LED Trinity Grow - Round 1


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Hi everyone.
It finally came, my new LED Trinity from Supercloset, its bigger that I thought. I mean, I knew the dimensions (6 feet wide x 6 feet tall x 2 feet deep) but it just seems bigger in person, not that I'm complaining. After a couple of hours of unpacking and setup it was ready to go.:high-five:

I germinated 4 White Widow, and 4 Master Kush seeds using rockwool in the supercloner that came with the closet. I used tap water to fill the cloner and also to soak the rockwool cubes (74 ppm and Ph water to 5.8). I got 100% germination rate and all the seeds popped up within 2 days. The seedlings are now 1 week old, they are about 1 - 2 inches in height and have their first set of true leaves. I'll keep you all updated on a weekly basis and next time i'll post some pics.

Re: Supercloset LED Trinity grow, Round 1

I went away for the weekend and hadn't checked on the babies since Thursday (3days). They were doing fine, but the water in the supercloner evaporated a little quicker than anticipated in the summer heat. I went to check on them tonight and 6 out of 8 were dead, the rockwool they were in was dry as my mouth after I smoke some killer ganja. Two of the babies managed to survive my stupidity, 1 White Widow, and 1 Master Kush but they might not make it. Fingers crossed.
I figure its a lesson learned, seedlings are very fragile and I'm still learning the in's and out's of the supercloset.
On to my second attempt.
I started to germinate the remaining 1 white widow and 1 Master kush seeds I have left, and germinated 3 Blue Mystic. Soaked rockwool cubes in RO Water, PH is 5.8 and ppm is only 17. In total, if the babies that remain survive (not holding my breath), i'll have 2 white widow, 2 master kush, and 3 Blue Mystic.
This time no messing around, I'm checking on them every two days. I drew a water line to ensure that every time I check them the water is to be filled to that line. I won't make the same mistake twice.
Still no pics cause I didn't want to upset or depress anyone with shriveled up dead seedlings, but in bout another week i will hopefully have some to post for you all.
Talk to you soon.
Re: Supercloset LED Trinity grow, Round 1

Hi all.
1 White Widow and 1 Master kush are all that remain from the 4 seeds of each strain I planted. The survivors seem to be alright after my brain fart, although the white widow has a little burn or damage on her leaf tips. I took them out of the cloner tonight and moved them up to the larger chamber under the LED's, and into the superponics reservoir. I also gave them a 1/2 strength first feeding of nutes. We'll see how they handle it (ppm 260 and 5.8 PH 10 mins after feeding). I'm hoping that because they survived the drought I inflicted on them accidentally it means they are the strong ones and will grow well.
As mentioned in my last post I started germinating new feminized seeds, 1 more of each white widow & master kush and also 3 Blue Mystic to replace the others that died. I'm pleased to announce that they have all cracked their seeds but have not risen above the surface of the rockwool yet. Another day or two and they should be good.
Any comments or advice is welcome.
Talk to you all next week



p.s The master kush is propped up a little with a tie because it was leaning over. I'll remove the tie after a couple of days once she has straightened out.
Went and checked on the plants this evening, and they are doing well I think. The kush has developed its second set of leaves and roots are starting to be visible at the bottom of the net cup, color looks good. The white widow seedling is having a little tougher of a go, but she's hanging in there. Widow has also started to develop her second set of leaves but they are a little yellowish, not the dark green that the kush is.
The seeds that I germinated are still thinking about making an appearance, all are still under rockwool except for 1 blue mystic which is about 1 inch tall. They cracked their shells but haven't grown much at all in the last two days, I think the rockwool cubes were to wet. I took them out of the supercloner and put then into a germination dome over a heat pad. Hopefully a couple more days and they will sprout.
The Supercloset definitely has a learning curve for the first time grower with water levels and temps etc but I'm getting the hang of it. I think this first grow is gonna end up giving me a lot of knowledge and the second grow will go much smoother. Sorry for the multiple posts, trying to get to 25 posts
Evening everyone.
Great news!! My kush and widow plants survived, in fact they are thriving.:high-five:
Went to check on the water lvls etc. tonight and the girls are doing fantastic, more growth than i thought possible in 2 days. Topped up water lvls with RO water, no nutes tonight.
Water ppm= 310
Forgot my camera tonight, but i'll get some pics next time i see them in a couple of days. Basically just topped up the water lvls and Ph lvls, and checked up on the seeds i germinated. Two of the three Blue Mystic have broken the surface of the rockwool and are 1 and 2 inches respectively. unfortunately the other blue isn't doing anything and either is the white widow. Lastly, I broke the tap root on the master kush seed accidentally when I moved the rockwool cubes :rip: Gonna leave it and hopefully it'll still grow, but i don't think so.

