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Hello all!

Been a while since iv been on properly, was unable to complete my last journal due to ill health but im getting better and although i did say i was not going to grow next year the problem i have is not being able to sleep now without hearing a fan going in the night :p.

So we are back at it with 5 O.G. Kush seeds that are from the same mother plant, instead of coco this year im giving soil its chance as the past nearly 3 year iv been growing in coco and iv never been able to get the end product just exactly how i want it and i really think this is due to the nutrients i was putting in it, i know people have great results but even with a 2 week flush and minimum of 8-10 weeks curing time i got to the point where im blaming myself and me being in the situation im in the worst thing i can keep doing is going over things, so this grow will hopefully show me the way of better growing for me :).

I would like a few questions asked if people would be great full to do so and ill explain a little of what iv got and will be doing:).

So i will be growing 5 seeds in small 100-300ml pots for the first week in potting soil due to this is the only thing i can get my hands on, it says its potting soil but its an expandable pack so im actually thinking coco so this is why such a small pot as thursday next week i can get a bag of good soil, once i get my soil i will transplant them into a 2-3L pot until there a nice size then transplant them into there final 10-16L pots.

They will be grown in a 90x60x90 seedling tent under a 4 bar T5 set for 3-4 weeks then i may put a 400-600w above them undecided after my last electric bill was 4 figures long and 3 deep!

There final home will be in a 1x1m tent, its a small tent yes but im really not interested in growing for yield next year just absolute quality so LED may be involved but if i do go for LED i want something overpowered just incase forever in the future i decide to use the 4x4 instead.

Now my questions if anyone could help :).

Iv heard it can take up to 2 weeks longer for veg time and 1+ week for flowering is this true?

I was thinking of scrogging them but iv never had a great scrog grow before (either been un-even or not enough space filled) so my question would be, what would be the best option for me to go down as i hate putting any plant under any stress, there would be 5 in a 1x1m space giving them roughly around 40cm square canopy to each, the middle you can guess would mix in, i will also be pushing the tent walls out so my plants have extra room and my fan wont suck the walls.

Im a fan of getting huge root mass just before flip and iv had many great experiences with the likes of Great White & House And Garden Root Enhancer but theres no way im touching another non organic product to feed them, so is there anything out there i can give them or mix in with them for maximum growth before flip?

How often should i water, iv heard 1-3 days, do i also allow 20% run off, would this be right?

Should i mix my soil with some perlite or coco pebbles or is this not necessary for soil?

Iv heard people have better THC % when growing in soil rather to coco as well as under LED rather to HPS? is this true?

What should my PH be going in? also do i have to measure the PH going out?

Finally, id really love it if people could hang about and help me along the way, iv watched other peoples first soil grows go wrong and no one help them, if this happens to me my anxiety will be doing back flips :rofl: so even if my grow may not be the best in the world, please help :Namaste:.

I will update with pictures this week/next but other than that i hope to see a few people gather to show me the way of soil growing!

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and make sure you all have fun!

Thanks everyone!
Little Update: Iv since bought some of this, if the pic goes against t&c's of the page i can delete it, but bought this just to try them with, since it says edibles at least i can give it a go, if not the outdoor plants can have it.


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I would suggest get one large 25 gallon fabric pot.
Fill it leaving about 4" from the top with high quality soil of some form of a Clackamas Coots soil recipe, making sure you got at least 30% aeration like a mix of pumice, rice hulls and biochar.
Then get some freeze dried aloe vera and coconut to put in your water.
You need water that is chlorine and Chloramine free, either buy it or filter it.
Get a mycorrhazae inoculate such as Recharge or Rootwise to inoculate your soil with microbes.
Get a bag of cover crop seeds.

Plant your cover crop, add a bit of barley straw mulch on top once they sprout inoculate the soil, add a handful of earth worms and just grow soil for a good month.
Let your soil come alive, feed the soil, let it cook, let the worms do their thing.
It would be strongly advisable to at that point add predator bugs like hypoaspis miles predator Mites and Rove Beetles to take care of the fungus gnats that will without question be coming soon.

