1. #2


    #2 top view
  2. #1


    #1 Top view
  3. N

    SOG Help

    So I’ve decided I’ll be completing my first ever SOG grow, I’ve ran 6/7 previous grows so understand nute cycles and how lights work aswell as training methods soo have the experience in that sense, but due to living in the uk and the growing laws I want to Max out my space so I’ve decided on...
  4. Sleeping Beauty's

    Sleeping Beauty's

    Group shot at lights out.
  5. P

    Nitrogen Deficiency?

    Happy Holidays everyone! My clone has gotten much bigger due to the help from many of you. The yellow spots that my plant were getting are no longer an issue. I don’t see any visible deficiencies other than a purple/reddish color that is taking over my stems. Not sure if this is genetics or...
  6. #3 LST

    #3 LST

    LST 1 week since FIM. Wow :)
  7. #2 LST

    #2 LST

    LST is coming along nicely.
  8. #1 LST

    #1 LST

    Start of LST Natural light with flash
  9. #1 LST

    #1 LST

    Starting to tie main top branches down. No flash natural light.
  10. #1,#2,#3,&Krinkles


    1-3,&K inline angle shot with flash
  11. Krinkles FIM results

    Krinkles FIM results

    FIM looks like i missed.
  12. #3 FIM results

    #3 FIM results

    FIM looks great... nailed it!
  13. Krinkles


    FIM'd Krinkles
  14. #3


    FIM'd #3
  15. #1


    Upcanned, showing good secondary branching.
  16. #2


    Upcanned, showing good secondary branching.
  17. 1,2,3,&Krinkles


    Top View Last pic under T5 lighting
  18. Group shot

    Group shot

    1,2,3,&Krinkles Side view
  19. Group shot

    Group shot

    1,2,3,&Krinkles Top view
  20. P

    What’s wrong?

    Okay so I received this clone a week ago and transplanted it into Fox Farm Ocean Forest.. haven’t used any nutrients yet just water. What could this be around the edges. I could be paranoid but I want to catch problems early on. I was told not to add nutes because FFOF had enough to last them a...
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