Bill The Cat's LED Coco Grow - Afghan Ryder Kush Auto & Pakistan Ryder Auto

Here's the Pakistan Ryder on chop day. I got to excited and forgot to shoot a final pic all striped down. Never got very big but I think it might surprise me. I grew the Mig-29 and it never got very big but gave just under a z. Can't start next grow 'til Dec. Here's my options:
AUTO Mazar – Dutch Passion Seeds
Amnesia Haze AUTO - Vision Seeds

I love hazes but after watching thebeast's Mazar might do that. Any thoughts?


Will post weights later.
Time to finish this. Final weights are:

Afghan Kush: 56 grams. Very pleasantly surprised by the weight on this one. The buds are kind of airy.
Pakistan Ryder: 47.5 grams. Nice tight buds on this one.

Both are very frosty and definitely are very good smokes. Not to imply that they are the greatest thing ever, but it's the best I've had since Amsterdam last year. Seems like I might have found what works for me. Now I'll cut down the experimentation and start fine tuning it. Thanks to BedroomFarmer for the video on watering coco. And especially theBeast for all the knowledge and help he and all others who share info and not treat it like some big secret. Well, will be about a month and a half 'til I can start the next grow so until then good growing everyone.
Hope all is well in your world.

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