Super Lemon Haze & Super Silver Haze In Hempy

Hello fellow humanoid plants. I havent did a journal in a while but wanted to do one to have a record of this grow and to help anyone who might be growing the same strains. The SLH and SSH are both new to me but I am excited to grow and smoke both. I only have 1 super lemon haze cuz only 1 out of 5 popped. The other 4 are super silver haze. I might not be very active due to work and kids but I will try and atleast give weekly updates and pics.

Grow specs:
*Strains- (GHS) Super Lemon Haze x1, (MNS) Super Silver Haze x4
*Light- LED, Mars 400w for veg and 2 Mars 400s for flower
*Medium- Hempy, strait perlite in 2.5 gallon pots.
*Nutrients- General Organics Grow Box
*Room- 30" x 40" self built insulated cabinet with ventalition and carbon filter.

All questions and comments are welcome. Thanks and safe happy gardening to us all.

Day 25 veg

Dollar Tree wastebasket perlite hempy!
I have topped the super lemon haze 2xs and a couple of the bigger super silver haze have been topped too. Will be flipping to 12/12 in a couple weeks cuz it should get stretchy but we will see.
:passitleft: didn't realise you started a journal... Good shit..
:passitleft: didn't realise you started a journal... Good shit..
Yea Grizz i was keeping it on the down low. Smaller = more exclusive/VIP only :blunt:.
Glad u showed up man. Going good so far.:passitleft:
:passitleft: Hola,
It's been a good week for growth. 2 of the SSH are just average but the other 2 are straight up sexy.
The SLH is doing a fine job as well. She was topped 2x and has the making of a nice plant. Starting to look hungry though. This one has the most sativa like characteristics and they are known to like a little more nitrogen. So I'll bump it up next feed.

These first 2 pics are the sexy sisters. They already have a strong citrus aroma, even more then the Super Lemon Haze which is surprising.

Super Lemon Haze

:passitleft: Thank you for smoking with me :Rasta:
Day 5 of 12/12. No pistils yet but nice growth. Gonna start tieing some of them back when i get time. They are drying out in 4 to 5 days now. I'm gonna push the nutes up a little and see if any tips burn. I like to let the pots get good n dry before soaking them down again to make the roots search for moisture. All in all everything is going well. Happy Turkey day.

Day 10 of 12/12.
Nice and healthy. All have flowers starting now. A couple of the super silver haze have small buds already. Not much else to report. I did find an app that has just a green screen for quick flower work during dark hours. I have a green led in the flower room also but still a handy app for anyone without a green light. I think the app is simply called Green Hydroponic Light.

Day 17 of 12/12
The Super silver haze are kicking butt while the single super lemon haze seems to have stalled out. Not sure what's up. Maybe it's a dud but still early in 12/12 so she will get more time.

SSH x4, SLH x1 front middle


SLH, has preflowers but hardly any bud production so far. This was a 5 pack from GHS and this is the only one that popped. No issues till now. Will wait and see. If nothing happens soon I will trash her and give the Silver sisters more room.

Day 31 Flower,
I'm giving the super lemon haze 1 more week to show me that it wants to make some real buds or else she will be composted.
The super silver haze are doing excellent. Seems like I have 2 taller phenos and 2 shorter but frostier phenos. All 4 have a strong citrus/hazey smell.

Super Silver Haze x4 and Super Lemon Haze x1 front left.

The 2 taller SSH phenos

Two shorter/frostier phenos

And finally the SLH. I was looking forward to smoking some super lemon haze. Maybe she will wake up in the next week and take off. Fingers crossed.

Almost halfway there :passitleft:
Hi Nick, your garden is beautiful. Everything is doing super in my eyes. I hope you have a Merry Christmas/Holiday.
Thanks for the comps StonedOtter. Merry Christmas to you also and Happy New Year. I'm happy the garden is green. The Super Lemon is also starting some dime sized buds so looks like Santa is real:). Maybe I did something to stunt her during transition to flower idk. Thanks for stopping in. :passitleft:
All this time I never knew you had a journal lol plants look great buddy!

I have tried a Super Silver Haze once before and thought they were great.
Hey HTH good to hear you liked the SSH. What breeder were yours from? Yea i'm not very active in this journal. Gonna get to page 2 someday. Easy read though lol.
Happy new year Nick. Hazes looking great!
I hope the year ahead is full of rich dank goodness for you and yours :) and that the scrog went well :rolleyes:
Hey thanks Donkey. May you have a fine buzz on this New years eve. :passitleft:
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