Mr Nice - Shark Shock - Grow Journal 2011

What strain are they? Devil and Shark Shock (reg) (Mr Nice Seeds/Shantibaba)

Are they Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?

Strain name: Devil

Family of breed: Afghan x Afghan/Skunk

Breeder: Shantibaba’s

Preferred medium: Bio and Hydro, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse

Expected yield: indoor 450-550g/m2 g/h & outdoor 450-600 g/plant

Flowering period: Flowering time indoor, expect 8 weeks but it is possible there are some that will take longer. In the Northern Hemisphere , especially for the greenhouses, it should be ready end of September early October. In the southern hemisphere it should be ready by

Recommendations: For the inexperienced growers to the most advanced cultivator.

Special Notes: A winner to many outdoor growers since the late 80’s. Produces a red aura and full fruity flavor to the consumers.

Strain name: Shark shock

Family of breed: Brazilian sativa / South India x Skunk # 1

Breeder: Shantibaba’s

Preferred medium: Bio and Hydro, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse

Expected yield: indoor 500-600 g/m2 g/h & outdoor 450-500 g/plant

Flowering period: Expected indoor flowering time is between 40-50 days. In the northern hemisphere it will be finished by Sep. to early Oct.and in the southern hemisphere it will be completed by March to early April.

Recommendations: For the inexperienced growers to the most advanced. Extremely hardy plant and excellent in greenhouses.

Special Notes: Winner of multiple HTCC since late 90’s. Exceptional flowers with a wonderful aromas. The most successful breed of the late 90’s.

In Veg or Flower stage? In veg....Just popped up!

If in Veg... For how long? I will veg both plants until they are about 1 or 2 ft high

Flower stage... For how long? About 8/9 weeks or 20/30 % amber trichs

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor

Soil or Hydro? Soil/Perlite mix(70/30)

If soil... What size pot? Both plants will be transplanted into 12 litre pots

Size of light? 250w hps

Is it aircooled? No cool tube, just a fan blowing over the top of the plants.

Temp of Room? 65-75

Are you ready to rumble? YES :grinjoint:
Well here we go again.

I bought 2 regular seeds (info^) so there is the chance i get 2 males!, ive also got 18 bagseed soaking in some rain water, i just done that tonight.

Ive got lots of pics to up-load and will soon :)

I done a super lemon haze journal a while back, although i dont have the original mother, i did take clones and cloned those too, one of those baby's is now half-way through flowering, im using GH FLORA BLOOM instead of BIO BIZZ BLOOM that i used on my older grows.The only reason for the change is because my mate gave me it, bio bizz is good stuff too imo.

I can wait to try some of Shantibaba's plants out, he is a breeder that i admire alot. Here is some of his work .... Check This Out (Super Silver Haze -Mr Nice Seeds)


My devil seeding had its helmet(seed case) on for ages, i managed to get it off last i just dropped the pot!, its almost totally smashed, hanging together by a thread. i do this on most grows lol you would think id learn..... :tokin:
Hoping the Devil pulls through for you.:goodluck:

:thumb: cheers....

I will buy more devil seeds if this one dies, it sounds like a tasty strain.

When my bagseed start growing ill pick the best 3 looking plants, the rest can go outside. im looking for short plants with fat leaves so i give myself a good chance of getting females. im slightly worried they will hermie on me so id better watch out for that.

My SLH is looking good and is packing on the weight, i forgot to take pics when the lights went out(again!) but i will post some soon...
:rip: The Devil....the crazy horse killed it lol

I think i have plenty plants (slh,shark shock&bagseed) to keep my very small grow space full for a while, i will grow some Devil on my next grow. :smokin:
Severe case of da-ja-vu!, i posted the same thing last year!, big horse race coming up in the next few days (grand national)

come on "hello bud" can do it this time.....:slide:

oh and a couple of bagseed have popped up.
HAHAHA , To Hell With The Devil!

Ok , now Shark Shock will be the star of the show, thread title change too!

If its male i will order more, i have time to waste untill the slh finish up and my mate will veg up for me if thats whats needed.

He has a cutting of my slh and his own Chesus (godbud x cheese) plants that look like they will be killer indica pheno's!
Nice bro. Things are looking good. Is that a GH SLH? I got one as a freebie, and was wondering about the size and smell factor.

Yes it is, i ordered 1 fem seed ages ago and its a keeper, not much smell until its in full flower ,its not as bad as cheese or ak47!
It can strech so size could be a problem but some LST can help with that, i find it really easy to clone too....i love it! :yummy:
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