Shotta Grows For Freedom

Hello and welcome all. This will be my new journal, documenting how I will go about setting up my new space. It is gonna be kept small but productive. I will also be growing these in a custom soil blend using only locally available amendments minus a few products I will have to source online. So far I have only hung one kind led 300 start the Lings off with a little fan. Big shout out to @Rhys777 for that generous gift.
The mix I started them in was a 1:blushsmile:1 perlite, vermiculite, and peat moss in red solo cups. Just giving tap water for now.
Up first is the Uzbekistani IBL At one week since it hit the 1:blushsmile:1 mix

next up is the GG4xZkittles x BLack lime bubba
My own cross

Next is another one of my own creations
sour strawberry kush x trophy wife
Panda mints x orange zkittles #2

I also have a pair of sunset sherbert x pre 98 bubba
I forgot there picture this morning but I will update with pics as we get rolling.

gonna try and make this a simple and informative journal for new growers to follow along and learn from, and for all the other growmies that I have had the pleasure of knowing here on this great platform. I’m sure I will be learning a thing or two as well. Never stop learning in this Game.
I will tag everyone later on when I have time.

one love,
Will be pulling up a seat here, keen to tag along :popcorn: :cool: nice little girls you got going so far
Hoping for a few girls at least. All these are reg seed
B Boy alien.jpg
Poppin and lockin till next update.
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