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Hello everyone, As a led grow light manufacture in China, I am very happy that I am here, be a sponsor. although we have been in this field many years, our online shop just get online this month. in order to celebrate it, we decided to give $20,$ to customers. more light you order, more discount you will get. also, all the customers will get yo-yo hanger as gift if you order within this month.

Here in China we are forbidden to growing cannabis, so if you can send me some pictures or vedio of your grow journal, maybe you can get big gift from us, we'd like to give our led grow light to you as gift:)

If you want to save money,want to get high quality product, good after service. we are the best choice. we have lights stock in USA these two days. address is :
Address: 1937 Davis Street Ste. B Unit 31
City: San Leandro
State: California
Country: United States
Postal Code: 94577

I believe there has someone know there has a warehouse, so this information is a truth. we will also have stock lights in other country, UK's stock lights is on their way. as soon as they arrive, I will tell you. All the lights we are selling have enough in stock, so we will arrange your shipment within 24hours. if you customzie your light, delivery date will be 7days., because we need time to make and test the light for you. we are far from each other. we'd like to promise everything is ok before we ship light.

Warranty, we give all customers three years warranty.

More details, please visit our website

Indoor Led Grow Lights & Grow Tents - Mars Hydro

or E-mail me. if necessary, I will tell all people here. My English ability is limited, so I am shy to advertise here.:)

We are a led grow light manufacture, so if you have any good ideas on led grow light, please feel free to tell me. we'd like to take your idea to make better and better led grow light for all growners.

Hope all of you grow happy with our LED grow light. :Namaste::high-five::cheer:
hello i am a well known grower here i have 5 journals so far and have helped other sponsors get the word out about their products, i have been wanting to compare led versus my hid hps lights for a while, i would love the chance to test out your lights and would be happy to create and dedicate a grow journal to your lights and am willing to do a comparison vs hps & mh lights,, and write a product review, i have tested products for jdl lightings,blue planet nutrients,sierra natural science, and others, so lets work something out:thumb:
I agree B.I.D. would be an excellent member here to showcase your lights and he does a great job with his journaling. I would be willing to change out one of my three rooms from HID's to LED's if you have a need Sara and we can show everyone here what can be done with them. But please keep B.I.D. on the list above me I dont want to take away from his possible LED grow light journal.
Anyways nice to meet you SmokeSara, welcome to and thank you for becoming one of our sponsors here:)
Hi BID and s1ingblade, I would like to send out gift. but I got many messages to ask me about the we would like people bid on the gift. I'd like to know your grow experience and other information you want to prove me that you are the right one.

we have three series product, that is classic led grow light, reflector led grow light and 5watt led grow light. reflector led grow light, we have friend test. so we only need two person to test our classic led grow light and 5watt led grow light. we are ready to send these two light out:
check the link:

We give all 420 visitors one month to bid, today is 15th,June here in China. and 15th,July , We will tell you who can get our gift.This is very fair for everyone.

my E-mail is : waiting for your information about your grow experience or other information you want to show me. thank you.
well if what you mean is to bid like on ebay, unfortunately i am disabled and live on a very small fixed income, i have several herniated discs in my spine and also need total knee replacement on both knees, i grow for the pain relief i get from cannabis and because i cannot afford to buy it, quite simply i dont have extra money to buy lights or i would have already gotten an led light to test, the best i could do is cover shipping if it was not to much, what i thought you were offering was a light in exchange for a journal and review and all the free advertizing i would do for you, i guess i will have to bow out on this offer/gift and let someone with money have a go at it, its unfortunate i think we could have helped each other out a lot, i have several years growing experience indoors and even more outdoors, heres a pic of my garden 2 days ago