Then, once your soil is alive and ready then you germinate a single seed and when the tail is about 1/8th inch plant that directly into your 25 gallon pot covered with about an 1/8th inch of soil and water with aloe vera water.
The only tricky part at this point is to just keep the soil moist not wet not dry.
Water with a teaspoon or a syringe and just put a ring of water around the seedling maybe 2" or so in a circle around it, slightly increasing the water every couple days.
Prior to planting since you have been growing a cover crop for a month your soil should be evenly moist for probably at least a foot down.
If you can keep your seedling growing for a week you should be in good shape.
After a week, put a little Gro-kashi around the plant and water in with aloe vera.
You should be able to just simply water the plant and watch it grow from that point on.
Just keep soil moist.

This will produce the best quality bud you will see with high resin and terpenes.

You can build a SCROG and LST this one plant to fill that 3x3 tent and get at least 8oz

You can buy everything you need from Buildasoil.com or at least go there to get information for soil recipes and get aloe and coconut and cover crop seeds.
Not till tomorrow, need to work a few things out first.

So the light mix iv been reading will help my seedlings up until around the 21-25th day with just plain water but i do have some Bio-Bizz Bio-Grow to add if and when it does need it.

The All mix they have is going to be mixed with there Worm Humus they sell too, think it works out around 15/85 WM/AM and this will last up to 40 days without the need to add anymore nutrients which works out great but ill add some seaweed and molasses along the way.

Above all of them will be a 600w HPS or a 720w mars hydro grow light, even though im not growing for yield its still important that i get my moneys worth from what i put in as well as my amazing leccy bill :laugh:.
Hello all!

Sorry for the lateness been a little unwell again, so there in now, but i dont think the medium is quite what i hoped for, turned out it was a coco/compost mix bag that turned up, so bit of a problem but im hoping i can get them through till there a little bigger.

There currently under T5 4 bar 2ft long lights till there around 10" tall then ill move them under the 250/450/600mh bulb, but i dont want to be in veg as its time consuming on electric, once there in flower they will be under a 600w hps full spectrum bulb in a 1x1m tent with the walls pushed out for max space (around 2-3" extra not a lot but helps with airflow).

They have been given water for the past 2 feedings but today i gave them a light molasses mix ph'd at 6.8, i will ph it further down next feeding, because they have been put in 1L pots im going to transplant them into the BioBizz soil hopefully without any problems, so plan is to leave them for another week or 2 where they are then transplant them into there final 7L pots.

I have got BioBizz Bio-Grow for veg but i would also like a seaweed extract to mix along with the molasses.

So im planning to mix BioBizz All Mix with there Worm Humus at 70/30 clay pebbles mix, my question is, ill be using a 7L pot and iv never grown in soil so iv no idea how long it takes to really get a great full root mass in a pot that size, ill be using the root grow fungi thats posted above along the way.

I would like to expect around 3oz minimum from each hoping for 15oz total, i know its doable in coco on basic nutes with that light but what about 6 weeks veg in soil on basic BioBizz Nutes?

Hoping to get some pictures up when i can get moved.
Hello :).

So here are my 5 seedlings, they were planted in this medium on the 24th and broke soil on christmas day, im happy with how they are up to now, theres the smallest of deficiencies on some of the leaves but nothing im really worried about.

The medium is a coco/peat compost based so not the greatest but there is organic nutes preserved in there apparently, i will transplant them out of these pots in a week or 2, im just trying to let them build a semi okay root mass first to support them selves.

No idea on what im doing with them as of yet, wether it be training or let them just grow up, the tent is only 1m sq so maybe a few toppings may be taken into consideration.

I think they need a drink but im holding out till tomorrow when i have some BioBizz Fish mix coming im planning on diluting at 1ml per 1L then around the 10th-15th i will start adding BioBizz Bio-Grow to hopefully have some nice little plants underway.

Temps are at around 24-28c and 45-60% HM, there on 24/0 of light but im planning on placing them on 18/6 around the 10th.

