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  • Hey Butcher, how are things? do you have an active grow journal, or are you in a down period?

    hope all is well!

    kind regards

    i've been letting temps get low at night like you told me to (basically jsut been opening her door right before I go to bed after all the lights are shut off then i've been sleeping with my window WIDE OPEN (live on the 2nd floor n had my curtains closed still of coarse) But yeah doing that gets temps in the grow room to a low of about 55-60 deg/F tho lately its been warming up alittle more so its been more like 65 deg at night, im hoping so cal will get another cold front here in the next couple days because DUDE a couple leaves are getting a really nice dark blackish purple hue to them and some even show deep hues of it on leaf corners and tips! So excited! make sure you stop by and check out that thread soon buddie!
    hey man I have a question for you about chillers, so if you check out my current grow you'll see a super plant with about 10 ounces on her :)) thats shapey! Anyways she's about 20-25 days out from harvest and since im using a chiller and i've heard tid bits here and there about reducing tempurature to help get her to ripen stronger or better or something you should take the temps down to like 55 or something? do you know about this? If so when should I apply that and how much would you say? I have it right now at about 67 deg/f. thanks dude! Hope all is well! Take it easy!
    hey man you were very helpful in the past im back in full swing check out my new grow im always willing to learn thanks alot man- GM8
    Whats up Butcher? Figured I would show some love on the wall. Also, what strain of MJ is your profile pic?
    Hey bro how's it been? Long time no convo. U crossed my mind so I dropped in to say what's up. Not on too much but still at it. Finally got the space I was seeking. So its on, finally!! Hope everything is cool on ur end. Hit me. :peace:

    Been getting through some tough times but all is better now. as for stink a$* strains, Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, Sensi Star just to name a couple. I've found berry strains stink more. To help with the smell look and taste, be sure to feed heavy amounts of carbs/sugars to your plant. Then flush well and trust me you'll smell and taste the difference.


    All is good now, I'm just happy to be back.:) Thanks for asking, every lil bt makes a difference.
    Hey man how you been? Just wondering if youj could steer me in a direction of some good strains to try, I'm looking for a. High thc, very potent smell, resinious, put you on your ass strain. I've been growing great white shark and strawberry blues, I. Also already have a. Church, ams, and big bang seeds, but I would nlike to find a strain that when you pull out some bud it stinks the whole room up.. thanks in advance.
    A Consumer reporter is a person who is demoing and giving a non-bias opinion of our sponsors products such as light, strains, fans, pipes, insecticides and so on. It was started to ensure that everyone is given a true and accurate account of how the quality of the sponsors products are. I love it !!

    To be honest though I'm just glad to hear from you, Honestly I was worried cause we haven't heard from you in a while. And it is Good to hear from you. You've always been one of my favorite growers here, your chill, not drama filled and stay out of the spotlight :adore: Takes a great person to do all those things. :goodjob: is what I say. Welcome back :ganjamon:
    Droppin in to say whats up. I noticed the new title of consumer reporter. What's that exactly? Hope all is well on ur end bro. I'll be back in a little bit (hopefully). Be easy bro. :peace: BWC
    hey mate, how r ya? would u mind havin a look at my thread and tell me what you think. i got a mildew problem again with the medi. its at week 7. was gonna start flush today for a 2 week flush but stumped on what to do. should i treat? or trash it?
    Hi I just dropped you a friend request and hope that you accept. I have read a bunch of what you have wrote on peoples threads, and I am looking for knowledgeable friends who know their stuff and you seem to know what your talking about.
    Your Welcome, Thanx for the Reps I just got back from Santa Cruz about a month ago. I actually went down by the water near the boardwalk on the east side, to smoke some Bubba Kush, and low and behold, two guys blazing too, cool stuff. :)
    i found the seald bag so there lil more hope i got my fingers crossed lets see its unkown but looked like some icegrape in some1s gallery pic only had 2 seeds popped1 n it was a male of course hey i keep them for a reason haha wasnt even mad when i found spewnin pollen if just the other seed was a lady humm some seeded clones who knows ty bro
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