OldMedMan's Super Lemon Haze Collective Grow


Jimmy Max Parker 11/2/41 - 02/19/17
Hello All and Welcome to the Super Lemon Haze (SLH) Collective Grow.​

I am just a part of those who will make this grow interesting, I am just the moderator, you will make or break this journal by adding comments, pictures of your SLH grow, as we go.

This truly is a place where anyone that is growing this marvelous strain is welcome to post any information or pictures from past grows, current grows, and future grows of SLH. She is getting rave reviews and a group of us want to see if the all the hype is true or not..

I have one SLH growing now. It is part of a larger grow I will start next week.

I was a little put out that out of five fem'd seeds only one actually grew. I kept the duds and will send them back. May have just been a bad bunch.

Here is a blurb from one of our sponsors seed banks :

Green House Seeds Super Lemon Haze Feminized

Genitics: Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze
THC Level : 22.9%
Characteristics : A very lemony haze, works fast and lasts long

Green House Seeds Super Lemon Haze has won the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup with a landslide of votes. Its incredibly intense lemony flavour, with a strong haze background has a sharp and intense taste, which reminds of lemon, lime and pink grapefruit, followed by a very earthy and musky haze aftertaste, with traces of incense and black pepper. The effect is very balanced; it starts with a quick indica-hit feeling that softly moves to a very strong high, with a social and creative side. The Super Lemon Haze is a very smooth compromise between the great qualities of its parents. It's cannabis seeds has 9-10 weeks flowering time, and a very typical Christmas tree shape. Plants tend to grow quite tall, but the internodes are not too far apart, and allow easy topping. The leaves are very sativa-like, while bud formation comes dense and has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. The Super Lemon Haze is very effective both indoors and outdoors, and responds very well to high-EC hydro systems as well as organic soil setups. When cultivated in soil, the spectrum of terpens is more developed and gives an extra lemony flavour. The THC is high at over 22%, ensuring a very psychedelic experience to even the most experienced smokers.
Effect: A very lemony haze, works fast and lasts long. It's a very powerful high, very balanced between a physical and a cerebral side.
Flowering outdoor: finishes end October in northern hemisphere, production up to 1000 gr/plant.

They did not give indoor grow info.

I started my SLH on the 8th of June. I topped her on the 18th of June and will top her again soon. She is in a 6" pot and will be replanted to a 3.7 gallon AirPot before she goes outside permantly. At the moment she is getting a combination of sunlight, CFLs, and an old 90watt UFO 2 color LED, for 18 hours and 6 hours of darkness. I am one of those people who belives plants need the darkness to recover and that they also grow in darkness.

The basics :

Planted in Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil with 35% Perlite.

Will be using Bonaticare nutriments and Molasses

Here is combo of start to present grow pictures of her.

She Spouted on the 8th of June:)

Same spout:)

Topped her on the 18th of June:)

21st of June...almost ready for the second topping::)

So this the start Now it's up to other 420 Members to make this a real journal and I am sure many of you will add comments and pictures about your SLH!
Aloha OMM, glad to see you got the journal up!

I received a Super Lemon Haze seed as a freebie promotion from the Attitude Seed Company when I ordered some other seeds. I put her in between two layers of papertowel in a gallon zip lock freezer bag and into a cool dark place on 5/20, she had a tail the next day and I put her in a dixie cup and she was up the next day on 5/22. (BTW I will refer to my SLH as a she as I am hopeful, was supposed to be a femmed seed so will go based on that...:), but she has not shown sex yet)

Here she is on her green day!

She has been a vigorous little girl.

Here she is about two weeks later on 6-4, with a little embellishment...:grinjoint:

And right before her transplant....

And here is a photo from last night, she is the midget on the right in this picture (next to my Hempy Cheese)...:)

I just wanted to say that my fans don't look very sativa to me...:smokin:. They are gigantic though...as big as my outstretched hand..that is a normal book next to her for size comparison.

Guess I have the "other" phenotype....:reading420magazine: This is one reason for this journal. We get to see all the different types and types of growing styles.

I am using Dutch Masters Gold in soil for her. I will use my own Cal-Mag (made from hydrated lime and epsom salts using 4-1 ratio approximately) and molasses during bloom.

Hope we get alot of participation so this can be the thread when you wanna know about Super Lemon Haze. Maybe more great strains can get showcased in the future, but lets see how this goes. :goodluck:

Peace 420Magazine
Aloha High

That doesn't look like a midget to me:)

She sure looks healthy and green.:smokin:

Thanks for posting your pictures and info. I hope your post will encourage others to jump in too! :cheer:

Those are Haze leaves.....my Strawberry Haze had those exact leaves at the start. We have learned something already.:)

I think this will be a fun and informative journal for all of us!

Thanks again for the post. :grinjoint:

By the power invested in me by me, I hereby appoint you as co host! :cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer:

Well done Mountain High! Congratulations!
Sorry High:)

I will use my own Cal-Mag (made from hydrated lime and epsom salts using 4-1 ratio approximately) and molasses during bloom.

I didn't know that! I have both ingredients, just need to make sure what kind of lime I have. Thanks! :cheer:
I'll be back if my little helmet head girl lives....lol...lavendar...just posting now so it will put me on the subs. list....hugs:cheer:
Just poking in to say hi. I'm not growing the SLH right now, but I've certainly enjoyed it, and this journal is fun as hell from the start. Already 3 very cool examples. You guys might make me have to order it.


NIIICE... No SLH here, but I'll be watching for sure. Great fun collective thread! We should do this with some other strains as well!! SLH will be a great start though!!:popcorn:

Thanx OMM, and everyone else who contributes! Great Idea! WOOHOO!!!!!!:cheer:
Hi OMM, I'll take a seat in here if you don't mind. No SLH in my garden but there should be lots to see here.

Good luck to you and all the participants in this grow.
Well ever since I tried SSH Ive wanted to grow both SSH and SLH it might be a while before I do, but they will be mine...oh yes they will be mine....
Hello all! Great lookin journal already. Nice pics, both of you. I've decided that Super Lemon Haze will make my short list for future grows (outdoor). It says northern hemisphere will go to the end of Oct. That's right at the edge for me, I could always finish them off in the back window I guess.

Great Job all, I'll be watchin. Besides, how could one not enjoy a journal when the likes of you two characters are involved? :Rasta::Rasta: Wouldn't miss it for the world!
Fantastic idea! I'm in for sure...just to learn and cheer on. Groovey pictures OMM!

Great to see that picture from Crazyhorse too!

Hi Sisco I'd like to take credit for the idea, however it was Mountain High's idea. We are all kinda in this together. I should be fun! :)

CH's picture is nice!:)
I'll be back if my little helmet head girl lives....lol...lavendar...just posting now so it will put me on the subs. list....hugs:cheer:

Hi Girl:) Must me common to the strain, I had to use tweezers on mine too. I was sooooooooo careful, it was my last seed of SLH.:)

Good luck with yours:grinjoint:
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