Bigirishdoode Does Hempy Bag Seed - 2 Liter CFL Fox Farm - Small Closet

ok well i finally got up the stones to start a journal after many months of gleaning info & knowledge, here at the 420mag and waiting to get my mmj card , i decided to "get real" and share my project this is approximately my 5th grow it started with 2 23 watt cfl bulbs (65ook daylight) and as my knowledge grew so did my gear of course, so heres the layout

What strain is it? right now i have 2 both started as bag seed #1 is a Mexican land-race sativa dominate i call it "homiegrown" .#2 the other (not in this grow atm) i call " green dreams" and is indica dominate

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? both but not sure
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? veg
If in Veg... For how long?.. less than a week
If in Flower stage... For how long?
Indoor or outdoor? indoor
Soil or Hydro? coco/pearlite hydro
If soil... what is in your mix?
If soil... What size pot?
Size of light? many cfl
Is it aircooled? sorta
Temp of Room/cab? 76-85 day 67-72 night
RH of Room/cab? very low atm
PH of media or res? 6.8
Any Pests ? no
How often are you watering? every 1-2 days
Type and strength of ferts used? fox farms grow big,tiger bloom,garden lime,super thrive,nothing but st thus far


im using 60-65% coco 40-35%pearlite 2 tbps organic traditions garden lime from home d per gallon of medium to address the cal/mag def with coco
just put the clones into thier perm homes (2 litre bottle hempy's) 2 days ago



these clones were taken from a plant i had growing outside as you can see the were well into flower (harvested 2 weeks after clones were taken)
i have become a big proponent of flowering clones 95% success rate so far
in my little clone box versus 95% failure rate in the exact same setup same strain etc. when i took them from a vegging mom,

i dont know why it works so much better for me but it does! i have only lost 1 clone out of the 3 different times (36 to date) and i think that 1 was because i forgot to recut and dip it in horomone, ok heres my lil' clone box it was a beef jerky display box once upon a time till i gave it a higher purpose! lol

inside the box, i normally use peat pods but i decided to try some in pearlite


hers some closeups of roots showing after 10 days give or take a day in my cloner




and heres a couple more of my lights and stuff


in there but not pictured is a space heater/fan that has a pretty accurate thermostat, and for air i have a Oreck xl air purifier that works really well there's never any odor AT ALL!! it has a negative ion generator built in and puts off a tiny bit of ozone there's also a vent in the ceiling that's helps a little,,but im gonna put in a exhaust fan at some point heat has been an issue in the summer time,, ok *gasp* i cant think of much more to tell atm, so i will post this and think of more,

i just want to add that this would not be possible with out this community
what i have learned here is amazing to me, this is my favorite web hangout
barre none! i think the members are awesome and fighting for a great cause i believe cannabis is here to help us, and the planet, it helps me with my disability like nothing else has, i suffer from massive pain and nerve damage daily, (feel like mike Myers in Wayne's world 2 "i promised myself i wouldn't cry!) lol ok nuff 4 now till next post ,always humble always strong
the bigirishdoode:thanks::420:
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small update, we decided to start 4 seeds 2 are from my best female last grow she got stressed late in the flower (heat & a week to long) hermied and produced several (22) big nice looking seeds or perhaps got a little pollen from a few afternoons outside on the balcony,and 2 are hybrids i breed myself crossing the 2 strains i have if i get a boy and girl im gonna breed them and eventually start my own strain (oh such high hopes lol) after 19 hours the 2 hybrids have started opening (paper towel method)
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i have a questions bout "bagseed" is it considered bs because you dont know the parentage or because you found it in pot you had, and is it considered somehow lesser that seeds purchased online, because it cost $ to get,? my observation (feel free to correct me if my logic is skewed) but if you take seeds you find and say you do know its basic origin, and you grow it out,selectively choose plants to breed ,rinse repeat.. is this still considered bagseed? even tho you have more or less and to a lesser degree done the same thing as the big breeders/banks etc. these are the questions i have for now about breeding, and the reason i put a ? mark in the title of this journal
till later
always humble,always strong
the b.i.d.
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I think that seed banks selectively breed for the best possible traits over multiple generations. So technically when purchasing from them you should be getting optimum genetics (supposedly). That being said theres no reason why you cant do the same and call it whatever the hell you want :)
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I haven't bought any seeds yet. Started with a clone that he said was good. I did the same thing and stressed it Those mermie seeds are still keeping this going. My sister came from San Diego and first thing she wanted was some of my whatever MJ. Bottom line if it works for you grow it.:cheer:
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thats pretty much how i feel bout it stutzy, r2mnot the vegging clone is kinda a lil' known treasure most say you cant even clone a flowering plant, but i found a thread by racefan all about it in the grow section here on the forum, and for me its great because i have no need to run a mother setup i can reveg them same as any clone,i usually veg them a couple weeks till they are throwing normal leaf sets. I

