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Hello and welcome to my humble grow! I finally decided to bite the bullet and start a journal, even though nothing is 'technically' growing yet.

But I did get this in the mail yesterday....


And now I have two seeds soaking - GrandDaddy Purp and Trainwreck. I have no idea which strains are my favorite, but I really wanted to try some good sativa. I'm a bit lazy naturally, so I love an energetic high - that's about the only way my floors are getting mopped :laughtwo: Anyway, I ordered a wide selection of seeds, and I'm just going to smoke my way through them and see what makes my hot-dog stand. I also figured I'd start with the cheapest seeds I ordered, so I can work out the kinks of my growing process by the time I get to the high-dollar ones.

For my grow area, I really wanted to keep cost down as much as possible by using what I had available. After seeing so many other ingenious uses of readily available furniture, I decided to go with a shelf in my basement. It's about 16"x4'x6' (is that the right order?... LxWxH... :hmmmm:). The great thing about it is that the shelves are easily adjustable and it's super easy to attach light clamps to.


My dog photo-bombed with her booty :goof:

Luckily, I already had a 4' fluorescent tube and a few cfls from trying to grow adenium obesum to bonsai last year. (Google them, they're beautiful.) I had some individual hood/reflectors that I stole from my husband's photography light box and an adjustable lamp with a clamp.

I knew I needed to get some reflectivity in there somehow, so I ordered some 2mm mylar with black poly attached to the back. At first I was unsure of how I wanted to attach it since it's a bit delicate and obviously would be stretched between two poles with nothing solid to support it. So I decided to attach it to cardboard/thick poster board panels and then attach those to the shelves. I really like the way it turned out, as they're easily detachable for cleaning and much more durable. I'm sure my cats would have crashed through un-reinforced mylar sheeting while going through their nightly action-movie scenes.

I'm not finished with the mylar panels at the top yet, but I don't think it's a big deal, as the bottom of the middle shelf has mylar panels attached to it. There are gaps I can fill in later, but it's covered for the most part. I also have a large mylar-covered panel to cover the front of it when I'm not staring at the plants, beaming them my mind's love-juice.

So here's a shot of what it looks like today.



For ventilation, I have a large oscillating fan outside the grow area. My husband has some computer fans he's promised to wire for me in the next couple days that I plan on attaching to the bottom of the middle shelf.

For my medium and nutrients I'm going to try to stay as organic as possible. My medium is roughly 40% worm castings, 30% perlite, 30% vermiculite. (My husband called the worm castings 'wriggler doodle' earlier and I about tinkled my pants. :rofl:) The pots I have are quite large, maybe 6-7 gallons, I'm not sure. I do plan on putting my seeds directly in those to avoid having to transplant.

The nutrients were the hardest decision for me. There are soooo many choices. After digging and digging on the forums and venturing elsewhere on the web, I chose some that weren't so well-known, but seem to be in-line with what I was looking for. They are from Blue Mountain Organics. All the reviews I could find for them were extremely positive. I got the combo pack that contains 'Super Plant Tonic' (root inoculant/plant tonic), 'Grow It Green' (grow fertilizer), 'Flower Power' (bloom/fruiting fertilizer) and 'Foliar Harmony' (foliar fertilizer). The combo pack includes a 16 oz. bottle of each solution and each bottle mixes up 32 gallons. For the whole pack it was $37 with shipping!

Here are the ingredients for the nutrients, if anyone is interested:

Super Plant Tonic - Artesian Spring Water, Worm Castings, Mycorrhizal Fungi, Azomite, Unsulphured (Blackstrap) Molasses, Endo and Ecto Bacteria, and Humic Acid

Grow It Green -NPK of 5-2-5- Artesian Spring Water, High Nitrogen Bat Guano, Worm Castings, Azomite, Unsulphured Molasses, Humic Acid, Beet Root Extract, Comfrey Hay Extract, Alfalfa Meal Extract, Endo and Ecto Bacteria

Flower Power -NPK value of 1-8-7- Artesian Spring Water, Fossilized High Phosphorus Bat Guano, Fossilized High Phosphorus Seabird Guano, Worm Castings, Azomite, Unsulphured Molasses, Humic Acid, Beet Root Extract, Comfrey Hay Extract, Alfalfa Meal Extract, Endo and Ecto Bacteria

Okay, aside from all that, I have some crappy pH strips I've tested my water with, and luckily it seems to be around 6.3-7.0 right out of the tap. My mom-in-law just asked me to make a wish list for Christmas and I'm thinking I'll ask for a decent digital meter. There's another hard decision.

