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  1. The veg room

    The veg room

    Had to put a small table for my 1 gal. Waiting to flip
  2. Gorilla Glue, Super Lemon, Gelato

    Gorilla Glue, Super Lemon, Gelato

    You can start to see the difference between them
  3. Xan King

    Month 2

    Does she look healthy? This Is day 2 of lst. Am I doing this right?
  4. Mothers & Clones

    Mothers & Clones

    Cheese, shiva Skunk, Afghani
  5. Seedlings


    1 gallon Wk 1 veg
  6. 4C2B0A8D-D922-446E-BAA9-30AEDD78AAC4.jpeg


    Euphoric wonder widow babys
  7. My veg toom

    My veg toom

    All level and looking ready!
  8. IMG_20191124_190710.jpg


    Zkittles day 38 veg
  9. IMG_20191111_185104.jpg


    Stalk doing good on my Bruce mother . Gave her a good look today and opened her up a bit more.now I will try to get these to go north then flip soon
  10. IMG_20191031_200250.jpg


    Far shot of the Bruce banger beauty girl she is shaping up to be
  11. Coyne66

    Weird autoflower mutations

    I am a second time grower but new to auto’s. I am currently growing white widow auto from cropkings.com. The plant that is farthest along is on day 17 and is having some weird mutations. It seems to have topped itself and has 3 main shoots already. Most of the leaves are all different sizes and...
  12. IMG_20191020_181304.jpg


    Roots pink kush day 11 veg
  13. H

    ReVeg? Lack of Oxygen? Save my Room!

    Planted healthy looking teens about two weeks ago, they have been kept on a strict 18/6 Schedule while in Veg. Noticed that they were almost showing flower characteristics within a couple days, is this what Re Veg looks like? Or someone had also suggested maybe a lack of oxygen for certain...
  14. Week 5 veg

    Week 5 veg

    6 sativa dominant hybrid in week 5 veg
  15. Week 5 veg

    Week 5 veg

    3 sativa dominant hybrid week 5 veg
  16. Week 5 veg

    Week 5 veg

    Middle of week 5 veg
  17. End of third week veg

    End of third week veg

    Various different strains at the end of there third week in veg. Bottom left and top right plant topped 2 days ago
  18. Optimus913

    Lonely Afghan Kush

  19. G

    C02 in veg

    Hey guys, just wanted to know what everyone thinks of using a c02 generator in veg! i know some people say its a waste, while others say it helps a lot in both veg and flower, so let the discussion begin!!
  20. S

    Early Veg Problem Help Please

    Hey! I took a look at my plants this morning and I noticed some of the earlier leaves are wilting up a bit and are discolored kind of browning a bit near the veins. I had to flush a week back because of too much nitrogen. It was yesterday that I noticed I might have a problem. The soil was...
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