but thank you for making the offer and becoming a sponsor here, perhaps one of our other great growers that can afford a little more then me will showcase your lights for you
sometimes being disabled sure can be a big bummer lol oh well it was worth a try ,i sure would have liked trying out that 80x5w led
good luck and have fun!!:thanks:
I think the word"bid" I use we use material to bid, but not money. if you can supply me enough information to prove that you are the right one, we will send free light to you. no need to pay:) FREE shipping . we just want to get the right person to help us. I believe you can understand this.
Actually, your grow looks really very great, maybe you will get one of our gift, but it needs to wait untill 15th, July.
oh i see what you mean now sara ,language barriers can be funny! ok well then, as far as my skill as a grower goes i think i do pretty good, i have grown in soil and coco, used all kinds of equipment,grown many styles and strains, done organics,regular ferlilizers,and currently working with the cutting edge high brix method, i think i might be the only grower on 420mag doing high brix in coco and possibly the world (but im sure somebody somwhere has tried high brix in coco) i have been growing for many years going on 3 years here on the forum, i still promote and support Blue planet nutrients, and JD Lightings ballasts even though my obligation to them is long ago fulfilled, i know i have helped them sell many orders , i will be honest and use the product EXACTLY as instructed,i will update often,and document in detail,i can do side by side comparisons,versus 600watt hps and metal halide,or 400watt hps or mh,or 325watt t5 or whatever you want. i was just at your websiteand checking out your lights and i must say they sure do look and sound like what i have been wanting in an led light the 5watt cree kind is what my friend said i should use im pretty excited to give it a try,my grow room has been getting really hot andmaking me worried about the power bill,this would be a blessing, if it can reduce power consumption and lower heat!
if you want to see my grow here is the link to my current grow click hereBID 5.1 Digital Dual JDL 600s - 4x4 - Organic Coco Perpetual have a look thru there and see what you think, i will send you pictures if you like, just let me know if there is anything in particular you want to know or see about my grow or abilities
heres a few more pictures of my work
thats just a few pics some go back a year or more, if you want to just look at pictures of what i have worked on heres a link to my photo gallery

Thank you BID, yes, in grow journal, honesty is necessary, because there has some people do not like products from China, so we want them to know that our product is the same with USA lights, just different logo. material and others things are the same. Our light can also work well, including afterservice , we can also do good. we stock in USA and we have people help us repairing lights for us if needed.

I will check all your grow journals before 15th,July. busy days here.

It seems you did not use led grow light to grow before, right? if you have used, please PM me some information, thank you .
no sara i have never used led grow lights before, i have used cfl,hps,mh,t5 and sunlight! i have a couple friends that have used them ,they were not very happy with them,they were 1watt and 3watt led, but i have an open mind and i believe that led can be good ,thats why im so excited to try one of your lights, because it sounds like your company is making the good type, i am an honest person and will do right by you, just ask corey at blue planet nutrients, or jd lightings those are other sponsors here i have worked with, im sure they will tell you i did even more than was agreed on, i still list their names in my journals ,even after i did the journal for them, and i recommend them to everybody online and in my local community, i have been working on getting the local hydro store to carry their products, because i know their products are top quality! same thing for your lights if they are as good as you say ,if im happy with them and your company i will let everybody know it, ,i hope you like what you see in my journals and enjoy them, it sure was fun making them,there are alot of really nice people here! i dont have any problem with china made products if they work good, thats the important thing, i have a question about lights, what light of yours would be the best for my 4foot x 4foot x 7foot tall tent? right now im using 2 600watt bulbs 1 hps,1mh in jdl digital/dimmable ballasts with 110% boost, witch of your lights would be best?
thank you sara:thumb:
4footx4foot, you can use324x3w led grow light, the consumption power is only 538w under 110V and 515w under 220V. I have some picture of growing under 324x3w light, but I do not know how to upload picture here. I need to check where is the URL of my pictures:(
Dear BID, thank you, I know how to do now, I will try it later.

As to the gift light, growners can do the way they want. we will not control them how to grow with our lights.
good morning s sara i know you wont control how i use the light i was just wondering what you would like to see,,if theres a way you would most like to see it done, because the way i have done it for other sponsors is the first journal i dedicate to their product i follow their directions and try to make them as happy as i can with how i used it, it would not be very fair if i got overly experimental and used you light wrong and then told everybody its not good! im just wanting to do it right and fair for everyone ,you ,me and the viewer, i like to put in some videos once in a while too :high-five::Namaste:
haha, my picture works.

Hi BID, I need to check some information first, then get back to you on how we want you to grow. you have enough grow experience, so I think we need you to try your best to grow well, then tell others how you grow. that will be ok. if I have some details, I will send to you ASAP. Thank you .
thats a cool picture sara ,well it sounds good to me i will put together a right proper journal and product review for you, you can even check in my past journals that when im working with a sponsor everybody knows it, im super excited to try led i honestly think if a company gets it right it will be the future of grow lighting, and its really time for a more economical and scientific light, the basic technology has not changed much in decades, except for the digital ballast,
thank you s1ing for your words of support you know me better than most here on the forum!
sara i did send you a message on your website,let me know when i should send you a private message with my info :thumb:
Hi BID, you sent message from our Website? I did not get it. I just got your PM several days ago. if you have more information want to show me. please E-mail me : this is my E-mail for topledgrowlight. thank you .

thank you S1ing. I think I will take your suggestion, but just need to wait more time, we'd like to be fair to everyone else who is interested in led grow light. :thanks:
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