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Sup everybody? So I finally decided to get a proper set up. I've grown in the past but just used bag seed and cfl lighting. My set up is as follows:

Tent: 4x4x7

Lightning: 600 watt hps for flower and 600w metal halide for veg. Digilux digital ballast, big Kahana air cooled hood.

Ventilation: 6" inline fan with carbon filter combo

Medium: ffof

Seeds: nirvana aurora indica and blackberry

I have 4 AI and 1 blackberry right now and they are on day 35 of veg. I should have done a little more research before I put the blackberry in with the auroras because I hear they stretch a lot more in bloom. Oh well, nothing a scrog set up won't fix (I hope). Here are the most recent pictures and some old ones. What do you think? I'm up for any friendly advice. Thanks for checking out the grow.

P.s how the hell do I upload photos?
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Thanks croatsan. The video definitely helped.
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I topped the aurora indica twice and the blackberry once. Blackberry is in the middle and is the smallest so far. I tied them down to get some of the undergrowth to get bigger and up to the screen. I'll be making the switch to 12/12 soon.
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Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay in updates. Life has hit me in the balls and I had to take care of some stuff. Everything is looking good. I flipped a little too soon in my opinion but oh well, you live and learn. I'm still happy with how they're looking though. Since I last popted I developed a bug problem. Thrips I believe and I've already got some stuff on the way for them. Spinosad is what I will be spraying. Other than that minor set back I've maintained a temperature of around 77 at the high and 65 at the low. Humidity is between 45 and 55% and I think that's good. I think. Anyou suggestions on how I got the bugs? Thanks for looking. More updates soon.
Squares are 3 and a half inches. I am tucking. There's only about 3 inches sticking up through the tops. Not tall enough to tuck into the next square.
Hope all is well in your world.

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