So in total now for the Supercloset grow, round 1, we have 1 Master Kush, 1White Widow, and 2 Blue mystic.
My goal with these 4 plants is modest (I think) for my first grow, I would like to get 1/2 pound. My plan is to put the 2 blue Mystic in the smaller grow chamber, as they are a very short bushy plant and should only grow to about 3 feet tall. The white widow and the Master Kush are going into the large grow chamber as they both grow taller. I'm going to Monstercrop these girls, Topping, F.I.Ming, LST and gonna scrog the hell out of all of them. I'm so excited:yahoo:
Talk to you all in a few days, and if any one knows if the seedling with the broken tap root will make it or not pls let me know.
On a side note.... Today is a perfect example of why I'm starting to grow. I've been smoking for almost 20 yrs now, and I've had my share of dealers. My current supplier is great, always the same stuff and its high quality. Its a little more expensive but I don't mind as long as its GOOD. Now yesterday I ran out, my usual supplier is out of town for a few days so had to go somewhere else. The new guy is talking all kinds of shit, "its really good" etc...so I decide to give him the benefit of the doubt. He sells me a bag and it looks good, not very strong smelling but looks nice. Get it home and roll one up...... and it tastes like crap (nutes) and is crackling like a firework at the tip. Needless to say I wasn't impressed.
Man, i can't wait till my normal guy is back. Better yet, I can't wait for my girls to grow up!
If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.
Hi everyone.
Just got back from checking my girls, they are doing great. :high-five:
The Master Kush seedling with the broken tap root sprouted, looks like she's gonna make it. I've pretty much given up on the White widow seed and the 3rd Blue Mystic seed, I left them in the rockwool but if they don'k crack and sprout in the next couple days, they are done. The Blue Mystic seedlings that sprouted a few days ago are doing great, 2 more days and they go up to the main veg. chamber.
The Original Master Kush and White widow are now 20 days from seed and are doing really well, roots are nice and white and look like a fish skeleton. Only issue is the first set of leaves on Master Kush are curled up, not sure what caused it but I'm not to worried. If anyone has any ideas about it don't be shy. Enjoy the pics and talk to you all next week.


The Girls

White Widow

Master Kush

The Roots

Blue Mystic seedlings

2nd Master Kush seedling

The Setup
Hello StealthGrow totally subbed and Love the set up as well, I have a HUGE favor to ask of you,
I am trying to build my own cabinet basically the same set up and I'm having a hard time figuring out the ventilation set up as I want it the same as you have it in yours (attached to the carbon scrubber) , is there anyway you can shoot a pic of the exhaust fan set up (brand type and/or especially how its attached) its something that has really been puzzling me and I don't want to screw it up, any help (pics would be awesome or even just description) would be HUGE as I have been doing hours of research and really don't want to mess it up especially when it comes to making holes in the cabinet. thanks a ton if you can hook it up with pics and info on brand of fan and how its attached to the carbon scrubber oh a +rep as well even a pic of the back would of cabinet would be great any help so I can get an idea of what should go where , that's not asking for a lot is it? =)
Hi tokenfish.
Thanks for your intersest and reps
The Closet draws air in through holes cut out for the power cords (you can see one in bottom section, top left or main section between carbon filters) They put a 90 degree angled piece of PVC piping into the hole to lead the cords through and to help hide the light.
The carbon filters are attached to a big computer fan and then screwed into the cabinet. There is one big hole for the filter to fit over and 4 little holes drilled into the cabinet for screwing it in. I'm checking on my girls tonight and will take some pics for you. I'll get some close ups of the filter itself and the ass end of the closet.
Have a good day
thanks for the input, is the fan round or square? how they attach it to the fan is what has been puzzling me if the fan is square, if I got it correct the fan is small enough where the carbon scrubber completely covers it and they have 4 separate screws (aside from the 4 that is used to attach the fan) that are for the scrubber where the scrubber is attached to the cabinet. still a bit puzzled but I think its becoming a little clearer now. I figured that's how it is drawing air in as well as keeping light from escaping with the 90 degree elbows, thanks again
Hi Tokenfish.
As promised here are the pics of the carbon filter the brand name is Phresh filter. Pics aren't great but its a tight squeeze in that closet. The fan and the filter are built together as one unit. Do a google search of "phresh filters" and you'll get some nice videos and pics.
Hope that helps and good luck with your build


The filter is attached using wing nuts
Hi everyone.
Checked on the girls tonight and all is well. Changed the water with new RO water and added full strength Nutrients. PH 5.8 and PPM 289. Temp 77F and RH 44%.
Both the Widow and the Kush's leaves are slightly rolling up, I think its because they might be starving a little. Its been 9 days since I gave them their first feeding, and it was only half the strength indicated on instructions. I thought I would be cautious and feed them half, as they are only seedlings. I'm gonna check on them in 2 more days and hopefully with the full strength feeding the leaves will not be rolled up any more, We'll see.
The Blue Mystic Seedlings are doing well, I moved them up to the veg. chamber tonight cause they both had roots visible at the bottom of their net cups. The 2nd Master Kush seedling still needs a couple more days in the cloning section of the closet, there was growth but no roots showing yet.
G'nite all :peace:
i would be cautious feeding your plants nutrients, too many nutrients cause more damage then too little. i would start your plants on a 1/4 recommended dosage and slowly work your way up at the next few feedings. how is the pH of your feed water?
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