I'm also planning on switching to HPS lighting for flower. I'm thinking 400watt. I might put a ballast and bulb on that Christmas wish list. (She always sends presents early.) We'll see what I find - I don't want her to break the bank for my grow. Although she'd be happy to smoke the fruits of my labor, so we'll see how it goes. :laughtwo:

As for my soaking seeds, they went in the jars at 10am this morning. I'm thinking I'll let them soak for at least 12 hours and then put them directly into my medium. (I keep calling it that because I'm confused about soilless vs. soil... I guess I have no 'soil' with wriggler doodle, perlite, vermiculite).

Thanks for looking at my long first journal post! Hopefully I'll have a decent update soon! Also, I welcome/hope for any advice, thoughts, considerations, encouragement. I'm terribly nervous!

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Welcome to the :420: forums.
Your off to a great start, you definitely picked up some good/potent strains, now you just gotta wait it out for those seed to poke their heads out. Nice work with the shelving unit and the mylar.
I'm subscribed. Good luck with your grow. ;)

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Hi again Dresney.

Congrats on getting both your grow and your journal started!!!
You've already attracted a few of my favorite folks from this site in the growers that have subscribed (If/when you comment on a thread your automatically subscribed). I think you will find them knowledgeable, helpful and truly interested in seeing your grow become a success.

+ reps for making the jump and getting things rolling!

Be well and happy growing!
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Good to hear Dresney.

I hope and try to be an accurate representation of what your likely to experience with the rest of the members - that is supportive, encouraging, and uplifting. The longer I've been involved with this site the more impressed I am with the membership. Truly a great group of folks with a broad cross section of journey's that led them here, all pulling for the other to succeed! Now if we can just get rest of society act like this group of "stoners" and be civil to one another we'll have it made. LOL
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Subbed up dres. Great strain selection.

Thank you, sir. I spent quite a lot of time going through the strain reviews before selecting, although there was at least one I chose purely based on name... "Laughing Buddha," who can resist that?!

Big props to all those who spent time on those reviews. They really helped me.
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Thank you so much for following along, Mcloadie. You picked the perfect time because, finally, someone woke up from her slumber and decided to join the world :yahoo:



This is my little GDP darling, and I'm so excited to meet her/him! This is the only regular seed I ordered, so fingers crossed it's a wee lass. My Trainwreck babe is still nowhere to be seen, but now that I have something green to obsess over I've regained some of my patience. It's a good thing because I've been dreaming of MJ and sprouts for the past two nights!

And yay, my husband rigged up the PC fans for me yesterday. A cool thing about that is that he did some hardware voodoo and kept it connected to a PC power supply and some other box that lets me control the speed of the fans. So I'm going to get a gentle breeze going for my little pumpkin today!

Yay, celebratory tokes for everyone! :blunt::tokin::passitleft:
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Welcome to the new sprout Dresney!
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Thanks for joining, KJC.

Tonight I went to a cannabis awareness event. There were several guest speakers with really inspiring messages. There were also several local politicians who are supportive of legalization. Being there and seeing how passionate these people are really made me feel like I could be doing more for our cause. I'm thinking about joining the local NORML chapter and collecting signatures for the medical marijuana amendment that may(will!) be on the ballot next year.

And for the icing on the cake... drum roll, please..... My Trainwreck seed sprouted while I was there! I'm thinking it was fate.

2/2 for germination, woooo! :partyboy:
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Good weed dres!, the excitement in your words is encouraging! The little miracle that you witnessed must have gotten you pretty wound up! I see some super growers subd on your journal....you are in good hands...LOL! Thank you for your efforts in the cause, I live far from any areas where I would feel safe doing any activism...this is redneck central! Well, maybe redneck isn't an appropriate word....but they mostly hate the cannabis locally....but I'm quite active..."underground"......I am striving now to have an entry for the cannabis cup ready next spring....and even then I will be in disguise when I attend.
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