buckets on,something to lift them,when I set mine flat in the plastic tubs,hard to drain,hard to flush,and in my case,caused a massive salt buildup
When i mix up the nutes the ph is always 6.4-6.8. I shop vac out the water from plastic tubs when i do a salt flush. Luckily everything has worked out so far.I started trimming last night and ill do it over the next five days then switch to 12/12 .thanks for the comments man keep them coming.
Hi PH, I'm sub'd. Looking great so far.
If I were you I would pull the taller branches under the screen again and move them over a couple of squares. The hole point of the scrog is to evenly space out your plant so as much light gets to all the surface of the canopy as possible. This will also allow light to get to the lower bud sites on the branch.

When your ready to flip to 12/12 do a little defol of the bottom 1/4 of the plant under the screen, then let it go to 21 days of flower and do another defol of the bottom of the plant right up to the screen pretty much. Rule of thumb is, if its not getting direct light, get rid of it. After the day 21 defol just let the plant go till harvest.
Keep up the good work and good luck.:thumb:
wow you guys around here make me look like an old 73 chevy pick-up around a bunch of cadillacs and beamers. i totally suck at this and have no advice just a small question if i may. like are those reg or fem seeds. sorry if i am too nosy i'm in learn mode...take care and keep up the good work
your plants look amazing. let me know if they get skunky towards the end of bloom. AI is the "super skunk" in the cross named diesel.
Will do.that's an interesting tid bit of info about ai .i tried to do some research on AI but couldn't find much.I just went off the nirvana site info.If you have any other info on AI im all ears.Thanks for the coments b.
Well nirvanas/somas diesel is el dorado x aurora indica, then when you look into it more you find out diesel is chemdawg x super skunk x northern lights.

Aurora indica is super skunk x n.l.
So where does the afgan strain come in is that the super skunk? Nirvana says its northern lights and afgani this is confusing lol
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