Beemerbill's Indoor/Outdoor Multible Strains Grow Journal

Howdy everyone. Decided to start a journal after all. This is a get ready for summer type of journal because a lot of them will be going outside to make there way to stardom. Right now i have 3 strains but will be adding 6 or 7 more as soon as the seeds get here which should be any day.

4x4 tent has adjustable ballast with a 1000 watt bulb
2x4 has a 12 bulb 4" t5 fixture Nice fixture- it has 6 switch's
Soil grow= basic potting soil plus adding rock phostate, bat s**t, kelp, bone meal, alfalfa meal, a little lime and 1/4th by volume perlite.
Pots 4 gallon and bigger
Osmocote plus
watering = water

These are growing
Harlequin x 4 High CBD 10% and around 4 to 6% THC
Hybird/ Pakistan Chintral Kush/Afghani Bullrider x 4
Querkle x1 this one is a rooted cutting from my last grow and is 3 months old and is
4" tall. We'll see
Indica/sativa 80/20

Strains coming/ first time buying seeds. all for meds

1 x Sourkush Feminised Seeds Hybird
2 x Jack Herer feminized sativa
1 x Jorges Diamond Feminised Dutch Passion Seeds indica
1 x Cream Caramel Feminised Cannabis Seeds 90% indica
2 x Auto Bubblelicious Cannabis Seeds Predominantly Indica
1 x Royal Medic - Feminized Seeds mainly indica with equal amounts of THC and CBD

I am also looking for a Lavender Kush


I will probably leave them in pots so they can be moved into greenhouse when necessary and in the fall to complete flowering. I have a small greenhouse and I'm building a new one over my garden which is 12 x 20 feet.

So here goes
Here's some pictures


Transplanted yesterday Pakistan Chintral Kush/afghani bullrider


the 3 month old Querkle


All of them

The PABR (Pakistan Chintral Kush/ Afghani Bullrider) that I transplanted yesterday don't look real good but I think they will be fine.
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:welcome: YR the room is really wide so there are plenty of front row seats.
well you know I couldn't not be here:party:good sounding meds Bee:yummy::nomo:
Damn. I'm in .Great to see another greenhouser...2 years ago I did half in ground and half in pots .....Just a very little difference. being able to move them is big advantage. Going to be a huge greenhouse.Think of putting a fan in the plans. Its a key to have air movement. I can't wait to see more
plants will be huge careful not to let them get overgrown. I am planing to early bud the ones I have now. Wont put any in the greenhouse till late June. :thumb:
Looks good Beemer !! I'll be here for the duration, I just flopped down in my bean bag chair and can't get up! Looks like you have had the scissors out and have done some trimming already :thumb:
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