So here they are, not the biggest for 7 days old but im new to soil from coco so maybe there going okay, i was planning on flipping them around the end of this month and the reason being is my country starts to get hot around the start of april, not too much heat but enough to disrupt tent teperatures ect, i suffered all last year trying to cool 3 tents down everyday and totally missed the whole year of summer sun and fun and i will not have this happen again as id like to enjoy going out rather than worrying about tents ect.

They look great. I’m sure you know this is all about root development. They like dry airy soil. Water light in the middle and heavier on the edges of the pot. The ball will take the water in the middle and then stretch for the water on the sides and bottom. I don’t think you can have a deficiency at this stage with your leaves. Your biggest danger is burning them. Aside from root stimulant seedlings don’t really need anything other than water, air, and a bit of light.
Hello @Calvados

Oh yes im all about that root mass, ill be honest i never thought or new about the heavy on the out and light in the middle, yeah iv gave them a little when i planted them in but nothing since.

I hope your well, any grows undergoing at the moment?
I've only ever used them, so I have nothing to compare. I've have a couple of types. The ones I'm using now are 2 Mars Hydro 900W. It's overkill, but screw it. One only covers 3 1/2 sq ft. I have a 4x4. I bought them both on ebay for about the third of the price of one. Somebody's disgruntled partner or a discouraged grower I guess. There's a guy on here who bought a kit that looked fantastic. The lights are in thin square sheets and the ballasts are seperate. They have dimmer switches. You buy in modules, so you get the area and intensity that you need. They looked super efficient and very cool. If I didn't own anything, I'd buy them. They weren't cheap, but they were reasonable. Sorry. Cant find the link, which isn't very helpful.

The main thing is covering the area of your grow for flowering. After a lot of reading I decided that I'd focus on PAR value. You need at least 1000 PAR during flowering. It drops rapidly outside of it's optimal range.

There is a correllation between watts drawn from the wall and PAR. The higher the higher. My Mars Hydro II 900W draws 360 watts from the wall. One is massively stronger than either the Platinum 300W or the Viaspecter 450W, which is what I had for my first grow. It costs more in electricity, but it makes a significant difference. Having said all that my first grow was pretty good considering until now I've been awful at growing anything.
My plants are in 5 gallon hemp pots. I like them. They are easy to manage and they breath. And they are really cheap.

Here's a link to my current one. Jack
Thanks for that info bud, iv been looking at getting a mars hydro 720w led, i think that will pull around the same if not less than 300w.

I know most folk have always said hps is better than LED for yield and LED is better for quality, but im thinking of running HPS until the 3rd or 4th week of flower to get the initial stretch and growth out the way then switch to LED to finish them off.

Either way im looking forward to growing them this year, i was planning on topping the end of the month if they were big or not just because of the heat situation when im in flower but iv heard these mars hydro are cool running or very controllable.

Iv since fed them this morning with some BioBizz Fish Mix, i did what you said with the watering, without knowing whats properly in the medium there taking to it, the burn on the leaves at the start may of just been that too much for a seedling.

Im sure someone said led is better for veg but iv no idea if i can keep swapping lights over, there under a 4 bar t5 set at the moment so they'l be fine there for another month.
Quantum Boards (QB lights). Chris Scorpio was talking about them. I think they are just LEDs, but not in a box with fans. Everything is stripped out.

Google Horticulture Lighting Group.
Yeah iv noticed a few growers using them lately, i suppose with them being stripped out they will be even cooler in theory, ill try this 720w for the last 4-5 weeks of flower.

Your in soil too arent you?
Canna Terra Pro Plus. It acts like soil, but it’s more like coir, so the PH is 5.8-6.2 depending on the development stage. It waters like soil (til dry). I didn’t know that until mid flower on my first grow. They grew anyway.
That sounds good, i havent bought any other soil yet so theres always a chance i may change my mind again but having said that with me being only organic this year i may as well get something with food in, you never know.

So i gave them 1ml to 1L of the BioBizz Fish Mix and its right what they say about turning the soil into good soil, fed them yesterday and they've shown to be reaching for the light with there leaves instead of the normal flopping for new growth.

What sort of yields do you get for your veg time may i ask?
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