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Jimmy Max Parker 11/2/41 - 02/19/17
:welcome:Hello Everyone! Welcome to my New Journal. :welcome:

I named this Journal "OldMedMan's Aloha Journal" for a reason. Aloha, has many meanings here in Hawaii. It can mean "Hello", "Goodbye", "Till We Meet Again" , and "Love". In this case "Till we meet Again". And a little love too! This will be my last journal for a long time, due to getting our home back up to standards.

If you haven't been in one of my Journals before, I should tell you that I start by explaining everything I do. I aim at "First Time Growers". If I don't know an answer to a question, then we will ask the experienced growers, who usually ride along with us on our journey.

Here are the strains I will be growing and what seed banks they come from.

From Samsara seed bank

2 Sweet Black Angels = Indica with a taste of blackberries
1 Punky Lion = Matanuska Tundra x Chronic

ACE Seeds

1 China Yunnan = Indica
1 Orient Express = China Indica x Vietnam Black

Paradise seeds

1 Aseed — sorry can't say the name on 420 = Diesel x Unknown
Look at Paradise Seeds and you will know what it is.

Green Triangle Seeds

1 Grapefruit Krush = Indica Grapefruit x Bubba Kush

Medical Seeds Bank

2 Prozac = Mostly Indica Lavender x Hindu Kush

Bomb Seeds

1 THC Bomb = Indica/Sativa
3 Berry Bombs = Blue Berry x Bomb
1 MediBomb1 = Indica Medi Bomb1 x Unknown Strain

Barney's Farm
1 Acapulco gold = Sativa

5 unknown seeds looking for a female

That is total of 20 plants
6 Plants are already outside and are in flower.

The plants already out are:

1 Medi-Bomb1
2 Prozac
2 Unknown Seeds
1 Puny Lion

Ok, let's cover the basics:

Pots I will be using will be from 5 gallons up to 15 gallons.

The soil I am using is a mix of Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Organic Black Gold. The reason for the mix is FFOF is too hot with added nutrients that last for up to 30 days. The Black gold cools it off in my opinion. My Favorite soil is no longer available in Hawaii. That would be Fox Farm Happy Frog.


For Fertilizer I will be using OC+

Here is a link explaining what OC+ is:
Osmocote Plus Plant Food - Discuss Its Use With Cannabis Here!

3 Blue Planet Farmer's Pride additives will be used also.

The tent averages of 85 degrees, it is not air conditioned and has 6 fans for circulation.

RH is usually around 44%

I do not measure PH.

I will water when needed using RO water.

The Lights in the Tent are 4 Advanced LED Diamond Series XML — 10W CREE XML LEDS.

I also add AzaMax every other watering as a repellant and killer of insects.

My worst insect pests are Leaf Miners. I have on order Captain Jack's Dead Bug, which should take care of them.

If you have questions about any of this, just ask.

Now let's grow!
I Am here! Cant wait to see this through!! Definately look forward to see how the diesel strain looks like!!! Yeeeee Haw!!:circle-of-love:
Wow I made the first page. Lets grow.
What? I'm actually getting in on one of OMM's journals before it's ten pages long? :rofl:

:surf: Yeah buddy! :high-five:

You know I wouldn't miss it. Been busy choppin' and hackin' shrubs round my parts... Had to quick get a front row seat to another fine OMM journal.

I Am here! Cant wait to see this through!! Definately look forward to see how the diesel strain looks like!!! Yeeeee Haw!!:circle-of-love:

Can't do a grow if your not here CF....not a proper one anyway!
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