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  • I finally saw the Air-Pots in person for the first time. While Root Maker inventor may be the first to invent air-prune pots, this doesn't mean he has the best. First does not always mean best.

    After seeing the air-pots I say they are by far the best air-pruning pot. I remember we talked about it briefly so I wanted to share with you my findings. Basically you're right ;)
    Thanks a bunch for the rep Gig. On the bud leaf, my Jack the Ripper from the last round grew a bunch, they were pretty cool! :thanks:
    Updated my sig, great suggestion, thanks! Hopefully we'll get to go international one day, right now the shipping would make it difficult for you guys to want to spend the money with us, lol.

    Thanks for the reps!
    Thanks for the rep and for the kind words in the thread. hehe, can you wait ~6 years for a tailored strain?
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