1. Group Shot

    Group Shot

    11 Forbidden Fruit and a Dr Jack
  2. HPS lighting

    HPS lighting

    Over the years have got used to translating the yellow into green
  3. Build It And They Will Come

    Build It And They Will Come

    Kevin Costner Bud. Proper field of dreams stuff
  4. Dos si Dos Auto- Week 5

    Dos si Dos Auto- Week 5

    Praying leaves under 500w Gavita HPS
  5. Making sure light is hanging true

    Making sure light is hanging true

    Using an iPhone to make sure light fixture is straight
  6. Weedkeiser

    Multiple Strains In DWC

    High all. First post. About 15 years ago me and my roommate tried to grow some Super Lemon Haze in our small apartment's sauna. I had a small veg CFL cabinet in my bedroom and the flowering was done in the sauna with a 400w HPS with no ventilation or carbon scrubber, just a table fan. We had...
  7. 2234A0D0-B994-4D55-9D8F-12C8C0E35A4C.png


    Hps just switched to led for my current light
  8. F5DC532E-D7B1-4C4E-8CB6-DE9C52EE49FD.png


  9. hazeluv69

    Does it count as veg the 2 weeks switch to 12/12?

    So as my questions states, if I flip today are the next two weeks till I see pistils still veg time or is it pre flowering? Does the plant still veg for the first week then start flowering or. I’m just wondering what this period is called if it still veg or immediately counted as flower time but...
  10. hazeluv69

    Tent too hot: Using a 1000w

    I’ve recently changed my light from my 600w hps to a dimlux 1000w I have used it before & am just entering end of veg so I thought I’d introduce the big light. It is on 600w, I have an oscillating fan and a 6inch extractor fan with ducting towards a window, it is a 1.2x1.2 tent. My issue is...
  11. hazeluv69

    Wattage during flowering? HPS

    Hi I am on the fifth week of flowering and was just wondering if I could hear some advice about what wattage to run and to dim or up it in certain weeks from now as it is getting hot. I have a 1000w hps dimlux expert series 1000w boost which goes up to 1200w I doubt I’ll go past 1000. But I...
  12. aussiebuddy

    AussieBuddy's Kerosene Showdown 2021

    Hi guys, Thought I'd post a journal of my photoperiod Kerosene Krash grow. I've got 2 x Kerosene Krash and 1 x Banana Blaze. Growing with coco in airpots I started 1 of the KK seeds a week after the others. I had 1 x Mokums Tulip as well but it didn't survive transplant because I was careless...
  13. Canopy shot

    Canopy shot

    Love the color change!
  14. Getting close now

    Getting close now

    Canopy shot, had to tie up a few tops lol
  15. Krinkles


    Doing her thang!
  16. Group shot

    Group shot

    Starting to pack it on!
  17. My eden

    My eden

    Coming along...
  18. #2


    Bud shot
  19. #2


    Bud shot
  20. #2


    Bud shot
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