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  1. Green Gelato

    Green Gelato

    Big & Beautiful
  2. C

    Dark shiny leaves cupping problem: Help!

    Hi guys, so its muy first grow in mapito and i am having some trouble. I have a 400w hps. Let me say i already done some hydro grows buy only in clay Pebbles and never had this issue. Now, my plants are still young at around 3 weeks into veg, new growth is getting dark shiny leaves and are...
  3. Black Cali Grapes & Gelato

    Black Cali Grapes & Gelato

  4. F

    Greetings: Minor help

    Hello! I joined this forum because it’s my first time growing and I’m having trouble with yellow leaves in 2nd week of veg for autos. They’re in Happy Frog soil with some roots organics top dress for nitrogen, but I’m still noticing the lower leaves yellowing... Could it be a watering issue? I...
  5. Red Afro clones

    Red Afro clones

    1 gal
  6. Cheese.jpg


    Day 42
  7. 5 different strains 2nd week veg

    5 different strains 2nd week veg

    Mars Hydro TSL 2000 veg
  8. 5 different strains in 1st week flower

    5 different strains in 1st week flower

    First week flower under Mars Hydro TSL 2000
  9. Cheese


  10. Alaskan Purple

    Alaskan Purple

  11. Veg Rrom

    Veg Rrom

    Ready to up pot
  12. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

  13. Cheese


  14. Amnesia


  15. Amnesia


  16. Alaskan Purple

    Alaskan Purple

  17. M

    Right on! Hello growers! New Here

    Hey guys! Happy to be here and join you in this community. It is soo amazing how much help you guys give to each other. I really do see the “We are in this together” Right On! New grower, I will be starting out with a - 2x4x5 Vivosun tent - Seeds - Forbidden Dream and Lemon 18 - Ac...
  18. IMG_20200624_204927.jpg


    The entire bottom is layered best root zone to date holy shat
  19. Sex Wax

    Sex Wax

  20. Greenhouse


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