Bill The Cat's LED Coco Grow - Afghan Ryder Kush Auto & Pakistan Ryder Auto

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Hi Everyone

I've been growing for about 2-3 years trying to learn on my own by taking what sounds logical off the net. I've had limited success, some decent some not so much. Have been lurking here for a while so figured I try a journal and get some knowledgeable help.

Here's my info:
Afghan Ryder Kush Auto – World of Seeds
AN Jungle Juice & Bloom Suppliments
Seedling 2.5 weeks old
Coco 75% and Perlite 25%
4 gal.pot
MarsHydro 400 series II
2' x 2.5' Gorilla Tent
75-80 degrees
Hum. 40-50%
pH: 6.2
2 times per week

Pakistan Ryder AUTO – World of Seeds
GH Flora Series + AN Bloom Suppliments
Indica / Sativa
Seedling 2.5 weeks old
Coco 75% and Perlite 25%
3 gal.
MarsHydro 400 series II
75-80 degrees
Hum. 40-50%
pH 6.2
2 times per week

Here's the Afghan Ryder at day 8.

And at day 15.

And the Pakistan Ryder at day 8.

And at day 15.

They have only had pH'd water with Roots Excelurator.

Could some one explain exactly how to get photos to appear in thread instead of just the links?
Also why the links show in my post before I upload it but not after?
re: Bill The Cat's LED Coco Grow - Afghan Ryder Kush Auto & Pakistan Ryder Auto

Go to gallery and upload left of page.when they have uploaded .come back to ur journel here and write a post in the box and u will see a camera pic in the tool on that and will bring up your uploaded pics.then click on whicheva pic u wna insert here;) welcome to 420 mag.ul like it here for sure:welcome::passitleft::420:
Well, hot as hell here i NE, 90 some degrees. Spend all day in front of the A/C. Here are my girls at the start of week 4. Both had their 1st feeding yesterday. Both grew 1 " over nite! Guess I haven't been starting nutes soon enough, or not strong enough. The mixing 1/4 strength always seems to give me a super high ppms. Mixed yesterdays feeding at 1/4 and was almost 1200 ppm. From what I've seen online is that's what a photo should get. Should I check after the nutes but before I add my calmag and silicone? Anyway, very impressed with their growth over nite.

Afghan Kush


Pakistan Ryder


Now it's time for a bowl. Have a fine day all.
Looking well and u have done perfectly not feeding until the same i dont feed my plants. till week 3 to 4 of life.and i go straight it at half strench.there established plants now and will be eager for there feed;)
Thanks Beast. I always get impatient and worried that their too small, knowing they will take off in a couple weeks or so. When should I top them or not. Seed co. says 45-55 days. The afghan is supposed to be 16"-32" and the Paki "medium". I don't know for sure, but think I messed up doing my last grow, Mig-29. Only got 16.5 grams but was quite happy with the trichs and potency.
Well here it is Saturday already. Hope all have refreshments and can relax for the day.
Here's my girls' update.

First is Afghan Kush.




And here's Paki.




Starting to get the first pistels showing. More so on the Paki. The Afghan is supposed to get from 16-32", but is the shorter one right now. The Paki is just listed as medium, so who knows, but is really start her explosion of growth.

All have a great weekend and happy growing.
first feeding with AN bloom initiators and FF Microbe Brew & Big Bloom. Afghan Kush is getting a lot of bud sites developing. Paki is still out growing the Afghan. Big sister & little sister, which one will be the favorite child?






Happy growing
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