find they are faster to root &grow, they tend to grow hella branchy minimizing the need to top,lst,supercrop etc, i have successfully gone 4 times with no loss of vigor,or potency,,hell i think its actually getting better! and when i feel like it i will grow out a male and make seeds.and back cross and so forth,,
dadums i started with 4 seeds i think and have bread for seed a couple times then i got a couple different seeds given to me that were a totally different pheno & genotype allowing me to experiment with crossing strains im defiantly having fun with it! and hermi seeds have worked fine for me on a couple occasions they grew into perfectly normal plants with a tendency to be female :thumb: i have a brother that always wants "what i get" he sez its better and cleaner tasting than anything he has had and hes a very frequent smoker, so i guess i can sum it up with a quote i like alot

"i have but one light that leads the way,that is the light of experience"
i find that experience is often the best teacher ,im a bit of an eternal student ,theres so much to learn!! till next post my friends
be well
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i have a question guys,,the 4 seeds i poped are ready to hit some form of medium, and i was thinking of sticking them in mini solo cup hempys in 100% pearllite , is there any reason why i should not?, im looking in the grow section for any info i can find on this,,also will be posting some pic of a new invention i made hint : think mini self contained hydro with submersible pump
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ok its update time i'll start with the coffee container mini hydro thing i made, I tool a plastic 33oz coffee can cut a hole in the lid to accommodate a special k single serve cereal cup that i fashioned to be like a net pot, dremel's are of divine intervention!! lol
the medium is the 60%coco/40%pearlite mix i used for the hempy 2 liters with a pinch of garden lime for the calcium issue, the last of the clones finally showed roots, (thats 100% success rate this time,so far i have lost only 1 clone since i started taking flowering cuttings 48 so far) . and placed it in the "mini hydro" i figure everything is the same as the other 7 in hempys except the containers and watering,should make a good control group for comparison, i mixed up ff grow big at 1/4 strength inside is one of those little submersible pumps from one of those indoor water fountains they sell at the dollar store! connected it to a timer set to water for one hour on and one hour off round the clock. any ideas on if i should set the timer different??
and we started 4 seeds all popped in less than 24 hours 2 are from a hermie and 2 are a cross of the 2 strains im working with
here are the pics



heres the kids snug and starting to grow some new single smooth edged leaves



heres the air purifier and fan/heater and my average day temps



ok well thats it for todays update i welcome any and all questions,comments,criticism or just general chatter
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ok guys i got bored and was gonna join the nug of the month before i realized its over for this month, heres what i did today, oh and the seedling all 4 have broke ground and are looking good, heres a lil bud porn from my last grow,

this above pic shows my love of the forum!
below is some of the indica strain i call "green dreams"



and these are the sativa dominate strain, if you look close you can see it has male flowers, however it "works" just fine and taste awesome, and on my budget i cant afford to waste anything, not that i would anyway lol



ok thats it for today, sorry for the sub par pics my good digital cam was damaged and chooses when it will work so these are with my cell
have a good night everyone
untill the next post
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good stuff Big :thumb: your hydro chamber is a riot! let me know how that works out as far as maintaining ph etc. Things are coming along nice over here.
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ok i have been off my stride with some bedridden pain days, but i have an update today and some new pics, actually these pics are a couple days old i should be taking some new new ones tonight, i think all but 2 clones roots have reached the reservoirs in the hempys, i have been gradually upping the nutes at about 3/4 strength for normal feeding according to the fox farms bottle and schedule and ppm is at 600 300 is my un touched well water ,also adding super thrive 3 drops to a 2 1/2 gallon jug and ph adjusted to 5.8





they have already grown alot more as you will see very soon
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