My First Hydro Setup


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Hello everyone so I'm not long away from finishing up my soil grows, around 6-8 weeks and I can not wait to try my first hydro setup which will include:

- Northern Lights x Big Bud
- 2x4 Tent
- 19L Oxy Pot
- Undecided on veg lights
- 2 250w or 1 600w HPS for flower
- Canna nutrient line, A/B, Cannazym, Boost, PK 13/14
- Blue Lab combo meter
- 6"x600mm carbon filter hooked up to a 6" 1500cfm Tornado extractor
- 4" Intake
- Various size clip and floor fans

I will be scrogging as low as possible to try and build a healthy canopy, with this being my first hydro setup I may need a little help from time to time as the grow goes by, maybe help with training or how to create a good filled 2x4 screen.
Never used one of those containers.

That size tent has a wide door along one of the long sides, meaning you'll only have to reach in up to two feet?

My container to screen distance sweet spot was about 14". Less and I had access issues when training.

Good luck, green grow!
The tent I'm looking at has a full door opening on the 4ft side bud, I'll be able to see the full grow wide open :).

The pot has a little opening for topping up so I can have my screen inches above the top of the pot, good thing is with this is too is that they have a valve on the base to so if I want to run a little fresh water through it to clean inside half way through its possible then add the nutrient solution again too.
So looking back on a nutrient line up in only looking at buying kits, I've been looking at Remo, Botanicare, Bhuddhas Free and Dutch Pro, I dont have access to any other kits and the Canna is the most expensive but you do get what you pay for.
Does anyone know if Plant Magic Magne Cal+ is enough to keep a plant going for 2-3 weeks in this oxy pot?

This what it says

Total Nitrogen (N) 8.0%

Nitric Nitrogen 7.0%

Ammoniacal Nitrogen 1.0%

Water-soluble calcium oxide (CaO) 7.1%

Water-soluble magnesium oxide (MgO) 3.5%

Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA 0.04%

Manganese (Mn) chelated by EDTA 0.01%

Zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA 0.006%

N 2.6%
P 0.1%
K 0.3%
So looking back on a nutrient line up in only looking at buying kits, I've been looking at Remo, Botanicare, Bhuddhas Free and Dutch Pro, I dont have access to any other kits and the Canna is the most expensive but you do get what you pay for.
The Dutch pro kits are awesome mate. Used the soft water version for 3 years.
Still needed an iron supplement from late veg so got vitalink calmag+ (Fe+N) to deal with that and some liquid scillica too.
Ontop of that it's just a Res cleaner of some sort like hydroguard and that's it.

See if you can get access to "growth technology" I switched to them this season and the results are awesome at a fraction of the price.
Hello bud, funny you should mention Dutch Pro as I used there lead green and I'm sure it made a big difference in veg, used growth tech in coco but I am struggling to find a kit, see what it is I'm only using one oxy pot so what ever I buy is going to last a year at least I may just pick one of those kits up, do you think that plant magic will get me going though as what the plan is to do is but the oxy pot but then I'll have to wait a week or two for nutrients, if got canna flores but not the vega.
Popped a NL x BB in a glass of water to germinate, then once terminated there going in peat stater pods or something like that as my hydro store told me this will work better, then into a 3" rockwool cube, still undecided on which tent to go for up to now but I'm sure over time I will find a suitable one, plan on using my propagation tent which is 90x60x90 until next month as I should be okay for space, I'm also using my T5 light.
My arrival of some new kit :).

19L Oxy Pot
Remo Nutrients Supercharge Kit
10L Vitalink Clay Pebbles
3" Rockwool Cubes
Coco Coir Pods (To set the seedlings off in)
4 2ft Fresh New T5 Bulbs (Not shown)

Having or maybe having a problem with my new seed, I dropped it in water 18-20h ago and still not popped and it's sank, what to do?
While I don't have enough funds to get a new LED light I will have to use my HPS lights but that's fine as I will use 2 x 250w's which should give great coverage in a 2x4.

I think I'm going to have to buy a new filter too or if I can get some new carbon filler that might do?

I plan on getting my Blue Lab Combo Meter next month or in October as next month I need to buy a 2x4 tent.

I've not seen many members use the Remo Nutrients so I'm excited to see the outcome, I'm sure I will need some help along the way though with this being my first time.

So with me growing this as a scrog should I keep the pot on the base of the tent or lifted 4-6" so that I can drop it to check the inside of the pot?

Thanks for those following along I hope I can get this done without any problems :).
Hydro is all new to me but I currently have 2 going in coco, but I want to try dwc next, I have the gear just waiting on beans to arrive.

Happy growing
Well it's taken a few days for my seeds to pop but eventually we have made a break through with, few more days in this peat/coco style plug then into the rockwool cube it goes and then the real learning starts :).
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