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Welcome to my journal, I started off with a shot adrenaline (Athena), my oldest girl, who is now 60 days old. Next came the second shot adrenaline (Shorty), who is now 58 days old. Last was the Pakistan Ryder (Medusa), who is now 56 days old and mysteriously is more mature than shorty. Athena was started in a 3 inch pot with FFOF soil and was transplanted to a 1 gallon pot at 13 days old. Shorty and Medusa were started in blue solo cups and transplanted on day 12 for Shorty and day 11 for Medusa. All plants were vegged under a 65 watt CFL, 6500K lamp. I later acquired a 125 watt CFL, 2700K lamp and made a ghetto reflector using corner pieces of roof flashing. I since have purchased a proper wing reflector and redesigned my grow space by mounting the reflector to a piece of plywood that hangs from the clothes rod, also mounted to the plywood is 2 small fans for circulation. As the plants grew larger, I installed 4, 13 watt CFL's for side lighting. These plants are amazing for first time growers, with my climate being severely hot and dry the plants have had to endure temperatures of up to 100 degrees for hours at a time, to aid in keeping my humidity up I purchased a KuulAire portable swamp cooler. I would turn it on high and cool and it kept my humidity between 50 to 65 percent. To help cool temperature in the grow space at times I would put ice in the reservoir of the swamp cooler. I have not encountered any fungus as of yet however I have had a few little visits from some pests. Leaf eaters and fungus gnats from the soil were frequenting my plants, until I spoke with my local nursery and they recommended using Triple action plus with neem oil. Also even though I know they don't hurt anything they get on my nerves, Flies always seem to wanna hang out on my leaves. Again my local nursery came to rescue by recommending that I use Permethrin, after spraying for the first time the gnats and flies fell all over the bottom of the grow space. Now the flies detour themselves away from the grow space thanks to the wonderful stuff.
Bear with me guys I'm going to break this up into a bunch of posts. Let's start with Athena, my favorite girl by far, and the largest by far, living up to her name for sure! I harvested the top half of her yesterday, on day 59, and can't wait to smoke her! Three sample buds were awesome, and I am really satisfied with the skunk influence in this strain as I am a skunk lover from way back. I added FF big bloom at the first sign of flower, and I use molasses every other watering. She has recently struggled with a K def, because I didn't realize I was supposed to use tiger bloom with the big bloom. I hit her with 3 teaspoons of molasses 2 days ago and she hasn't showed any new signs of def. I now have the tiger bloom, and will use it next feeding. I have learned a lot by trolling these forums but I would like to say big reps to Don Paul P and King John C for all your help!
Since I fully expect Don P to stop by, I thought I would say that I have acquired the materials for my first 2 liter dwc experiment. I will be posting a journal on that one as well, and I'm looking forward to the experience. As for Medusa, (aptly named as well because of her uneven side branches that are snake like) the Pakistan Ryder the second girl to flower. She has proven to be not quite as resistant to heat stress as the other two, but she is coming along nicely now that my heat issues have been resolved. She is on the same feeding schedule as the other two girls, but has a slight N def that I'm not at all concerned with this late in flower. All the girls are under a 24 hour light cycle that I will not use on my next grow after more research revealed that all plants benefit from a rest now and then. I also plan to get a 200 watt 2700K for the next round, as I am well aware that they are not getting enough lumens with the 125.
Shorty (also aptly name for her stature) has had a rather uneventful life, with the exception of some heat stress that seems to have stunted her growth. She is very bushy, and rather than lots of sites like her sisters, she has developed about 9 individual colas. In spite of her short stature, she was the first one to start smelling, and continues to be the smelliest. I really believe she will provide the best meds of the 3, but I will definitely enjoy them all, as the stuff around is pretty substandard.
Sorry about the pics king I will try to fix that. I am using a 125 watt 2700K cfl, 4 13 watt 300K cfls, and 1 65 watt cfl for side lighting. Temps are from 70 to 80 degrees in the daytime, thanks to my new air conditioner, and the humidity is between 40 and 50 percent.
Is it ok for me to foliar feed some tiger bloom this lays on flower guys? Shorty has a def now which looks to be a combo nitrogen and manganese which I think would be rectified with the tiger bloom. I'm really just not sure if I would run the risk of bud rot if I did a foliar now. Temps are perfect 70 to 80 and humidity is 45 to 50 percent. Thank you guys for all your help and I hope someone can help with this issue.
Having a hard time rotating my pics king. Is there any way to delete all the pics in my gallery and resubmit them so I can rotate them before I upload?

i do not believe there is a way to delete the photographs in your gallery. I use Easy Exif Delete to remove Exif data from my photographs, I use ACDSee Pro 6 to view and rotate my photographs, I use PhotoScape to add text to my photographs.

Is it ok for me to foliar feed some tiger bloom this lays on flower guys? Shorty has a def now which looks to be a combo nitrogen and manganese which I think would be rectified with the tiger bloom. I'm really just not sure if I would run the risk of bud rot if I did a foliar now. Temps are perfect 70 to 80 and humidity is 45 to 50 percent. Thank you guys for all your help and I hope someone can help with this issue.

i have not foliar fed in flower myself. i have only treated with organic pesticide in flower, no bud rot developed.
I fear Athena may out grow her container soon, as I have already uncovered a root or two while inserting the co2 hose after watering. She has only shown signs of the K def thus far, and the buds are still swelling. I have one more of these beans that I will use a 2 gallon smart pot with. I went with a traditional container this time but I've heard good things about fabric containers. I only used a one gallon pot this time, and I'm anxious to see what the roots look like.
All I had to do is turn the phone sideways king so from now on they will be right.

thank you kindly. I use 5 gallon pots for my cannabis plants. i start with 6 inch pots then transplant to 1 gallon pots then finally transplant to 5 gallon pots. if i am going from clone then i start with 1 gallon pots and transplant to 5 gallon pots.
Thanks again king. Would you recommend a 5 gallon pot for an auto? I was led to believe that because of their short cycle, they do not require as large of a pot. I like the way seedlings do in a small pot, as opposed to a solo cup, my largest and most mature lady was started in one. This is all kinda new to me, and I have learned lots from you more experienced growers, but not all the info on here has been good. Do you have any feedback on smart pots? I have heard some good things, and it seems obvious the plants would benefit from the oxygen, but can anyone actually give a firsthand review?
Just flushed and fed the girls tiger bloom, which I hope they enjoy. Apparently no one, including my local nursery, carries anything except hydrated lime, which I read can burn roots. I have to drive 100 miles to the nearest hydro store, so my question is, has anyone used hydrated lime? I have used it for ph control in my work environment, and it doesn't take much to raise the ph. I got stuck in this tiny town, because I was following the work, but can't wait to move to a more favorable location, maybe one that has a hydro store. Everyone have a good night, and I'm about to enjoy the next joint!:rollit:

I use smart pots seem to work for my grow and space but do not have a lot of experience with them. I like them because they have a little give to them and my plants seem to like them. I use 3 gallon ones would love to do 5 gallon but space limits me. As for you other question I got no idea on the difference. Google it someone has asked the question

Keep up the good work your grow looks good so far
Thanks carl, I have a 2 gallon smart pot on deck for the next round, and will probably ditch that for a 3 gallon. They're closing the hydro store nearest to me, and I'm hoping they have a sale! My space is very limited, like 3x3, So 5 gallon pots are not an option for either. Btw king, sorry if I mislead you, the invite was for the people who have subbed to your journal, as you had so graciously already subbed, and thanks again for your infinite wisdom. I just took these pics of my oldest girl's (Athena) trichs.
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