1. HPS foliage

    HPS foliage

    It can be done. HPS for veg
  2. Booberry cookies

    Booberry cookies

  3. Booberry


  4. 20220129_205956~2.jpg


  5. CapnButter

    DWC grow: are they looking ok?

    Hey everyone! This is my first DWC grow. I am growing in clay medium with a 5 gallon bucket and 3.5 Gallons of water. It is about 14 days from seed maybe a little less I forgot to write it down . Does it look like it’s doing fine so far?
  6. mayjah_mutant_day30.jpg


  7. mayjah_mutant_day26.jpg


    Starting to look like a cannabis plant
  8. Veg room

    Veg room

    Veg room and clone room
  9. Clones


    More clones added to flower tent.
  10. Clones


    Clones In Flower tent
  11. Veg room

    Veg room

    Clones of Girl Scout cookies and birthday cake kush. I believe the clones in hydro tub are about 7 weeks old. While the ones in coco or promix are about 11 weeks old.
  12. K

    White, yellow spots on leaves help

    First off weapons Dosi do and ice cream cake Indoor 650 led Sunshine # 4 Worm castings Myco Flora trio 1/2 strength Diamond nectar floralicious Plus Cal-mag (botanicare) Silicate (botanicare) 5 gallon fabric The problem I'm in veg and I've been getting these yellow/white spots on my leaves...
  13. Seedlings: Day 10

    Seedlings: Day 10

    Upcanned to pots!
  14. Screenshot_20210503-211526_Chrome.jpg


    @GeoFlora Nutrients Veg Information
  15. Indoor closet grow with Mars hydro

    Indoor closet grow with Mars hydro

    6 Sour Tangie plants and some succulents
  16. Sour Tangie under Mars Hydro TSL 2000

    Sour Tangie under Mars Hydro TSL 2000

    Dimmed light for picture
  17. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  18. Jowowie

    With pics: 18 days old LST, defoliage? Help!

    Hey happy growers, It’s my first time growing indoors with a complete tent setup and I am unsure on what to do with my two females. I am growing Super Silver Haze x Northern Lights strain and they are 18 days old literally growing like a weed with coco medium. Any ideas and tips on how to train...
  19. Krinkles


    Krinkles, 28" wide
  20. #3


    #3, 28" wide
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