Spimps 2013 1st Grow - Ghetto Micro

Random Bagseed
Random bagseed
Just flipped
2 days
Stagreen vegtable and garden soil
1/2 gallon
4 23w cfl 6500k
78-84 f
no idea
no idea
no-- only me
3-5 days

Hi. First post so obv noobie. I want to first say I respect the hell out of the knowledge and advice found on these forums. I will never be able to do what some of you guys do. Too bad I was a week sprouted before I found them. This is gonna be super ghetto (broke) and may result in nothing more than knowledge gained for me. I have no ambition to grow commercially, nor do I want to spend $1,000 on a setup. I am going to make mistakes and post them to get made fun of. This is strictly for me to gain knowledge and experience for much, much more favaroble conditions.

Started with 4 germed bagseeds. Collected from the better brick bud I have smoked. Sprout pics:


I had 3 pop quick. I killed one by accident. I tried to help his head come above ground and pulled the tap root all the way out of soil. It actually tried to make it, but lesson learned I guess. So I had two survivors and 1 no show.


#1 is Big Momma. 4 is Sissy
Few days in had a surprise:

Little bit showed up.Now the first setup:


Card board box with foil. Fan blowing on work light holding 23w CFL.
Please bare with me, Im not so fast on upload. I have much more...
Big mama growing good:

Then I started w 2 bulbs and she got too hot I think:

Other two looking good, Sissy started cathing up but little bit stays small and green. So I decide to transplant. I went with a mix of Stagreen vegtable and garden mix, 25yr old bone meal, 10yr old peat moss... Yes im an idiot who leaped before I looked.
When I popped them out of cups, I had WAY more roots than I expected!2-1/2" to 3" plants with roots hanging:

I put them in about 1/2gall pots. I had to find a new space so This is it:

After nailing and caulking this bad boy I discovered these forums and just what an idiot I am... Gotta make it work for now though. Heres transplant pics:

big mamma in front, sissy in back

Little bit

Then I abused Big mama more... I FIMed my Fim!!! yes its possible. Sooo... the next day I get this:

:( But she made a comeback!:

And I just couldn't leave well enough alone so I topped Big mamma, and Sissy because My grow height is like 24". I have read a ton since the transplant and the plants seem to be taking all the messed up crap I throw at them. Im now have a ghetto grow box with a 5" forced exhaust, and two passive intakes and two little computer fans circulating. Im running 4 23w cfls at 6500k. Big mamma sprouted 4-6 and on 4-20 I switched to 12-12, This is not about yield, its about learning and finishing. Even if they are males, if I get to sex formation I will be happy. And Im aware of how many things I have already screwed up... Heres pics of more current planst and new setup:




Good day all. So today I started with LST on my girls(hopefully). and I got some pics for ya. This is how they looked this morning:




Big mamma and Sissy are getting tall so I tied em down. Never grew before but I read up on lst last couple weeks so I went to work with the girls looking like this:

Worried all day long.... came home to this:





I have no idea what im doing, other than just bits and pieces Ive read in the last few days. I have some questions if you guys don't mind...

Do they look relatively healthy?
What should be my next biggest area or concern?
I have been giving straight tap water until 2 days ago went 1/4 strength on MG, is that ok?
Should I be concerned about little bit being incredibly short? (I assume no, but ive been putting her super close to light so maybe cfls are keeping her tiny?)
OK well new pics.




Ok so lots of new grow. My attempts at LST amd FIMing seemed to have worked. I got a little 'claw' maybe happening but I think I made my nute mix too strong. Girls are looking healthy, at least to me a total noob. Futher reading here tells me my next projects are :#1 paint interior flat white. 2: ph (?) Any comments or advice would be great! thanks.
First thing i would do is get some decent nutes and ditch the miracle grow/home depot brands of nutes. Secondly, i'd worry about ph, and then worry about painting and such. I'd take care of plant health before anything else. How close are the lights? Looks like they might be too close or maybe get a small fan blowing on them. If that's not the problem i would get some decent nutes and that should fix them right up.
Thanks! Lights are probably too close, maybe 4-8"'s away but the nute is 90% the culprit.
I had a fan blowing constantly on them for first 10 days and now i have a 92mm and 60 mm fan for circulation and 5" exhaust fan. Usually only one plant is shimmering so i have been rotating them to the shimmer spot.
One of my plants has always had a little curl on fan leaves since I got her too hot but after I fed them w MG is when they all showed some curl. I checked my soil, its .05-.04-.03 so I think my girls can take some good nutes. Im not gonna be able to do the mail order premium stuff, any suggestions on readily available decent nutes?
Hello. Good news bad news. Thanks to the interwebs I found this and much more within an hours drive.

So its water day and i made a very weak solution and very lightly watered. 2c split to all three. 1/2 t growbig.I felt good enough to paint the box and when i put the girls in different light I got this:



Way too dark and baby dark tips. I have been looking ever since and i think its Nitrogen Toxicity? I may have killed at least my oldest.. they are in dark right now with fans circulating... damn.
What I would of done before adding your new nutes which are good nutes iss.... flush the old stuff out. With just ph'd tap water
It would clean most of the old stuff out giving u a near blank canvas for the next watering to start your good nutes ....
Man don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes with bits and bobs through out a grow. For a first timer who'd started off well before finding the oracle of knolage that is 420 id say ya not doi.g bad :) not bad at all. My first grow was a learning process. One tip though. When your girls are flowered and your buds look nice enough to harvest....... spend the time learning about when buds are actually ready. Because they can lok good to the eye 2 weeks before there ready. That last 2 weeks can double yield and increase potency . Taste and flavour incredibly.....
Peace out :)
Yes sir. The girls made it through the night and I have them getting a little sun to hopefully power them through my F ups. And I have been reading non stop, tric color, molasses trick, all that good stuff. I feel like if they make it this week, ill be more prepared to get them home.
Well .... We all have to learn ( myself I have a lot still to learn ) the key is to learn. I have made some miscues, but the next grow will be better. I have learned tons here and have been glad I found this place. There are plenty of great growers that are willing to help. So as we learn together, one day it will be our time to pass along what we learned:thumb:
Update. That miracle grow crap is the devil!! Almost killed two of my girls. I had to perform emergancy surgery on them. The fan leves were basically dead, life less and geting worse. Almost crispy and dried out. The inner growth, although slightly discolored, was still perky and growing. So I snipped all but the top set of fans on both. This also helped open up getting lighting to new growth. I also have been able to give them an hour of blazing sun last couple days and boy are they doing better. They are gonna live! And the smallest girl, she missed the MG nightmare, is thriving... Im only doing pics 1/wk so no pics today.
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